Baby monkey midnight routine!

hey what's up guys so it's midnight Curtis just woke up before he's a midnight bottle time for me to eat you see he's hungry so let's go ahead and give him his bottle just take out the microwave for him so there you go buddy sure good nap yeah so also before he went to sleep he didn't get a chance to take his bath so what's gonna give him a nice hot bath now I forgot his bottle and getting ready to go to sleep and he'll wake up about another five hours from now around like 6:00 in the morning all because it's midnight so yeah who wake up between like 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. and that's when we'll start our day so yeah [Applause] big boy big boy he's always gone he's also teething so as you guys know he just likes to chew on it so I'm just letting I'm hanging on to this you can tell here you go man and so he needs a bath so I'm gonna hug the water nice and hot for him yeah oh no I see a lot of other monkey owners on YouTube it of stuff and they just like rather their babies at least four mothers should give a water which I don't really see that was very comfortable I don't think they enjoy that as much they kind of like to soak you know they feel more clinical in there a little bit more submerged you know extreme II was kind of loud and they're not used to the water it's just a kind of a bit intense you mean yeah definitely just let them down let them play just sneeze nice and warm buddy yeah unless you would and so what I used for his bets I don't have the bottle next to me I just have prepaid the cap but um it's a some all-natural organic soap and it's like fragrance free hypoallergenic so yeah I'll make a video showing all the products and stuff we used for him like coconut oil honest town stuff like that so I'm making a whole another video about that alright so let's get ready to take his bath got some fresh towels here hey bud you ready not even dirty all right big guy you ready that's okay Hey it's okay buddy could a boy come on Cassie good boy good boy mmm see was nice nice yeah good job good boy see that feel nice Katie does it feel nice good nice hop yeah they're such little something here for a few minutes sure if those are the good for him Labe than orange juice yeah definitely especially like you know sink the kitchen exactly just like a loud industrial sink like come on now yeah good boy hmm you look so handsome you look so handsome cutie the air man such a good boy see he honestly he's so good he's so well behaved he's a little gentleman such a sweetheart ain't that right bud yeah boy boy boy boy look there you go good boy mmm nice okay you know I got you tell little naked boy nice and dry boy did a good job good job give me kissy Keva kissy thank you you want to get brushed – he likes this so what I kind of do is I Drive off but I massage on at the same time so it's like a little rubdown he just nice and chill and it fluffs us for a you think to be fluffy good boy I probably get the brush also yeah honestly Kurtis really likes bath time he's so good and he just chills he likes his man you don't mind getting a bath huh so I just do this honestly into the Spurs all the way dry I don't put him on with a blow dry and stuff you know maybe she was a little bit older if he gets curious about one we could slowly introduce it I'm sure he'll enjoy it but right now it's just kind of loud and you know kind of strange to him so just stick to dryland by him – this boy get your hair nice and messy like you like it I so he's nice and fluffy he's all dry so we're gonna put on his diaper and then put a little coconut oil on his tail and he'd be ready to go back to sleep and wake me up in a couple of hours I'm buddy we gonna put your diaper on first okay and then and then you can go back to sleep right this is the spot right there around the bridge that's gonna sleep every time it's a little pressure point buddy Oh for you to cozy misspell his diaper boy okay you're done so this diaper needs to be adjusted a little bit but you just comfortable so there you go it's that better good boy okay some of those grab some folks on wild horse tail oh not stinky you're not stinky no more you can be mean did you know stinky coconut oil he has just a few little rough spots on his tail it's because uh when they're young their tails are you know bending and so the skins like trying to adapt to that so you know he's just some little you know dry skin areas and stuff we're trying to bend and the skins trying to callus and stuff so she put a little coconut on there helps my buddy boy oh boy hmm good boy okay so he's all fed cleaned up and ready to go I'm probably gonna post made some food now it's like what 1234 45 so probably pong little movie for him to go sleep to angsty kind of likes movies and yeah guys be sure to LIKE the video share it and subscribe to the channel also you get on notifications get notified of you know any new videos that we upload so Kevin kissy thank you later guys

28 thoughts on “Baby monkey midnight routine!

  1. Looks cool from the outside but being involved in this market is wrong.

  2. Wow this guy is good looking lol ?? ? I love that he takes good care of his little buddy? make me want to have one! I’ve always wanted a monkey since I was a little girl ☺️

  3. This is cute and all, but give the baby to a sanctuary….. he’s meant to be with other primates!! I don’t know how you got him, but the likelyhood if It being from a hunter is high. I just can’t support this

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