Bark Collar Review – Guardian Citronella Spray Unboxing

Hi folks Colin here I thought we’d do some unboxing of the citronella the Guardian citronella spray collar and show you a little bit about how it works and What’s in the box? Ok, so inside the kit you get the citronella refill You get one battery. There’s a lid to the unit and when you put it all together It’s going to look like that and of course you have your owner’s and manual and your instruction manual as well So let’s have a look at how that looks in the box. This unit is actually manufactured by quite a well-known company and so it is exactly identical to the PetSafe citronella spray and It’s there we go has a one-year warranty It’s weather resistant. It’s not waterproof. So it will stand up to a few sprinklers But basically when you get the kit, there’s your owner’s manual Information about warranty is included in the kit But of course you can dial us on our famous one three hundred number one three hundred the dog one three hundred eight four three three six four and simply Undo the battery lid take the battery make sure you put the positive to the positive insignia and Then pop the battery lid back on and you’re ready to go now. Here’s one we prepared earlier To show you how to top them up. That’s probably the first most important thing take the lid off to grow some muscle and take the lid off the Off of the unit shake it so you build up the pressure put it on the valve You’ve got a release valve and you’ve got an inlet valve put the valve on and give it a few compressions with that Give it some time to top-up so it builds up the pressure what’s gonna happen is when it picks up the noise of the dog’s bark and It can’t be fairly distant noises, won’t activate it only the dog wearing it really that will activate it It opens up the valve when it detects and it’ll measure it’ll let out a measured spray of citronella that will distract the dog so the sight of the spray the sound of the hiss and the smell of the citronella will distract the dog from barking and then If you can be the good guy in the equation and come out and reward the dog for not barking Then you’re on a win-win situation This is doing the teaching of the dog Teaching the dog not to bark and distracting it and you know rewarding it for stopping barking So you’re trying to reduce the number of time dog barks and reduce the length of time it spends barking and come in under that window that line of acceptable levels of dog barking so when it hears the noise well it’ll let out that spray you’ll get about 25 of those sprays out of each refill and Don’t know how long this is gonna last depends on how often you top it up But if how many refills you have basically if you drop it down halfway and top it up You’ll still get 25 out of the the measured unit of pressure inside the unit there. So That’s what’s going to happen when your dog barks But and hopefully they’ll learn that that means stop barking if you follow up with the training as well Okay, there it is the Guardian citronella Spray bark collar one-year warranty Weather resistant and 25 sprays per refill comes with a citronella refill the battery and the unit itself and a Guide and we have our 7-day help line if you need a hand 1 300 THEDOG 1 300 843 364 so if you’d like to grab one of these click on the the add to my bowl Button and go through to the shopping cart fill in the details and we’ll have it out They can’t travel Express post guys because they are high pressure. There’s a warning under here so
Please don’t click Express post Just click normal post and we’ll get it out in the normal post to you shouldn’t take too long to arrive at all Okay, give us a call if you’ve got any questions. Thanks a lot. Bye

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