Bark Collar Review – Petsafe Deluxe Big Dog Bark Collar PBC00-12725 Unboxing

Hi folks, This is Tilly. Shes gonna be our little star today. Talking about Petsafe Elite Big Dog Bark Collar The few things I’m gonna talk about this one are the bits i like about it excellent warranty from PetSafe, 3-years its got dual activation technology so it needs vibration from the vocal chords as well as sound as well to activate simultaneously to get the correction to the dog so its a very safe unit it won’t go off if its knocked around accidentally so theres vibration and sound Also, its quite impressive that they been able to make this waterproofed as well as sound activated so it needs a microphone and making that waterpoof is pretty tricky. So its a fairly advanced little model The other thing that is really cool is some thing called perfect Bark Technology. With that what that means it actually learns the temperament of your dog. So its called Temperament Learning, it will learn that Tilly here doesn’t like number 4 and it will start coming in at number 4 so its a progressive collar. It will start that low work its way up very gradually and after a while it works out that Tilly doesn’t like number 4 so it will come in to that level and stop her barking. Now you can reset it. I’ll show you that as well Here’s one I prepared earlier by the way you do get an instruction guide and our little training guide inside your kit Tilly’s being a good girl isn’t she Also we’ve just installed a dog fence for Dozer Tilly’s best friend who loves digging under the colourbond here. So we’ve been able to use our system with the colourbond fence fence to put a little radio signal above to stop these guys digging out and roaming the streets but any way the subject for now is the PetSafe bark Collar What happens is you got a little battery module that fits in the unit when you replace that it gives you new O-rings to keep it waterproof as well so it will last a long time. It’s a very durable collar and then once you pop that in the light will come on to say that its ON Now theres a little light there that activates when the dog bark it picks up the sound at the bottom and the vibration from here what happenes when you test it you need to rub this on a wooded chopping board and blow into the sound hole and that will flash To reset the temperament learning so it goes back to the low level again so it starts learning after a while young tilly here, come here girl, young tilly here will start to recognize that she’s getting corrected when she’s barking at the pidgeons in the trees and strangers, and she’ll know the difference so hopefully she’ll adjust her behavior over time and learning new barking habit. Remember on our original video, you want them to bark at things that they need to bark in not at normal neigborhood activities and also we want to reduce the length of time they spent barking and a progressive collar is very good at doing that, and this one does it fully automatic for you When you reset it you simply turn it to the off position turn it on when the light goes orange you turn it off and on and it flashes five times and you’ve reset the memory so the unit can start learning again so thats quite an incredible peace of automatic technology that’s gonna make your life a lot easier So there we have it 3-year warranty, Waterproof nice little battery module and a very safe collar as well. Watch out for a lot of collars on the market that sound pretty fantastic but what happens is you knock them around and the dogs lay on the brick work and they correct the dogs accidentally. Anyway, jump on the phone 1300 THE DOG 1300 843 364 give us a call. Now bit of fitting When you fit, that little note there just sais dont tie it on the dog, You can pretty much because their quite sensitive you can pretty much leave the collars on the dog and just keep an eye on the skin make sure theres no irritation the 3 probes need to be touching the dogs adam’s apple about the same pressure you put on the wrist to feel your pulse all of that is written on our little training guide and im gonna say bye from Tilly and good bye from colin and we’ll chat to you soon. Thanks Guys

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