Baby Kitten Sleepover on The Pirate Ship Playground Park for Kids W/ Play Doh Girl & Fun Factory

camping that's awesome do you have a little surprise visitor in the back for them Ariel and you're on your princess bag oh I think there's a surprise behind Ariel's bag did you know that okay you never can wait for a surprise to me what is it gonna be we've never had a kitty in my pocket I love kitty how to steal for mommy perfect do we have a name for it is there a name on the back of it let me check oh there's no oh just collect them all all right very cool we'll take it and show your kittens okay okay I'll take the trash and we'll take the kitten and show the kittens right okay hope it doesn't fall out okay we're riding to the pirate ship hello you're on your way I can't wait to see what they're doing you can go a little farther no okay let's go check on him on the pirate ship I'm excited to see what they've been doing while they were camping oh the little boy is in the tent well they've had a good breakfast it's almost bedtime wonder why they had breakfast oh she's leaving she's gonna go down the ramp area let's drive in you're Mushka top car oh and she is attacking that netting she loves it in there and the little guy decided to get out of his hand and go rest in a corner looks like they've had a busy day camping but Ariel is bringing a string to play with and the kitten oh yeah see if she'll get her attention with it get her attention the kittens are growing like weeds they are over a month old now and they love kitten chow and they love their cats are those our treat yeah oh and they still love the milk from their mommy it's bold this one this one little girl seems to sleep all the time she's a bit obsessed with her and I thank guys that we have decided to call her mealy let me see her oh look at it she is beautiful Hey Hattie's she is so calm and wonderful with children look at her oh oh she's giving you too many treats sweetheart hey are you giving them both treats yeah he's taking a nap because they just got through nursing Little Miss is it so ready for bed I catch play-doh girl singing to her all the time getting her to sleep they sing well she sings sorry if kitten is not saying um little girl sings rock a bye baby and go to sleep and she gets her sound asleep these kittens are just so spoiled rotten they're so precious okay she's sleepy she's like this know you later cried her little boy soothing music oh and she's got the gift that earring yes they didn't do a lot of playin once we got to their camp yesterday we had one day oh and we're gonna name her mealy oh no we are questioning what we're going to name this beautiful little guy you're considering lots of options so thank you guys so much for all the name options that you provided for them you're going to give him some trait no one needs food in their bed no no I'm gonna get that let us know in the comments if you have any pets and specifically if you have any kittens actually like I said they're over a month oh they're getting so fat their hair is so fluffy what are you doing over there she's healthy no look who is hiding in this chant this tent is made for American girl so stop is it that the cutest thing you've ever seen it was faced I told you guys these kittens are spoiled rotten Oh now our little point it's bigger than our little girl I don't know we think we're really liking Miele for the little girl right someone suggested me Lisa thank you very much we've had a lot of pumpkins suggested for the little boy but I had a pumpkin in the past one time so I don't know if I want a pumpkin kitten oh my gosh I think they're gonna sleep good tonight don't you uh-huh that Korea bun no all right I think it's time to leave them behind it their camp right do you think we can put them inside their tent I'll help and then we'll send them on their way oh she did it they stayed asleep to bed oh my goodness close the mani Donna so no bugs can get them good night little Warren sleep tight good night we'll check on you in the morning uh-huh so that's it for this video guys if you liked it be sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe okay stop they're so cute will you get the air unit don't wake him up let us know if you want to see more kitten videos that's it for now bye bye whoo you

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