Barbie – Halloween Copy Cats | Ep.132

Barbie – Halloween Copy Cats Who can tell me what tomorrow is? Ooh! Ooh! Yes Ruby? It my Grandma’s birthday! No silly! It Halloween! That’s right Molly! Well it my Grandma’s birthday too… And who has their Halloween costume ready? Me! Me! Me! Wow! You’re all organised! Hmmm… I’ve got an idea! Tomorrow, why don’t you all to wear your Halloween costumes to preschool Really? Yes! I would love to see what you girls will be wearing for trick-or-treat tomorrow night Yay! You guys going to love my costume! You all going to love mine more It really nice Wait until they see our costume, Isabelle I know! No one got Halloween costume like us… …and just before they got to the front door, Pete, the Halloween pumpkin, jumped up and scared all the little girls and boys away The End What? I not know pumpkin can move! Yeah! Pumpkins really do that? No, only Halloween pumpkins can jump up and down What? Chelsea… Don’t worry, she’s just trying to scare you That mean Auntie Chelsea! Off to sleep Halloween tomorrow! Yippee! (Click!) Don’t let the Halloween pumpkin scare you… Auntie Chelsea! You can’t eat all that ice cream! Yes I can! Mummy say I good girl, so she say I have lots of ice cream Can I have some? No way mister! Please? Ah ahhhh… Come on Isabelle… Chelsea, I say… Please Isabelle? Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! What’s wrong Isabelle? Pumpkin! Auntie Chelsea! Ice cream! Scare me! Calm down Sounds like you’ve had a bad dream Hop into bed with us Better now? Yes daddy Ahhhhh! Don’t tell me you had a bad dream about pumpkins too? Pumpkin! Jumping! Come on Into bed I not like pumpkins anymore! Me too! They scary… So you’re not scared anymore? We ok, but I not think we want pumpkin for dinner anymore Wow! You two look great! Thanks Auntie Skipper We scary ghosts! Well you both look adorable! We scary, not adorable… We definitely have best costume at preschool I suppose I should organise my costume Good idea Tell Stacie and Chelsea to do the same Come on girls In the car So you’ll get… Yes, I’ll get our costumes on the way home Perfect! Have fun at preschool girls Oh no, you’re late! Quick, hurry in I so excited! Maybe we scare Miss Myers Good idea! Maybe she say we have best costumes Ok, let’s scare everyone Ready, set… Boo! What! Oh my! Eight little ghosts I not believe this! Oh great! I not want to be ghost anymore Me too I tell my Mummy to get different costume now Great idea! We all get new costumes And then everyone come to our house for trick-or-treat! Yay! Say thank you to Auntie Skipper for picking
you up from preschool Thank you Auntie Skipper That’s ok I’m going to go put my Halloween costume on Mummy, me and Isabelle need new costumes Pardon? What’s wrong with you ghost costumes? Everyone at preschool got same costume What’s wrong with that? We want something no one else got Well I can’t take you You’ll have to… I’m back… Ken! You’ve been gone all day Don’t remind me! I wanted to get a costume that no one else would have And…? I got us both something, but I am not going back to those stores It’s madness! Daddy, you take us to get new costumes? But, you’ve already… Please take them Ken I’ll explain later Oh no… How we look Mummy? Very nice! Now you’re witches like your Mummy No, we beautiful witch And you the ugly witch Mummy! Hmmm… thanks! Ready! Oooh, Auntie Skipper a ghost! Who’s ready for trick-or-treat? Ummm, Auntie Stacie ghost too? Stacie? Come on everyone! I need candy! Auntie Chelsea ghost too? What? You two copied me? No you copied me! Ready! Daddy? Is that you? Sure is! You look silly! I’m Harlequin! Isn’t Harlequin a girl? No, there are boy Harlequins too, and I’ll be the only one to dress up like this (Doorbell) Hi Ruby! What are you doing here? Isabelle! Ruby here! Hey! Ruby! You got same costume as me! Ooooh! Not again! Oh Ruby! How could you? I come trick-or-treat with you Really? Hi girls! Let’s go… Hey! You wear same as me? No! We witch first! What? You all witches too! Are you serious? Oh boy! This unbelievable! Hold it, hold it! Why are you girls all here? We come trick-or treat with you What? Girls…? I not know anything about this Mummy! Who say you come trick-or-treat with us? You did? Oh yeah! You mean I have to take two… four… six… eight girls trick-or-treating? Yes… Come on Ken… More candy! Let’s try this house! Look at my candy! This fun! Come on Ruby, hurry up! Where Jenny gone? More candy! You’re very bright in that costume Ken! Yes I do look good don’t I? I’m just glad that no one else… Is that…Raquelle? Yes I think you’re right, and… What! Oh no…! Barbie! Ken! Can you believe it? The same costumes How funny! What are the odds of that? Hi Ben… This was supposed to be my costume! You got lots of candy Isabelle? Lots and lots! What you got… Annabelle… There pumpkin over there I not like pumpkin I sure it ok It not move like in book You right! From now on I not scared of pumpkin! Me too! Isn’t that right Mr Pumpkin? Ahhhhhhhh!

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  1. Off to sleep ? Halloween ? tomorrow yay ? don’t let the Halloween ? pumpkin ? scare you anutie Chelsea you can’t eat all that ice cream ? yes I can mom said I’m a good girl so she say I can have lots of ice cream ? can I have some no way mister please ah ahhh come on Isabelle Chelsea I say gasp please Isabelle pumpkin ? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what’s wrong Isabelle pumpkin ? auntie Chelsea ice cream ? scare me ? calm down sounds like you had a bad dream hop into bed ? with us there better now yes dad ahhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell me ?‍♀️ you had a bad dream about pumpkin ? too pumpkin ? jumping come on into bed ? I don’t like pumpkins ? anymore me too they scary so you’re not scared ? anymore we will I think ? we don’t have pumpkins ? for dinner ? anymore

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  6. Touch like if you saw that Annabelle and Isabelle when they were going to pre school and thier gost costumes they didnt have shoes

    ?touch if you saw

  7. I think I know why Chelsea scares the twins with pumpkins because it’s named Pete because she likes Pete’s ice cream

  8. G-Great
    E-Excelling at making people laugh

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