Bartleby the Cat and The KittyNati Compilation | True and the Rainbow Kingdom Episode Clip

It’s a message mouse a message meant it must have a secret message for me You’ve been Bartleby What’s the message who’s it from only the most secret group ever the kitty naughty Kitty woody the kV naughty Great master bottle be the kitty natty requests your presence Please follow this message mouse to the black tabby dojo Let’s get a Kitty up truth gotta get to the dojo Hi, I’m true and you know Bartleby I am shadow I am silver Welcome to the black daddy dojo Whoa Red tabby belt red tabby dad’s gonna get the red tabby belt if you pass are many many tests until then please say goodbye to your friend oh right I’ll miss you true. I’ll miss you too B, but. I know you’ll do great Goodbye friend see you soon The black tabby dojo is where the kitty naughty mastered their strength balance and focus our training stations await you The kitty nazi have no fear we live in shadow we disappear Our perfect balance is no trick Nothing can distract our mind. It’s hard to find a Simple toby and soon you be I did a tail ball. Did you see that I did now pull yourself up? Stay focused Bartleby come on Something is not right in the forest. I will investigate Again I’m invisible Can you see me? Yes be like shadow sink like shadow got it How did you know it was in trouble I saw many geysers heading towards the dojo, but you can stop them right I mean you brought some wishes right of course. I’m coming with you Bartleby we must remind you if you leave this dojo you cannot return I Know, but I have to help my friend You You

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