Australian Govt Airdrops Food for Animals

You all know in November, dangerous bushfires burned all over Australia. The Australian government is working very hard to save the animals in the forests. But Billions of animals have died, and the number is expected to rise further. The animals’ natural habitats and their food sources have all been destroyed due to the fire. New South Wales (NSW) is the worst-affected in the Australian bushfires and has recorded the highest death toll among animals and humans alike. Australia’s beautiful rock-wallabies are an endangered species. Now due to the fires, their numbers have shrunk even more. They mainly feed on grasses, roots, foliage, bark, and fruits. Now due to the fires, all of this is completely destroyed and very few survived. Inorder to prevent them from going extinct, the government of the state of New South Wales (NSW) air-dropped food for animals. They wanted to save their lives. They have dropped carrots and sweet potatoes to save the animals. This is why the government is working hard to save the endangered Rock wallabies For the first time NSW air dropped a 1,000 kilograms of carrot and Sweet Potatoes to save the animals as all their natural food sources burnt away. NSW Minister for Environment and Energy, Matt Kean, said that for the first time the government has dropped so much food for such animals.

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