42 thoughts on “Australian Shepherd Puppies, birth to eight weeks

  1. both my aussies were cast aways. short hair mostly black with white boots and on some white on the chest. rancher/farmer told me it was their last chance… who could not love a puppy. been quite awhile without an aussie. miss them so much.

  2. We love this breed so much! We raise mini aussies the AKC way. www.pleasantvalleyminiamericanshepherds.com or Facebook Pleasant Valley mini americans

  3. They all have tails! My Ozzy boy doesn't (no it was not cut, he was born with the short tail). I make fun of his wiggle butt. It's really funny.

  4. I always watch this video to remember my puppy who I left with my mom and sister as I am in the US for work and they are in Mexico. I come back around early September, but I can't take being away from my baby for to long. This video calms me down and makes me feel a tiny bit better, just counting down the days till I see my puppy again.

  5. I have 2 aussies. One is a Red tri and one is a Blue Merle. They love each other! I hope the baby's won't be blind or deaf.

  6. Awesome, they have tails. I like the fact that the tails are not docked, the breed has such a beautiful tail.

  7. Hi hello..hey are u still available boys and girls red merle or blue merle puppy Australian shepherd standard..? Or yet..? Hey pm..? ❤

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