Barbie Pet Groomer and TV News Team from Mattel

explore careers with barbie pick one profession or try them all hi i'm emerson with ttpm and I'm here with Barbie TV news team and pet groomer by Mattel proving that teamwork and girls can accomplish anything especially those big dreams is the latest career themed Barbies whether barbie is reaching for her dreams or working together with a colleague these Barbie dolls and accessories can inspire kids to dream big and aim high these career Barbies and playsets turn work time into play time and let young minds explore various career paths and discover career aspirations the pet groomer barbie is dressed in a checkered top skirt and printed on apron while reporter barbie is camera-ready with a purple dress and necklace accent she also has a microphone ready to report the latest news the camera woman is practically dressed in jeans a blue top and headphones she also is rocking a press pass to get behind the scenes from spending a day in the shoes of a pet groomer to being a newscaster covering breaking news these Barbies give kids insights to the real working world we had a lot of fun with these Barbies we mean a lot of fun there are so many accessories that it's hard to ever imagine getting bored with these dolls plus these accessories all work really well together in a realistic way for example the camerawoman Barbie has bendable arms allowing her to use an over-the-shoulder industry standard camera Mattel paid great attention to detail with these dolls and it shows especially with the camera the eyepiece moves like it does in real life likewise groomer Barbie's puppy fits perfectly into the tub and the blow-dryer fits perfectly on Barbie's hand these Barbies are recommended for ages 3 and up for current prices and where to buy visit us at ttpm and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channels for more views everyday

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