August 20 | 2018 | SA LIVE | KSAT 12

today we are defying gravity on mad science monday some easy experiments that you can do at home with the kids to get them ready to learn it’s a whole bunch of fun plus head back to school with bells on genna’s live at your one-stop shop for everything that you she’s on a shopping spree yes she is and with the kids in class how about a nice relaxing massage then for your dog that’s right how to help your four-legged friends take a load off nothing I don’t have it easily enough to begin with [Music] we’re in downtown San Antonio this is si shouldn’t be talking about bourbon but why not we’re talking about coffee drinks as well you place in town for that and that new bourbon which is being debuted right here good afternoon everyone I’m like Osage Fionna Goris teasy is off today when she went back to school today I don’t know but speaking of back to school this was one of the biggest groups of people to go back to school today all the different school districts some more starting next week but then the question is what was your favorite subject in school any one math one person back there science reading okay English yes recess study hall maybe it was because of the teacher that could because they’re you know teacher can make all the difference in the world so let us know go to Facebook and we’re gonna show some of your answers coming up a little bit later on speaking of science and TV Ted wanted me to use this line and say that being a TV host is a balancing act okay that went over very well and this is a perfect topic with back to school being balanced in your life being ready for science at school so we’re gonna talking about center of gravity okay just gravity with the Apple falling on Newton’s head but it’s important remember you know gravity is a force that pulls things down and so you don’t center of gravity you’re finding a balancing like balancing point and you want the mass to be equally distributed so if one sides heavier than the other the force is gonna be greater on that side so that’s why I couldn’t bend over and yes my nose to the because my center of gravity was way too far out there right I think of your broad shoulders yes okay children have an easier time with that because they’re they haven’t you know grown up to their full potential yet sort of speak so but it’s adult females are easier for the bullseye experiment we did earlier these pretty easy right you find the bird the beak is gonna be the balancing point because you can tell like the wings the same size same shape same weight okay but if you took the tail off what what happened when it balance yes because of the wings hmm would make no it wouldn’t no because then you’ve got the the head and the beak going forward you need something to counterbalance that okay so is this same reason why the Flying Wallendas when they’re walking the tightrope they have the big pole yes yes but if I were gonna I’m not going to if I was gonna walk on a curb I didn’t stink Li hold out my arms for balance okay why aren’t ed and I wearing antenna and you or not I don’t know I’m just lucky I’m gonna take mine off in a moment but I’m gonna challenge you to various objects yeah so what what does this showing besides I look very silly here look adorable you look yeah it’s interesting well you use the M because this thing you’ve got the same shape okay the middle is where your center of gravity should be and this balls on either side okay take one tennis ball off obviously there’s gonna be more gravity affecting the other side so it’s gonna be off balance and and the weight of tennis balls is lower than the point that’s touching on my head so that’s why this won’t really fall off in this correct situation okay so um now we’re gonna do is I have some pyramids on here and they’re made of card stock so you have to make sure they’re centered perfectly on the table you have various objects that you’re gonna try to balance on top of the pyramid okay just like the balancing Eagle so the tales of the birds are lower than the balance point right there like this is pretty easy for most kids to figure out like a bird bird makes sense makes sense but then you have a big splash of slime not as easy to determine where the center of gravity’s gonna be for that and you can lay it horizontally can lay it flat it’s okay oh very nice good job so that’s what if I have the tape underneath it and you have the spaceship for this but um well you you can do that I just have a quick question I’m good how would we balance all these bolts on top of here well you could try and do this until you’re blue in the face it’s true but then you’d have to do another one and that wouldn’t necessarily work oh that’s nice job true like and kids always want oh I’ll use tape I’ll use glue that’s not gonna work um I know that you know the secret do you want me to do it please go ahead I think I should tell the audience that you actually know what’s going on so we’re going to distribute the weight okay which really parked me to look down and not until my head down so teamwork makes the dream work all right so I’m gonna spread all this out mm-hmm you got one underneath so a lot of people forget you got one back on top okay and the hardest part is picking it up and that’s gonna lock them all together together okay and then you don’t let go until you feel like it’s balanced there you go Wow I know so that’s a really good party trick oh it’s awesome if you’re walking around with that’s great you had summer camps obviously but from this point on how can people have you come and entertain but we have after-school programs all over San Antonio we have birthday parties and we also do assembly shows like welcome back to school Cub Scouts Girl Scout nice things like that we’re kind of everywhere you can’t get rid of us most unusual things that people really I mean obviously this is a great little look kind of like I said party trick almost but just um totally