Bald Birds Find Love In Polyamorous Relationship | CUTE AS FLUFF

COMM: A few months ago, we met Lemon, an unusual looking lovebird – who suffers from a rare
condition called Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease. She started life with a full set
of feathers, but has since lost them all. The disease is highly contagious so she has
to be kept in isolation, but luckily Lemon has Indi. COMM: He also has the condition but his feathers
are yet to fall out. The pair have been living together in blissful harmony for over three
years and became an internet sensation due to their adorable pairing. COMM: However, there is a new bald bird on
the scene. COMM: Lovebird Rhea has recently joined the family. She had been living with a different
owner who had to leave the country and wasn’t able to take Rhea with her because of her
contagious condition. COMM: Their owners were worried about how Lemon would react to the new addition but
the baldies bonded immediately. Lemon’s owners also discovered that Indi is quite
the stud as new addition Rhea instantly fell for his feathery charms. And it seems Indi’s
love for one bald bird didn’t stop at Lemon, as he also took up a liking for newbie Rhea. COMM: But all was not lost for Lemon as a
polyamorous relationship seemed to be just what the doctor ordered for this joyful threesome,
who found new happiness and contentment in their own lovebird, love-triangle.

100 thoughts on “Bald Birds Find Love In Polyamorous Relationship | CUTE AS FLUFF

  1. Manoo quando era pequena, eu cuidava dos meus periquitinhos quando eles nascia. Lembro que quando um morreu eu entrei em depressão, Horritorinco se foi

  2. I think it looks cuter without feathers 😀
    I have 2 cockatiels and want to get 2 more so when I get them I might adopt bald ones who need a loving home

  3. They look like raw chicken. It is like you are gonna cut the chicken and then suddenly it moves!!! It os such a weir feeling. But they're cute.

  4. All people not like bald parrot but bald parrots are cute in their activities and do silly and cutely beauty is not in outer coverage it is in inner beauty

  5. This is the cutest video. Am so happy the ?❤️? there is still good people in this world ?. Beautiful lovebirds no matter there condition they never gave up and the show us if they strong we can make it and be strong as does lovely cute ?❤️?? pío Pío

  6. Awww. I own a featherles crow from an abusive owner. her name is eleby and she is so sweet. Good ro see you giving these friends a second chance. Yes. For anyone wondering. Eleby does on a tiny blue wool coat that she wears around the house. We live in northern Canada.

  7. Tienes una vida feliz con tus preciosas aves… Te admiro muchísimo y me fascinan tus aves…quisiera abrazarlas y cuidar de ellas!

  8. I’m pretty sure lemon was a boy. Also Indie has been tested and no longer has the disease. Rhea also passed on but now Indie has some more friends. ❤️

  9. OMG.. there is no GOD..????? why this little birds dont have feders… poor little birds…????????????????

  10. Birds that are bald are only bald because their owners forgotten to water them. It is necessary to use a watering can to water your pet birds every few days. Other wise their feathers will fall out. Please pass the word around. Birds in captivity require watering every few days. Thus simulating rain. Most birds enjoy being in the rain. They put out their wings to catch the rain. The water goes into the quills. It is absolutely vital. Chickens reared in cages also need watering. Sprinklers should be installed. So that the chickens in the cages get a good shower of water every few days.

  11. “ the disease is highly contagious-”
    **shows scene of her kissing the bird

    ( I know it’s not to humans but it’s funny )

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