Barbie Pet Care Center ! Toys and Dolls Fun Opening LOL Pets Blind Bag Balls

um excuse me yes sweetie how can we help you it's just that my dog stomach isn't feeling well and we need a doctor oh no poor thing oh don't worry I'll examine her give her medicine and you'll see that she'll feel a lot better very quickly hi friends Streisand toys and dolls here look what I have here today the lol pets yeah you've been asking for them a lot and where I live they haven't released them in the stores yet but you know me and I always spoil you guys so I went looking all over the place and I found a woman that sold them to me so I bought five of them but when they become available in my stores I'll buy more until we get the whole collection as usual so let's start to open them and I'm going to start oops I'll start with this Oh oops friends it's just that I'm so excited and happy because I know you've been asking for these for a long time so I'm super happy I finally got them Oh cute instead of a zipper it's a pet collar and the UPC code is a dumb bone Oh friends I'm not sure if they're all dogs or summer cats or birds I'm not sure to be honest the truth is I haven't seen any of the videos of the lol pets because I prefer to weigh and open them with you so it's a surprise for me as well and here we have the first sticker that says cats rule dogs drool oh I'm guessing that means we have a cat in here and she's already trying to assert herself whew the ball is yellow and the sticker is the same that means that they cry change colors go peepee or spit ooh that means I'm going to have to go get the ice water to keep up with the pet theme I put the ice water in one of those bowls or the pets drink their water and we'll continue then set it on our first lol pet friends yay wow what is this accessory that we got first it's kind of heavy could it be a bed or maybe a sand box it feels like kinetic sand it's probably for the cat to go potty oh oh oh there's a surprise in here it's some shoes oh wow there's shoes oh and there's for one for each one of the cat species well at least I think it's a cat everything we've gotten indicates that it's a cat and I'll leave the kinetic sand here oh here it has some molds with conference and the heart that we saw in the beginning in case we want to make those shapes let's see if that's what it's for yes it got marked yay friends I'm a little sad that the paw prints and the heart had to go away but yeah it comes with the mold so we can do it again boys and girls I'm noticing something super fun it's that the letters are supposed to be puppies and this thing in the middle is supposed to be a puppy too so it's also a mold so we can pretend like our pet went poopy oh let's see the accessories oh it has a doggy collar for decoration here these animals are so much fun this and the little blind bag comes with a lot of paw prints how cute is that ooh it comes with a bottle just like the dolls Oh a shovel to pick up the puppies and what could this be oh I think could it be what could this be friends oh yeah and I think this is freshers pet because she has the same kind of buns here's all the pets let's see if I know them all uh I guess I'm off to a bad start rocker crystal Queen the one we just got yay I'm almost sure it belongs to fresh uh this one oh I forgot what her name is but it's the one that has neon pink her name is neon cutie this one belongs to miss baby of course even her collar says miss puppy friends could this look belong to MC swag maybe this one belongs to one of the glitterati members from series 2 and these are the ones that are available in the first wave and we can't see the second wave yet confirmed friends it is freshers cat my cat was the first one to come out let's see what freshest cat does it doesn't look like she changes colors but we'll see what she does she spits and I'm still not sure what this part could be Oh friends this is my dog Hamilton he's very playful I already told you about my other doggy that passed away but this is Hamilton he's a shih tzu Hey hi there hey you know posh the thing is that I've only had dogs so I don't really know too much about the accessories for cats okay I'm looking at it here in the picture so it's like a thing where you can hook the leash to boys and girls I've never seen a cat with a leash before though now I'll give it a little bit of water Wow friends this cat is very fancy it drinks from a bottle freshest cat can either change colors or spits and our spits next pet it says music to my ears and that's an idiom to say that we like something ooh the cat that we just got it seems that all of them have this kinetic sand thingy which i think is great but I thought it was only for the cats oh this one is a different color yeah yeah this one that we got is green Wow these pets live such a good life they even get a chicken like to eat the shovel to pick up the poop who has a boat on it I think that with all of these clues it's going to be a dog and I think this also works as a mold for the kinetic sand so we can act like we're giving a bone to our dog then put it on couldn't we get rutgers dog yay here little sister play with the dog then we'll put the rockers with their dog over here friends I forgot the shoes here in the kinetic sand it has the shoes oh wait no shoes this time there's another surprise I guess that means that it doesn't always have to be shoes for rockers dog there's a pet collar oh I was forgetting to check what it does it says that it could cry or spit on it spits we'll mark that it's spits the clue says fairy tale we'll see what color the sand is oh it's blue let's see what the surprise is this time I won't forget and I'm already seeing it in there it's a cup could it be a bunny oh it could be hops as pet or one of the girls from the Alice in Wonderland Club because it's a teacup like one of those cappuccinos where they make designs in the cream this one has a bunny it definitely has to be the pet from one of the girls of the story book club yay it does look like it's from Alice in Wonderland I thought it would belong to hops but it turns out it's for curious cutie yay Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy wait little bunny don't leave yet the bottle the shovel to collect poopy and a headband oh how cute she can't change color just cry or spit we'll see which one we get friends all of the ones we've been getting only spit we'll give her a little bit of water in case she was thirsty little Susie's little sis we got our bunny [Applause] come on