Baby Posie and Our Puppy Share Cutest Interaction Ever Caught On Camera!!!

whoa-oh kind of creepy creepy oh no I'm here people who watch our YouTube videos good morning I love waking up at 6 o'clock whoo it's 6 a.m. on a Sunday and everybody has an early dance competition early we're lucky we get to wake up really early and get going so I'm up I'm ready haven't done my hair as you tell you just like this on my face clothes on and I want to get the baby ready because uh so then I said that we had to go in five minutes so she woke up she said hey we're gonna go five minutes I'm an okra baby still sleeping i'ma show you guys how cute cozy little swaddled and I gotta get the baby ready and uh everyone's gonna do her competition she's got her solo but she's competing against all six-year-olds usually she competes against like seven eight nine year olds but today's a big day cuz it's only six-year-olds and there's like a hundred of them so it's everybody guess I got a hundred other six-year-olds so we'll see pull it for she's gonna do her best and I and we're excited good morning baby oh my gosh morning farts oh my word well good morning to you too Posie oh we got the baby ready all those shoes look so comfortable wish I could wear those shoes okay you ready baby my don't think your outfits I got that too we made it you excited of the camera what is home what's going on yeah I'm dancing on stage and you guys are gonna see me down yeah everything Orange County Performing Arts Academy and ever workplace that's good this is a bad time to be filming well as you pick up stuff yeah kinda hey that's good now it's only 10:30 on a Sunday and we don't know what to do cuz we're an hour away from the house and it's kind of cloudy and cold and we got baby with us and I believe I already covered a makeup that we got off her face cuz we don't approve we don't approve of makeup we said it's a million times more we're not okay with that but dance work so we figured out what we're doing and let me tell you it's gonna be awesome so he they grab a card I didn't think it we're gonna need a car but I just wanna grab himself and I'm no help because I got the baby everything's no help because she's looking at all the candy if you guys are wondering so awesome she's so awesome be sure follows all and it's true my gonna hear because it will be posted on Hana I'm not granny it's an instrument oh it's gonna be sick it's behind the scenes that you can see 250 books on costumes are you kidding me that is the longest party city receipt ever Wow okay okay we are in our new house it's still empty we own it and we're officially we're gonna be moving in nightly some at the end of this week we'll probably be in blogs in this house next week after you guys watch it but we're moving in at the end of this week so super excited for that we got all of our clothes here only thinking that you'll just be so much easier oh my gosh – super so dangerous maybe don't go up on that one we figured that we discovered our new place itself is just so much open room that'll just be so easy sometimes like the furniture no no you're telling me what six-year-old doesn't want to trampoline in their house you don't read Blaine in your living room everybody needs putting on jams all this fresh expression because we forgot our skypod the people who have had a tough divorce let a giant trophy huh if peoples really two before us with a giant trophy in the garage that were propping the camera on this Patrick you can't put music and YouTube videos so we're just gonna put copyright free music we're just talking that our neighbors are probably thinking oh no these are our neighbors they see is coming out of the house different outfits we're sorry neighbors get the center and remember after we do this and then this really alright next outfit I don't even know what we've been showing really it's kind of random yeah awesome it's gonna be so awesome posies been seen this whole time she's the best weed this is Ernie how so we already crapped it the floors but you know okay her neighbors definitely hate us now it's a final costume I'm gonna say cozy recognizing me like this hey Posie hey Who am I Who am I hey daddy I just look at her will you hey I love you I love you you been so good he's so good how are these girls doing whoa Oh kind of creepy creepy oh no I'm here because okay now the neighbors definitely definitely yeah definitely think something's up yeah few hours later we got all the videos done we actually killed two so if you want to watch um the finished products be sure to follow me and Savannah we're posting one on each be sure to follow us on Instagram and you can watch the final videos if you haven't already you guys Rock we love you all for the support we had a lot of fun making those we are now about not sushi and we drove two different cars because we had to film one of up in this car this car has a middle seat the other one doesn't we're gonna go sushi I wanna put the camera away and then we're super excited because we're gonna like try and get Posey to interact with Carl so that's gonna be fun but right now gonna put the camera away for a little bit and go have some sushi right that's right let's go do it okay guys so we didn't vlog this because it was like super natural and candid we were just in the backyard I'd Posey laying on me and Carl was there and Savannah came out and posed he's never like really like paid attention to car like Posey is like just not kind of realizing bike he even exists and Carl has never really even paid attention to Posey so it's really cute that I day like I got it on my phone they both like paid attention to each other at the exact time it had like the cutest encounter and I got all my phone so I'm just gonna put all that footage on here right now for you guys to see cuz it's super super which score to do good boy yeah he does be calm good boy good boy Carl think about that never really notice Carl before like she's so I have been with me the past four months that you come here give me a combat that we go go to meet Tyra give me so we've come here come come come Oh

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