Balloon Master Sword – Balloon Animal Lessons #38 ( globoflexia – espadas con globos)

Why was six afraid of seven? Because 7 ate(8) 9 and this is Balloon Animal Lessons number 38. Hello Balloon World I am your balloon twister Michael Floyd, and today I want teach you how to make a fancy Master Sword. Is it not it cool? This is one of my favorite Balloon swords to make for kids. It is a simple enough design. It only uses two balloons, let me show you how to make it. The first balloon you will need is a grey
260. It does not need to be grey, for my design I
use grey for the blade. You are going to want to inflate this, all the way. You want it filled up all the way to the end. Then just let out a little bit of air. Just a little bit. Like that much. Go ahead and tie it. Hold the two ends together. Find the center. From that center point, you are going to just spiral them up against each other. Like this. It’s pretty simple the one on the left
you move behind the one on the right. The one on the right you move in front of
the one on the left. Then you just keep doing that all the way up. That can take some practice but it’s a
really useful technique when you’re making stuff. Take the ends and twist them together. To keep this from coming undone take one of those bubbles and sort of feed it through. Now that is not coming undone for nothing. And here we have our blade. It is nice and straight. It looks all curly and cool. Now it is time for our handle. Get your other 260. I’m using a dark blue. You’re going to want to inflate it about two-thirds (2/3) of the way. Let some air out so it’s soft. Now just like we did with the blade
you’re gonna want to spiral it up but instead of
doing the whole balloon, we’re gonna give the balloon a squeeze. We’re gonna go about a handle length down so maybe about 6-7 inches. Fold it at that point and then spiral that
part. And instead of twisting a bubble, we’re gonna twist it right into the knot. So there we have just like a spirally kind of handle. And you can take that knot so it doesn’t come undone and feed it through, and pull it out the other side. Now that’s not
gonna come undone. You are gonna want to take the excess of this, you’re gonna squeeze it, and stretch it out. The point is, as you want as much of that
air to be spread across there. So you can take that little in there, wrap it up into there, find the center. Pinch it. Push it down. So now you should have two(2) flower pedals that are the same size. They should also be pretty soft. You should be able to squeeze them and have your fingers touch, no problem. Now get your blade. Once you have your blade, take the part
where the two bubbles are in the end. And we’re gonna twist it into this right here. Where the curly part, the spiraled part, meets the two(2) flower petals. Once you have that twisted in, you’re
gonna want to put this blade, opposite of the handle. You are gonna want to have the two flower petals. And then one of these grey bubbles on each side. So it should go, grey bubble, flower petal, grey bubble,
flower petal that first grey bubble. For the knot part here, to clean it up, let us take that and sort of just wrap that in there a little bit. Now, we’re gonna take the flower petals, we’re gonna twist them up a little, give them a bend. And the bend is just to sort of, stylize it a little bit. Give it a little finesse. See, mine came undone. If that happens to you, just grab the end, and twist it back into that middle section, like this. There we go. Alright, now I’m gonna bend this part. Awesome. Now this sword is more for looks. It’s not for, what you would call practical play. You can give it to a kid to play but the weaknesses here in the middle, it’s really bendy. Regular balloon sword is much more sturdy and if I am gonna give it to a kid that’s gonna go out and like fight with his brother, that is what I am go to give him. But if it is an older kid and they just want a sword, because they are go to look at it and maybe put in a room, I would give them this one. It is not for what you would call aggressive play, per-say. Hey, that rhymed. But it is more for just, you know a cool looking sword. Because it looks all, you know, like forged in the heart of something spirally. And our balloon sword is done! How did
yours turn out? Take a photo of it and send it to me on
Twitter so I can see. I might even share it with a few people. You know like, on the channel, you never know. What balloon animal should I make next week? Let me know in the comments. Do me a favor, click that ‘like” button and subscribe to the channel. You can also, follow me on Facebook
and Twitter if you’re so inclined. I am Michael Floyd, your balloon twister. For more balloon twisting instructions and information, you can also check out my website,

100 thoughts on “Balloon Master Sword – Balloon Animal Lessons #38 ( globoflexia – espadas con globos)

  1. This guy is a real Balloonitic! He is the best!!! These are terrific demonstrations because: They are practical; great designs; easy to follow instructions with good detail; and he is personable and funny! I am going to work my way through these and have subscribed. Thanks for the great lessons!!! PS I just get my balloons at the local party store here in Anchorage.

  2. Balloon newbie here, what are those numbers you refer to on your videos? "260" is what you said for this one. Also, where is a good place to purchase quality, affordable balloons? Thank you!

  3. How do you squeeze the air into the uninflated part? Every time I try, my hands just squeak on the balloon, nothing happens.

  4. Hm… How many ballons do you have to buy so u can show everyone how to do those stuff from ballons?? And btw u are so cool how did u think of that??!!! Im impressed

  5. Love your videos I got to 2 balloon kits with pumps for my kids & it thinkk I need better balloons the ones I have seem to pop easy

  6. I have people ask me all the time to draw your balloons, so I have clipart for this balloon for your menus

  7. How can I send you my swords picture ? Mine is green and yellow not as sleek looking as yours … but I am happy with my efforts ..

  8. Can you use any balloon modelling balloons or is there professio ha balloons you have to get online I got mine from Kmart.

  9. My balloons don't twist as much, which make the sword look a lot less nice. Is this because of my balloons or am I twisting them wrong?

  10. I watched a lot of your videos now I keep getting them in my recommended but i cant stop watching them so im stuck in an infinite loop

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