Baby Rabbit And Tiger Abandoned By Their Mom Became The Cutiest Best Friends | Kritter Klub

Roar! What was that? I have no idea Looking dangerous? Not at all! Zookeeper: This isn’t normal for wildlife animals Stop squashing us! Zookeeper: There’s something unusual about the rabbits The dangerous relationship between the rabbit Toshil and tiger Hoya Other rabbits run away and get annoyed when Hoya approach them But Toshil is the only friendly rabbit with Hoya Rabbit with partial alopecia Stealthily approaches and touches its butt How did they become so close? Hoya was abandoned by its mother when it was a cub So artificial rearing was done Toshil also lost its mother in the mountain when it was a baby rabbit So they both relied on each other I like you! Me too!

100 thoughts on “Baby Rabbit And Tiger Abandoned By Their Mom Became The Cutiest Best Friends | Kritter Klub

  1. Relationship goals achieved ?
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  2. El tigre depredador jugando con una posible presa pero se quieren increíble Ojalá los humanos aprendamos de los los animalitos ojalá que pongamos atención a la canción de Roberto Carlos Quisiera ser civilizados como los animales que cierto es lo que dice esa hermosa canción

  3. Que lindo era pra tudo ser assim os animais se respeitarem. E o homem esta junto para auxiliar. Uma pena q na realidade nada eh assim. Mas essa amizade faz com que um dia isso aconteça. S2 =)

  4. After a year
    Rabit: hey, buddy can we go for a walk!
    Tiger:….I think it's time
    Rabit: what you mean friend
    Tiger : I mean your big enough…

  5. In wild tiger mother never abandont his cub but in zoo or human cage mother tiger abandont his question is why this happen???(sorry my false grammar)

  6. クラブの批評家がインドネシアに存在する場合、インドネシアには多くの野生動物がいるため、助けの手があるため、動物は無駄にされ、世話をしてはなりません。

  7. Тигренок и кролик…..,,Вот и встретились два одиночества ! ,,

  8. Il faut attendre qu'ils soient adultes pour savoir si cette amitié va réellement durer. Pourvu que le lapin ne finisse pas dans le ventre de son ami le tigre.

  9. 헐..덧글들이 전부 다 영어로 되있어서 흠..영어번역기 활용 ㄱㄱ..

    근데..토끼가 왜이렇게 귀여운거죵?ㅋ

  10. Это трех месячный кролик, в таком возрасте с матерью их не держат.

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