little sis honey yay and she's almost the same size as curious cutie and curious cuties Bunny's name is Cottontail cutie so we'll put the cutie family here and we'll mark here that Cottontail cutie Spitz and the name of rockers dog is rough rocker next pet we'll look at the clue it says fairy tale oh we already got that clue hopefully it's not a duplicate because we have very few balls today let's see who blue but the sand container is yellow and the sand is blue it has ooh this one does have shoes another bunny here this one should be hops his pet a red shovel and the bottle and hops has a cap yay hops my pet is so cute friends let's see what hop says pet does the paper says that it can change colors so we're going to put it in the water very carefully and looking to see if it changes colors I think the other one goes peepee let's confirm it yes she goes peepee and we'll leave them here next to the cutie family and we'll put here that she goes peepee yeah yeah we have both from the story book club friends one by left hopefully it'll turn out to be one of the ones that are hard to find and hopefully it's one of the ones from the glitterati club hopefully it's crystal bunnies this is the last one who could be the one that's going to come out here the clue says dress up woo another color dark pink with a yellow container again what surprise could it have oh they're shoes as well uh I think it's going to be neon cuties pad will open the accessories the bottle very colorful I think this is neon cuties pet for sure well we'll find out now confirmed her name is neon kitty and she's a tacky cat oh how cute but we still have to see what she does first I'll give her some water in case she's thirsty the paper says she can either spit or go peepee we'll see her the one we'll see with the one that we got does she spits friends all of the ones that we got today spit with the exception of hops as cat put the rest of them all spit and we'll put neon kitty with her family on this side friends it's time to give a like to this video because we didn't get a single duplicate but don't go away yet let's play with the pets that we got all right little ones it's time to drink your milk well you're older now so you can drink milk from the plate but you little one still need a drink from the bottle come with me and now sir I'm gonna weigh you to make sure you're growing the way you should woo congratulations you came to have a pound little one oh how good it seems like Neko is feeling a lot better that means that it's almost time for him to take a bath Barbie you scared him it seems like bath scare him more than the shots now it's time to play for a bit um excuse me yes sweetie how can we help you it's just that my dog stomach isn't feeling well and we need a doctor oh no poor thing oh don't worry I'll examine her give her medicine and you'll see that she'll feel a lot better very quickly thank you so much yes of course sweetie good thing is her heart is really good don't worry little one I'll give you medicine and you'll feel better I'm sure that she was eating too much of something she shouldn't have been let's see little one open your mouth ah I know this medicine doesn't taste good but you'll see that you'll feel better just a little more ah there it is that's it you don't have to drink anymore if you'd like I can watch her a little longer to make sure that she feels better with the medicine sure but my friends are waiting for me outside they also have some pets but their pets were afraid to come in here oh why are their pets afraid to come in here we have a daycare for the pets they'd have a lot of fun in here we have toys for them seriously yes go tell your friends to come here okay Wendy Wendy Wendy oh these pets are so nice and they're so cute just like their owners let me guess which one belongs to who this bunny is yours yes she's mine this cat is yours correct correct this one here has to be yours it's true you guessed correctly I know how you guessed it because we're both super cool yes I have to admit that's why and this funny one with the colorful shoes is yours yes correct Rucker I have good news Yes Doctor here's your dog ready to go home oh hi there again friends I also wanted to show you this Barbie playset it's a Center for pets it has a station for checkups a grooming station a nursery for the baby animals it even has a daycare and it comes with three pets as you can see boys and girls this Pet Center has everything a pet needs and we'll open it all at once to see everything in more detail and the first thing we see is the three pets it's a hamster and the wheel spins around for real a cat a dog that broke his leg oh poor thing and it has another kitty friends my counts are off it says it comes with three pets but here I have four how does that work do they not consider the hamster a pet but that's weird because many people have hamsters as pets who knows friends let's continue opening this set to see if we can solve that mystery and I love how we can close it when we want to put it away because this way it takes up less space and it's a lot easier to keep everything in one spot friends I want to show you guys the handle because it's a very funny puppy Oh kitty let's put the stickers on them at once oh it also comes with a lot of accessories it has this towel to dry the animals after they get a bath it has a computer which is used for the veterinary department it has this chair also for the veterinary department and it has tools for the veterinarian and we can put them away in this drawer that opens for real it has shampoo to wash the dogs and here in the nursery it has this scale because it's very important to weigh little dogs and cats to make sure that they're growing normally a brush according to the Box the hamster goes here friends maybe it's supposed to be a toy hamster that isn't real and it's just there to be for the cats and dogs to play with because here we have more toys it's a mobile to entertain the baby pets a bottle for the newborn animals it has a bed and it has three plates so we can give them food another fun thing we can do with this set is change the x-rays it has three slides ooh the cat ate a fish ooh the heart of the hamster let's see what the dog has the dog ate a bone oh another thing is this sink where we conveyed the pets it's removable so we can fill it up with water and now we can play like we're bathing the pets Wow Niko you're doing very well today let's see let me examine 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