amazes people totally amazes people oh there’s there are quite a few honestly dry ice never stops like that it’s done some people they don’t get it evening with balance they think it’s um I was saying this earlier magnets or glue or that it is a trick and there’s science behind magic tricks so when you show someone the signs behind a magic trick it kind of blows their mind okay yeah well if you would like to uh well like you said come to after school programs or Cub Scout meetings girls have meetings anything like that you can get a hold of Andrea we post a link to Mad Science on our website si and all you have to do is click on the as seen on si live tab well of course this is a big week for si live back-to-school week and we have got our primetime special coming up here this Wednesday night 7 o’clock right here in KC at 12:00 you can watch the show live in your living room or come down here to Market Square now this year it’s all about we’re celebrating the people who make our schools great and that of course includes everyone but it’s special people like to– who’s been the football manager at Hallandale high school for 21 years he loves his community he loves football and is constantly inspiring the school to live positively that’s I’ve heard is a tear-jerking story and we know how hard it is to keep your busy family organized during the school year and that’s why we’re taking you to a tiny home to show you what little living is all about that’s even bigger than what our studio used to be I think 200 square that’s it 200 square feet Wow that ain’t big at all okay one of our local schools is actually involved in making a movie and as we speak the cameras are rolling right now there’s filming going on at Providence Catholic school agenda by Ostrovsky heads there to see why people on the sets all the actors and crew and everyone loved San Antonio ten fights Jessica’s here at Providence Catholic school where they are shooting a film we are behind the scenes we’re gonna go and ask people what they love about San Antonio let’s go find out coach miss Garcia they are shooting a film here and how cool is that what do you love about first of all San Antonio and then also being able to be a part of it I love San Antonio because it’s the home of the province there were learners leaders and women at faith and justice this is great all of this commotion that day before school starts we’re loving them we’re loving them here oh I think I see some actresses here hi ladies so you guys are here shooting this film that’s so exciting we want to know what is it that you love about San Antonio San Antonio is an amazing city there’s a lot of diversity and a lot of different people here so it’s really cool to meet the big groups of people here and like it’s to know different people and the Riverwalk of course one of the things I love about sanatoria is the feeling of family no matter where you are what you do we’re making a movie here and we become family here and it’s beautiful I’ve only been here for like about a week so far I’ve loved I love the people I like that the people here are willing to they do things because they believe in them they’re willing to do things without really looking for anything in return frankly I’m not too used to this what is it you want people to get out of this movie because you’re here and I hear you have an amazing voice so what is it you want them to get out of it that it doesn’t matter how you look or who you are just accept and tolerant other people why do you think it’s important that we bring more films here and shoot more films in a city like San Antonio well first of all it’s very scenic we’ve got like really cultural nice places to shoot that just look amazing on a film my face would look so nice and second of all everybody’s just so friendly and it’s such a welcoming community that anybody who comes from another place can be like wow San Antonio is awesome it feels like there’s always kind of something to do in Houston I’m from Houston so it can get a little dead a little repetitive so it’s a it’s a nice change of pace [Music] to have for our city okay next on sa live kick start your morning with a caramel licious coffee oh just the name sounds good and the picture looks pretty good to scooters is sharing the recipe and helps fight oh hey it’s a dog’s life kick back chill out the benefits of pet massage is coming up a little later on in the show so stay with us [Music] hey everyone tune into HP backyard kitchen every Thursday at approximately 725 a.m. right here at case at 12 for great cooking ideas Oh hail the king kick the food lucky Eagle casino hotels 100k caches kick giveaway has arrived earn entries to win now through August 25th catch winners will be crowned every Saturday our youth effective Kingdom cash each year there are over 51,000 commercial vehicle accidents across Texas causing documented serious or catastrophic personal injuries these commercial vehicle accidents involve 18 wheelers cargo vans 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stick like that or a nice big cup of coffee or a coffee drink Katherine dirt scooters coffee franchisee is here to help us get the morning all kick-started and get going and you have got some just wonderfully the names – did you have these drinks yeah oh my goodness what are we making today we’re gonna make our birthday celebration drink it’s a cupcake latte it comes hot over I stir blended but you’re gonna do a version here ok and by the way happy birthday 20 20th anniversary but thank you yes ok and new to town though new to town so we are new to San Antonio within the last year and you can find us Blanco and Wars bak right across from Churchill High School and a location up in Bernie and Ernie I’m Ralph Aaron highway 46 it’s technically Burke I’m ok yes so with I mean it seems like that there’s coffee places all around and it would be a kind of a park to get into his already saturated but you’ve got something