BAD BITE! – K9 Attack

I'm coyote Peterson I'm about that to the mold zone with a canine what's going on guys today we are on location in West Virginia and I'm here with Jay from a Corps canine and we're gonna do something a little bit different today aren't we yep normally I'm bitten and stung by all sorts of wild animals but today I'm going to be bitten by what a Malinois Belgian Malinois and this is like something between a German Shepherd a wolf a coyote and maybe your worst nightmare if you're afraid of dogs but Maya who's a dog that we're going to be working with today is actually really friendly as long as they don't have on this specialized suit which we use to train her to what take down criminals correct she worked law enforcement for four years and now she's kind of a demo for our company so today I'm going to be part of her exercise and I guess I'm going to be the product of the demo to show exactly the capabilities of this dog you're going to be the victim this dog will not break skin on you you're going to be wearing a Kevlar bite seat okay from Schweickart canine out of Germany se Joe has it right over here why don't we bring that that jacket in here and that it's not a service but I'm still going to feel some pressure inside there right here Lee you really feel real quick you will feel every bit of the pressure from the fight of the dog oh yeah just no puncture Oh hopefully shit right there yeah go ahead put your arm out handy you know that I can feel that oh no you're going to have very strong grip so the left hand yeah it's still not very strong as compared to what the bite force of a dog is going to be now that's even weaker man you got to get to the gym so Jay when Maya hits me like I'm gonna try to run is that okay she just don't like latch on to me and pull me down absolutely now what's going to prevent her from biting my legs or my fingers in my face she's going to go for my arm you're pretty certain Maya's trying to go for the arm she is what's called a sport dog okay which means my is not trained too I had a human for real she was strictly a drug dog that she's been trained in sport to go after the equipment so that's what you do but now you have a 1 to 2 percent chance she may grab the leg you know this reminds me of when I wore the bee beard and Kris said oh you might get one or two stings and then I got 32 stings so in my mind I'm hoping that it's just bite pressure but I'm fully expecting to maybe take a full-on bite today so I think I'm ready for this and if I can pass the jacket test we've got one step up in the world of bravery and that's just the sleeve and this just kind of goes on your arm like this and so if I work my way up I'm going to take a bite just like that not active worried about her pulled my arm out of socket she's not going to pull your arm out of socket Coakley okay but she will jerk on you a lot okay and swing you around a little bit okay so to be clear cackling coyote is actually fun for her it is a game absolutely fun it's what she lived for and this is exercise so she can do this over and over again all day long just like a dog playing ball pretty much absolutely only I'm going to be the ball today so I like dog already Yeah right if you're ready let's get Maya out of her kennel and get up close with this incredible dog all right coyote it's about that time get nervous a little bit we're getting Maya out of her kennel right now and you may be thinking yourself she's only 55 pounds I mean it's not that big yeah till it's running at full speed with an open mouth full of teeth getting ready to latch on your arm I'm still thinking I'm going to get pretty far before she takes me down and I guess I'm just trying to determine now it's like when she grabs me is she gonna actually take me down to the ground or am I gonna be able to take that hit like that stumble and have her latching on to me so it's going to be really interesting to see how this all goes down okay I'm good to go oh man so I want to keep my can I hold onto the edge or I want to keep my hand all the way inside and hold onto the edge if you want or inside she's got a thinner here okay so when you hear getting close just try not to go that way okay then you're going to pull up work cut out so there he says what you have to wear if you want to get taken down by canine all right Jay are we ready I think we're ready you ready Mario and we're rolling I'm on my mana oh boy this arm this arm aya right here this is the one that you want right here right there that one I'm patty Peterson I'm about the edge of the mold zone for the canine you ready go for it what you run it's a cell football coming out here smack you the water and you would take us better here on circle ah bah what I can make other dings I can't got a criminal ah right buddy oh she started long my arm moved her way up near my elbow that hurt the worst when you can feel the canine teeth actually hitting the bone oh oh oh Jay you are kidding man nice oh oh she barely in the blood the bad light bad white Oh Maya oh man well I cut this camera oh no she think I'm ready to move up to just the sleeve I think you're a graduate you look like you're handling it pretty well I'm impressed all right let's go to the sleeve definitely feel my arms going to swell up you can see there's little blood coming out there all these puncture marks ah definitely hurts take a look at that's definitely intense alright I think I've graduated cuff the Kevlar jacket thank you Joe and now I'm going to the sleeve you guys ready for this or left arm left arm okay beating up both arms and said hey I guess alright first bite is actually not the most painful she bites she lets go and then she goes for another bite and a better grip now the Kevlar suit well it's slightly loose on my skin this is a little tighter so I may feel slightly more increased impact on underarm keep your movements loud besides remember not to go up and down try to make it this I decide are the power train juice you still an animal yeah understand girl ear anything ready bud okay I'm ready right let's do this Maya player that's all I am oh yeah like that with your body all right oh man she's got a good hold on sleeps did you all the turkey out the keys come here my Harmon okay let's run off ah how's that that was about as intensive to get much scarier to have the dog in your arms with no other protective body cover honestly the bike did not feel bad at the kevlar jacket well it's way more nervous with my fingers being exposed she got about two here on my wrist and that's what I said okay call her off on spacious little bit further I may lose a finger wow that was incredibly intense I can't believe that dude okay I think I'm good that was absolutely an experience with animals that I'm never going to forget I'm coyote Peterson be brave stay wild we'll see him a next location well I think you guys need to try this I don't know Mario what do you think you next rocker to this for it Yeah right run cheat ready yeah one two three shoot one two three cute Oh looks like you're next buddy oh man there she is dude I'm actually makes you pretty nervous I'm a little bit I might get rained out are you ready yeah I'm ariana.sea ready yes little good bring you Maya oh oh oh oh oh you're ripping oh you do move oh boy I left the only three ropes that hurt oh now you can feel the punctures yeah so pressure okay and I want to give her this when you do this you want to kind of stretch out and then bend it okay Destin all right my man oh boy oh boy that was all right if you have them I live it up and ultra woo oh man Oh make it is that her right oh yeah that like send shivers up your spine that was compressor oh oh my goodness oh yeah I asked and boom yeah she got me got a good buy buy buy us a bad but it's important to remind everyone that while getting taken down by mile looked incredibly aggressive and violent this is all a part of her daily training routine behind the scenes my and I were the best of friends and I can truly say that I have incredible love and respect for this brilliant and beautiful animal record canine of West Virginia continues to set the standards that others aspire toward in the field of canine training and related technical innovations the love and care of their animals has brought them international recognition and the reputation is widely coveted as having no equal in the profession of canine training if you thought getting taken down by a canine was intense make sure to go back and see what happens when I get pounced by a wild feline the one and only off salon and don't forget subscribe so you can join me in the crew on our next location these caps are lethal once fully Krum you

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