BARK-about: A Big Deal for Small Dogs

This is actually a really cool dog park.
It has the large dog section and the small dog section which is good for my
two boys because they’re smaller. They like to play with dogs their own size.
So, I like that it kind of keeps them separated like that. I like that this dog
part is all turf and not dirt and grass that they can kind of roll in and get
all muddy. I think they like that they have obstacles here. It’s not just an
open field. So, they have something to play with, something to interact with. Or,
they’ll jump on these hurdles. And, I think they like that it’s small and
intimate they don’t feel threatened at all here. The funny thing about dog
ownership is we always learn the dogs names before we look at the owners names.
So, we’ll refer to maybe like Misty’s mom but it will eventually get to that point
where we start to meet other people and talk about our jobs and through our dogs. T hey’re pretty awesome. You are so awesome.
You’re my awesome boy. Yeah

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