Barbie Doll Dog Has Color Changing Newborn Puppies + Surprise Blind Bags

cookies world Oh Queen Elsa thank you so much for coming over you have no problem so where is she she's right over here Sandi's say hi to Queen Elsa oh hi Sandy hi girl you're gonna have some puppies good girl you're gonna become a mommy puppies oh she's so cute so adorable sandy has some puppies inside of her let's listen okay so we have to take really really really good care of sandy so her puppies are born nice and healthy we also have Queen Elsa here to help too yep anything I can do just let me know well the first thing we need to do is make sure sandy is nice and comfortable so we want to give sandy lots lots of love and attention and we want to make sure she has lots of food and water so we have a little bowl here close give sandy some fresh clean water what there we go no sandy has not been feeling very hungry lately so that's why I think it's gonna be soon but she's gonna be giving birth to her puppies Oh yep it's gonna be real soon then so we'll make sure sandy has nice clean water since it sounds like she hasn't been very hungry lately she's probably focusing on giving birth so she's drinking her water and we want to make sure she has a nice cozy bed that she can have her puppies in so we've got this little puppy bed right here come on in sandy come on in come on sandy come check out your puppy bed come on right here so have sandy come on into her little pup bed right here oh there we go yeah she's walking kind of slow isn't she so she's gonna be having her puppies any minute now you can see exactly where they're gonna come out right from her stomach right there good girl sandy oh you're such a good girl has sandy had puppies before no she's never had puppies before this is gonna be her first litter of puppies yeah and you're gonna be such a good mama aren't you oh good girl whoo Sandy's looking a little uncomfortable oh she gonna have her puppies is she gonna have her puppies is she doing oh oh she's just going to get some more water okay now she's going right back into her little dog bed there we go looks like she's almost ready I barely got any sleep last night because I thought she was gonna deliver during the night but no puppies in the morning oh it looks like she's starting to have them now oh come on sandy you can do it wait a minute you sandy having her puppies is she having her puppies I can't believe this I can't believe this come on sandy you can do it so all we have to do to have sandy have her puppies is gift for a little push just press down on her come on puppies let's grab a little towel here all kind of scoop one up and let's take a look oh oh the puppy has their little eyes closed so we have like a vanilla colored puppy what else do we have in here come on come on out Oh cute we have a little light brown puppy also with their eyes closed and we have a little sandy color puppy just like sandy okay this is so so so cute so these three puppies have been born oh good job sandy good job and their color change puppies – oh wow really yep that's right that's how we tell if they're boys or girls and help them open their eyes whoa oh that's right we've got color-changing puppies so we can find out if they're boys or girls or you can use a little ice cube to help us tell to pick up the first little puppy let's first help them open their eyes so we can take the ice cube and just rub it on their eyes there we go and oh the puppy has their eyes open now all right are we a little boy or a little girl puppy so right here on the back of their leg we can rub the ice cube and we have a little pink hearts we've got a little girl puppy oh you hoot alright let's grab the next one let's rub these eyes wakey-wakey open up your eyes puppy there's one eye and two eyes open now a boy or a girl rub that ice cube and we've got another girl all right we've got one more puppy who still has their eyes closed come on sweetie here we go time to open those eyes color change time day to day to detail open one eye and two eyes here we go use a little napkin here there we go now the puppy can see and are you a boy or a girl take this ice cube rub rub rub and we've got a little boy puppy there we go a little blue heart there we go that's two girls and one boy three little puppies to take care of oh and they're so cute Elsa do you want to hold one sure it's messy here we'll grab one of the puppies for Elsa to hold and here you go Elsa oh they're so small and one of the puppies for Barbie to hold here we go so so so precious oh they're just so so cute whoo three puppies I sure have a lot of animals to care for yeah three puppies and two kittens to take care of kittens what are you talking about kittens looks like Barbie got two kittens I don't know where those kittens came from but sure I'd love to take care of two kittens oh so we've got these kitty in my pocket surprise bone bags there's so many cute little kitties to collect so which ones are inside of the surprise blind bag oh this one will be really easy to care for because they're already asleep SuperDuper soft fuzzy was he kidding sleeping on a little purple pillow so we'll put this little adorable kitty right here on the sofa one more surprise blind bag open it up kitty in my pocket and it's look at this adorable with those big green eyes another super duper fuzzy wuzzies soft kitty with a pink little collar so we can put her right here oh the puppies are looking a little tired I wonder if we should let them nap a little bit yeah sounds like a good idea we can always play with them later so we'll put the puppies right back in their little puppy bed else's little puppy here come on there we go have sandy come on down there we go ever get in this little dog bed with her puppies she can cuddle with her puppy doggies alright alright cookie fans I hope you enjoyed this video of Barbies dog having puppies these newborn puppies are absolutely adorable and what's so cool is that she can have them over and over and over again cuz you can actually open up her stomach and put the puppies right back in and then she can have them all over again Wow ok totally too cute right I'll see you cookie bands in my next video I gave all right cookie fans how well were you paying attention to the video do you remember which one of these puppies is the little boy puppy that had the blue heart is it puppy 1 2 or 3

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  1. I have a kitten he's a boy and his name is Milo,He is only 3 months sometimes he's hiper very hiper haha cookie your awesome.

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