Banfield Pet Hospital Partners with Multnomah County Animal Shelter

[MUSIC]>>JOEL: Hi this is Joel Bramwell, Practice
Manager for Glisan Street Station, a brand new hospital here in Portland. [MUSIC] We’re partnering with the Multnomah County
Animal Shelter, doing spays and neuters and dentals to provide healty pets for adoption.>>MEGAN ROMNEY: I’m Megan Romney, I’m a vet
at Multonmah County Animal Services. I’m really grateful for Banfield for helping us out.
They did dentals on four of our cats, and spayed and neutered four rabbits for us, and
spayed one dog, and did a dental and mass removals on another dog. So that’s super helpful
for us, and we’re really grateful for the partnership.>>JOEL: One of the great reasons we like to
partner with Multnomah County Animal Shelter is that often the pets they receive are in
poor health and it’s a great opportunity for us to provide services so that they can be
adopted as a healthy pet to a great home. We have a pet named “Zeke” who is an older
terrier breed, who has severe dental disease and a couple masses that need to be removed.
And, with a little bit of care and love, Zeke can be adopted for the remainder of his life
to a very special home. So, we excited to be a partner in that.>>MEGAN: For Zeke, it’s a huge benefit because
that would have been a huge expense for an adopter to incur, and, so that will make him
very much more adoptable now, and just his quality of life is greatly improved.>>JOEL: For us, it’s great to be here and
to be committed to seeing these pets healthy in this neighborhood. [MUSIC]

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