30 thoughts on “Baby Bobcat's First Introduction

  1. I loved the wild sound of the 2nd cub, I cant wait to see the video of them running free, who knows they may mate and make more wild Cubs together.

  2. They look like they're getting on very well together – so glad they have each other as a family. Bless you at BCR for the work you do!

  3. You're doing God's work, BCR. Can't thank you enough Also a big thank you to those Good Samaritans who picked up these babies in the middle of the highway and brought them to you.

  4. I like both dogs and cats , But I like the cat more , Because the cat does not smell , And the dog smells , The thing i feel .✌

  5. I am so extremely happy they have each other
    they have such a great organisation like Big Cat Rescue too!

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