Baby Budgies Growth Stages

so here are the little baby buggies now one of them was just born yesterday and the other one is a couple of days old they can you see the size difference between the two of them but yeah these guys out the prettiest things in the world they're born out fulfill so they heavily rely on their mother and there's one pretty helpless but yeah the mother's been doing an excellent job and and looking after them here she comes now so yeah looks like she's coming in to give them a feed yeah she's a really good mother and these days over three eggs should have some in it today or to compete so I'll keep you guys updated with that and we'll see how it goes check this out guys so it's just the next morning and we have another baby budgie it's really amazing actually how big the size to rent says and there's only one day between the three of them see that one on top there he's only three days old or so and a lot bigger than the one that's two days out he'll sit yeah pretty interesting how fast they grow these guys out now you can see all the fluff coming out now so nearly growing really fast I have mums out there in the back but I'm here they're looking really cool today are getting massive you can see their wings starting to form properly now and yeah they're just grown so quick the mother's been spending quite a lot less time with them recently she obviously still comes in to feed them but as you can see they're less reliant on your nails they can get up and move around quite easily so are you they're doing great this guy here is that in here so that yellowish colored hitters coming up but also next time there's a little bit of low aspect so I'm looking pretty interesting pretty cool looking Becky now there's this guy here and he's any one day older than the one I just showed you with the yellow kid he's a little bit further along so he's not as fluffy as that one but yeah this shows you even one day different there's still quite a significant amount of difference in the growth of them and here's kind of a know the blue color he's running up my arm anyway I put them back in because it's sort of running up me but um yeah he's a similar color to the oldest one which I'll show you now as long as I here's the eldest of the three and as you can see it's sort of a yellow so check it out this is our oldest budgie and he's just fled to the nest he's 29 days old now and he's come out to check out his new home and all his new friends say he's doing good now the difference between this guy and adult buddies from what you can see is his tail is quite a bit shorter so that's why making amends the difference and if you look at the eye quite closely this guy is just a fully CLEP eye that's all you can see is just the pupil whereas their adult budgies you can see and the white of the eye so you can sort of see the ring of white around line so this guy is a little bit different and fs age so nice to the light purple color with black wings so fast so this is our 28 day old budgie and he pretty much looks identical to the one that's just fledged so pretty much all the same colors but um he should be out the next couple of days and flying around so we'll see how that goes but he's looking pretty happy and pretty alert so I'm yeah nice healthy little budgie so check this guy out you can see it all as colors coming through now as you can see he's got a great chest and gray and black feathers with a bit of butter yellow and the feelers in on the tail as well and bright yellow here so he is 26 to 27 days old probably about 26 and a half but yeah he is looking pretty good and he's changed a lot since I said that showed you him last so yeah all those colors are cameras very well so check this out guys all of the three buddies have fledged the nest the final one just played yesterday but I didn't have time to film it so here's the other one and the final veggie that fledged just yesterday another really cool surprise to share with you guys today another couple of buddies have had these today so he's super tiny and it's just amazing to believe that and around 30 days they will be the same same size as the other three buddies so three out of the four eggs hatched and as you can see these guys are great the mother touched jelastic out of the nest because it wasn't fair most is pretty good so here they are here and as you can see they are all grown up and pretty much really the pledge they haven't pledged yes I'm sure they're getting pretty close to that stage but here they're doing really well in the colors have come out really nice so that is how these guys are doing

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  2. That was adorable to watch, and it was really nice to see what mine looked like before I had them. Ilyna Hacker.

  3. Hi i have a baby bird i got from outside what food i can give them? And what i have to do for taking care of them?

  4. My grandpa has a bunch of budgies. Expecting eggs soon. I wanna hand tame the little ones

    Edit: I have a cockatiel so I have knowledge

  5. I now think baby parrots are cute. I hate birds but if I’m not looking at one directly irl I’m (usually) fine

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