Baha Men – "Who Let The Dogs Out" (Our Last Night ft. Baha Men Rock Cover)

what's up it's our last night and who do we got here huh we just redid one of our favorite song killed it and it's great time watch this cover repost it tweet it and yeah I'm in everything we hope you love it and enjoy who let the dogs but the funny was nice to party with girls just wanna make Oh the dogs out faster well if I'm a dog who let the dogs out oh thank you guys so much for watching this video you can either subscribe to our YouTube channel watch another video or head over to our patreon page to become a member now

48 thoughts on “Baha Men – "Who Let The Dogs Out" (Our Last Night ft. Baha Men Rock Cover)

  1. I NEED to play this song at work some time. It gets mundane listening to the same songs over and over especially when it isn't the type you like.

  2. revelation 12:8-x|revelation22:15|x-revelation 20:15 <Luke 10:20> Luke 11:31 *Amo$ 3:3* 1 Corinthian 6:3

  3. I'd wish I was dead, but then I'd go to hell for hearing this and then they'd probably make me listen to it more.

  4. Baha Men, you guys are awesome much love, y’all sound FRESH….and it’s kind of you to help these lads out…. but WTH is this? This some serious garbage, but I don’t blame y’all.

  5. I usually feel like new age covers to old songs are so overdone and boring, but this one is so damn good. It actually sounds really good.

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