Barbie – Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat | Ep.176

Barbie – Don’t Be a Scaredy-Cat (Noises) Hmmm… (Noises) Oooh… Ken, isn’t this movie a bit scary for Chelsea? No, she’ll be fine It’s not too scary for you, is it Chelsea? No… It’s, it’s fine… Alright, well I hope you don’t have any… (Clang!) Arrrgh! …bad dreams Has it gone? Come on, up to bed Fine with me! No more scary movies for me! I told you! Hey, where are the twins? I don’t know Maybe they… Rarrr! Arrgh! (Thud!) Ha, ha, ha! That funny! Yeah, we scare you Auntie Chelsea That’s not funny You shouldn’t scare people! Chelsea, they were only playing around Well I don’t like it! I think it pretty funny Time for sleep Goodnight girls (Click!) Goodnight! I can’t believe you guys scared me You scaredy-cat Auntie Chelsea We not be scared and you older than us We’ll see about that… What you say? I said goodnight Goodnight scaredy cat (Noise) Huh! What that noise? (Noise) What?! Chelsea! Isabelle! Wake up! What wrong Annabelle? Listen! Listen for what? The noise There no noise Yeah, and I was fast asleep But… Goodnight Annabelle (Noise) Arrgh! What was that? I told you! (Click!) I think I sleep with light on (Noise) Arrgh! I think I sleep with Mummy and Daddy! Mummy! Daddy! Move over, we sleeping here What? Why are you sleeping here? Our room There scary noises Scary noises? Yeah, we not sleeping there Come with me Now, where are these noises? Well we hear it before, didn’t we Auntie
Chelsea? I don’t remember hearing any noises What?! Come on, into bed But… Go on I’ll see you in the morning (Click!) Goodnight girls… Goodnight… (Noise) Arrrgh! Arrgh! What are you doing back here? The noises They back! Are you sure you’re not imagining it? No! Let’s have a look I can’t hear anything… Well we hear it Yeah and… (Noise) Whoops! See! There it is! I heard it It sounded like… (Noise) Like it’s coming from Chelsea’s direction (Noise) Turn off! Turn off! (Click!) It was you? Ummm… Maybe! Well that not very nice trying to scare us Yeah, we not like that Well now you know how I felt when you scared me Ohhh… Sorry about that I’m sorry too Well we even now Goodnight girls… again! (Click!) Goodnight! You scare us pretty good Auntie Chelsea I know I really scared Well you guys were… (Noise) (Noise) Huh! Auntie Chelsea! Stop it! That was not me… (Noise) Then who making that noise…? I have no idea (Noise) Is there anybody here? (Noise) Arrgh! What we do about the scary noise? Ken will work it out tomorrow Off to sleep now I would if Annabelle moves over Well Isabelle got more room No I not I feel like a pancake here (Noise) You find anything Daddy? Not yet, but there’s something up here making a noise Be careful Ken Maybe it a ghost up there? Oh no! It’s huge, and it’s coming straight for me! Look out Daddy! Whoa! (Thud!) What was it Ken? Was it a ghost? Was it… (Running) Arrgh! It a little mouse! A mouse…! Come here little mouse Yeah, we want to play But… I’m scared of mice…

100 thoughts on “Barbie – Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat | Ep.176

  1. Isabelle you dont feel like a pancake it’s just that Annabelle Chelsea Barbie and Ken don’t have room

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  3. Barbie:were are the twins
    Chelsea: I don’t know maybe
    Isabell:haha haha
    Anabell:haha haha

  4. She’s the One all that noise was coming from Chelsea and nothing and when I came from like something I don’t know what it is but it was like something like an animal and I was so freaked out I was crying

  5. When the twins said I think I sleep with mommy and daddy ! AHHHHH LOOK HOW FAST THEY RAN!!????????????

  6. I love your video I love it I love it I love it just make me want to shout I love Isabelle and Annabelle only thing was my two sisters cuz I have a twin and I know how it feels and that you play I don't want to talk to you then you talk to it huh

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