Bald Bird Is Smitten With Lovebird Beau

COMM: Meet Lemon, a very unique three year old lovebird. COMM: Lemon began life as a perfectly healthy active bird, but soon began to lose all her feathers. COMM: She was diagnosed with Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease. This causes malformations
in the feathers and beak and also affects the immune system. COMM: The disease is highly contagious and can often be fatal to birds, so Lemon needs
to be kept in isolation. COMM: Luckily for her, she has Indi. COMM: Despite not having lost his feathers yet, Indi also suffers from the condition, and he and Lemon have been inseparable for three years. COMM: Due to her unusual appearance, Lemon has since become an Instagram sensation, and
now has fans all over the world. Many of whom sent her gifts, such as knitted sweaters to
keep her warm. COMM: Against all the odds, Lemon lives a healthy happy life and proves that love just
might be the best medicine.

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  1. Question : Next week I am having two babies I obtained at the beginning of July tested for PBFD. I got them when they were bald babies and hand fed them throughout the day until they were weaned, but there's a problem. As soon as their flight feathers and full tail feathers would grow in, they would fall out one by one and now one of them is losing the breast feathers and some around the head too. They are otherwise completely healthy. They eat well, play, always come out with me and ride around on my shoulder since they can't fly. Assuming they do have it, the problem is I have 5 other adult Lovebirds in another room of the house. My question is how careful do I have to be to keep them from being exposed? Unfortunately I don't even handle the other birds since the babies started losing feathers because I'm afraid of any feather dander on me passing it to the other birds. Is that a necessary concern or would that not be such a problem?

  2. lemon looks like ready for deep fry. sorry.. its really sad to see lemon like that but also happy for taking carw of him her

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  4. My God that is so cute. So sad that she's going through that I will pray for her to get her wings and feathers restored. God works miracles you know. ?. Love can cure anything happy for you Lemon and Indie.

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