BARNEY a Therapy Dog in a Children’s Hospital

Un jour de vie d’un chien Thérapeute 8H du Matin, réveil et petit déjeuner pour Barney Barney Reveil toi, on a beaucoup de chose à faire aujourd’hui viens, Tu veux ton petit déjeuner ? Viens hey mon meilleur ami, comment vas tu aujourd’hui ? On va bien s’amuser aujourd’hui en allant voir tout ces enfants à l’hôpital Es-tu prêt pour y aller ? Barney, on a un travail important à faire aujourd’hui Bonjour, Comment vas tu ? Bien et toi comment vas tu ? Que va t-on faire aujourd’hui ? Ok Barney, tu es prêt -merci -je t’en prie Comment vas tu Barney, tu es trés beau Merci les filles, on se voit plus tard, j’y vais Hey, salut Barney Hey, tu veux le carresser ? Nous avons un cadeau pour toi Un mini Barney C ‘est incroyable, Barney , regarder, Barney regarde, ! Il y a un autre barney ici, regarde comme il est mignon C’est de la part de Barney et moi Merci Barney Merci Thérésa, merci à toi c’était une super journée Bon travail Barney, on recommencera, d’autres bonnes journées comme ça

100 thoughts on “BARNEY a Therapy Dog in a Children’s Hospital

  1. Your video made me tear up because I feel so much compassion for those hospitalized children and I am also a devoted dog mother many times over. Love is all we ( humans and canines ) need. Thanks to you and Barney and God bless.

  2. The only problem is is a lot of people and kids are allergic to dogs so if kids are sick in a hospital it would not always be a good idea to bring something in that could potentially hert them

  3. What a Beautiful Dog you have!!!:) My Big Grandma had a few Saint Bernards and they were So Beautiful!!!:) God Bless You for helping the Kids at The Hospital with Barney to make the Children feel better!!!:) It's Very Sad and Animals helps them a lot!!

  4. а машина не мала сенбернару?)он сам вполне может стать машиной(такой микролитражкой типа смарт)60 лошадиных сил в собаке

  5. ….Let's compare my dog and that dog …that dog is calm..mine crazy…that dog is huge…mine is tiny…that dog is trained…mine not….that dog is good….mine is playful…uhm okay that's a big difference

  6. Why is this 1/2 of this more about the owner than the kids. Nah a piece of work that's it a piece of work. Could say more but I won't.

  7. Forget the kids, send him my way! Tired, stressed, and sick adults need hugs from the Barney's of the world too!

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