Baby Jumps on Rottweiler

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22 thoughts on “Baby Jumps on Rottweiler

  1. Non mais sérieusement ? Vous êtes complètement con ? Ou simplement écervelés ? Faut pas si votre chien bouffe votre gosse putain mais faut pas s’étonner que des gamins se fassent bouffer vous êtes un danger pour vos enfants !!!! On devrait vous en retirer la garde et de votre chien aussi !!!! C’est quoi cette éducation de merde ?? Si on peut appeler ça de l’éducation ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  2. It four years ago…, I couldn’t watch the whole video!! The parents was assholes!!!
    It made me want to vomit ? ? ? ?
    Poor pup

  3. Dad laughing away! Wonder if he'd still be laughing if the dog bit the child? Poor dog, it doesn't deserve to be treated this way!!

  4. I always taught my children to be kind and gentle with dogs, and all animals. These parents are unfit and are NOT good parents at all!!! nor are they good pet owners!!!

  5. That is Rotten! ? Why is this happening? It's Sad! Dogs are Not meant to be treated like that.If the dog should go after your child, You will go after your dog.Its Not right!

  6. Foolishness. I am NOT against child-dog interaction (my son adored my German Shepherd at a very early age and indeed nestled in her "arms" or against her belly), but this is absurd. I would never let my son behave this way with the dog, no matter how much I trust the dog. It's not fair to that dog, and not fair to the child when he tries it with the wrong dog who doesn't have that patience. My aim was to train the child how to approach a dog and how to interact decently, not just think she's a trampoline to be punched and prodded.

  7. you parents are fucking morons and gonna get yer kid killed if not mauled badly. you have no respect for either the dog or your child, or most likely anything else. y'all shouldn't be able to own a dog nor have kids….. fucking learn something will ya?

  8. I feel bad for the dog and child. At least this fool is DUMB enough to incriminate himself with videos like this.  A caveman would have more sense than this idiot.

  9. These people are morons and I would not blame the dog if he attacked. In the eyes of the law however the dog would be put down and blamed for the act of stupid people with no right to own a dog. They are very lucky that this pup hasn’t done anything to this child. If this child did this to a human at some point the human would physically remove him and tell him to stop an animal can’t do this. Please learn how to treat an animal before u own one. These people obviously didn’t and need the dog taken away before he attacks and gets blamed b/c they are assholes. The dog is smarter than the owners and keeps trying to get away from the situation and showing them signs of distress yet again stupid people have no clue and amazingly enough would be completely shocked and appalled if the dog attacks and say “I have no idea why he would suddenly turn and attack the baby he’s the best dog and never showed any signs of this behavior!!! ??‍♀️ smh

  10. Parents, TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO RESPECT YOUR PET'S PERSONAL SPACE! No riding the dog (he is NOT a horse!). No pulling the dog's ear or tail or hair! (Would YOU like it if it were done to you!?) No carrying the cat around by it's tail! I don't care if it's a Pitbull, Chihuahua, Siamese cat, Rottweiler or a Shih-Tzu – RESPECT YOUR PETS AND TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO DO THE SAME!! #RantOver

  11. Can someone find out who these people are and report them for child endangerment? This could have ended very badly.

  12. Owner is imature and iresponcible. Dog is showing signs od stress and discomfort, small kids dont know that they might hurt the dog unless if you learn them to RESPECT animals. I have 2 small kids and 2 dogs, sometimes i bring new dogs and cats from my shelter for couple of days my kids never pulled a dog jumped on him, picked them up. They love animals but they also respect their feelings when they would bother dog or cat i would explain them about that animals feelings and now they cuddle and play but never cross limits that are IMPORTANT!

  13. This is the kind of thing that turns into one of those “explaining” to a doctor at the hospital why your kid is in the hospital in the first place…the kid is lucky BUT at the same time kinda deserves to be bitten for abusing this poor doggo who is just trying to enjoy his day

  14. That is one INCREDIBLY TOLERANT dog. The owner is a fool. I'd never allow anyone to get that rough with a dog.

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