Australian Shepherd puppies

come on puppies other ones are eating so they are everywhere here you come come on come on there we go okay there are the puppies bills first litter they're all sold they have new homes they are six weeks old yesterday so this is penny she is going to Virginia then the red merle is Sadie she is going to Jackson the male blue merle is rascal no that's not correct i forgot his name but he's staying here the black one is going to think up port and the big brown mail there the tricolor is going to a 400 acre farm name a comb or something like that i can't remember pity here's penny hey penny what Roscoe that's what my son named his Roscoe they're already thief's they will steal anything plants flip-flops sprinklers they have run off with everything except their two toys oh they hardly ever touch the two toys see you just spit it out hey Roscoe so there's going to be about a year of at least eight months of chewing everything to get your paws on or mouth around they are already accustomed to an automatic feeder and have pretty much potty-trained themself they don't go to the bathroom inside anymore their room is air-conditioned where their food is there's peony sadie Roscoe I don't know the other twos names the black and the brown try don't know their names get to wrestling here to wrestling there don't want you in the fence

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