very unique not only just cinnamon rolls that are bigger than big cream cheese icing yes cheese icing I’ll get that in a moment so ok start off with your syrup for good so syrup into that in there and then in our shop we hand tamp every single espresso shot but I already did that for you so you can put that in we’re a little bit of that in there and this is 2% milk but what can come anyway you want coconut almond soy we carry all of them to the dots on the line keep going say when that’s good all right put your ice in their device ha ha the fun part all around oh yeah and top it off with your sprinkles a couple of sprinkles on there so hot and iced drinks and you have a contest going on for the drinks as well right so we serve our signature car malicious drink all year long ooh that’s pasty and right now you can go online and vote and you can we’re running a contest for the next feature which will either be a toasted coconut caramel Isha’s a cinnamon roll car malicious or a mocha peanut butter caramel Isha’s which one’s your favorite I like them all probably I think I voted for the cinnamon roll one the most though that sounds yes you would have in that nice cinnamon flavor in there yes and then you can have cinnamon roll with it so it would be awesome so and these are your signature cinnamon rolls yes okay how much do those weigh about two pounds of peas no yes no calories at all mmm and you’re out there buy you said church in high school yes so perfect place if you drop the kids off at high school just go and the nice thing is I know a lot of times moms wear pajamas right I’m Scout your car scoot in scoot around so that’s a perfect thing that is just a house slippers jammies that’s right dog right drive-through we give dog treats out in the drive-through as well so okay now cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing instead of just the over sweetness of the regular sugar icing that is so very good so once again you’re out there by Churchill High School yes right and then up there in Bernie that’s correct and if somebody wants to vote for their favorite drink how do they do that go on our Facebook page or you can go on the scooters website and you can vote there one time a day up until August 24th okay Kathryn thank you very much scooters coffee and for more information on scooters just download the essay live app we’ve posted a link to their website on our as seen on essay live section okay next on essay live it’s your one stop shop to find all the best savings for heading back to school gentle iist russki oh she’s in all her glory on a shopping spree right now she’s there at Belle’s we’re gonna see what she’s shopping for in just a few minutes and earlier okay what is your favorite topic ah science because I will be getting my degree in meteorology welcome to the club Tom the weather has always fascinated me keep them coming some of the people know that they’re wanted and are on the run expect fewer criminals on bear county streets tonight the defenders ride-along and reveal how the Sheriff’s Office is chipping 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and you gotta have a budget to go back-to-school shopping because if you haven’t been in a while oh my goodness it can be expensive but the place to go to is right where gender bias russki is she is at Bell’s he has been on a shopping spree for I think about the past three days there and she’s got everything that you need what’s going on Jen how’s it going Mike I tell you what that is true you need to be on a budget when you come shopping for back-to-school because it all adds up but can you see I’ve been busy here shopping I have lots of back-to-school goodies for my little ones because there’s so much to choose from here at Belle’s but while the kids are at school why not spruce up the house I have read Aloia store manager here with us today lots of trends happening I’m telling you I’m a Shopaholic I’m going crazy in here so Rita what are some of the trends because this is some beautiful items that you have here tell me about them definitely all the top trends here at bells are going to be farmhouse coastal inspirational and we have all this great cute stuff we have vintage we have rustic this is a little vase see where you can put the little flowers how adorable is here in our home good area we have everything from bedding towels candles tabletop accessories and kitchen needs so we have everything you need to decorate your home I see that so you have candles you have your different themes going so really whatever theme you have going in your home you can find something here right okay so moving on to back-to-school because people are doing the shopping now and if you’re a last-minute there’s some deals tell me about the deals you have yes if you haven’t found that pick backpack definitely stop by we have buy one get one half off of all of our fashion backpacks so I mean we’re talking name brands here so the kids I know that matters just some of the kids but tell me about some of the top brands that you have the top brands we have in this store in our athletic area we actually have Nike Adidas Puma RBX and shoes we have everything from vans Skechers feliz kids everything you need all the brands that are hot right now you can find here at bells for back-to-school really cool Skechers in here I have to show cuz how cute is that so you really can get everything here and on top of that cuz one thing I notice is all the deals but you have a really nice blowout sale tell me about the blowout sale right now we have our super blowout sale it’s fifty an extra fifty percent off of all of our selections and bags accessories home beauty and fragrances I’m telling you everything that you can think of you can find it here so I don’t know how to keep up with all these deals but you have some ways for me tell me about yes if you want to keep up with all the deals text the word bells to the number three eight two two eight to receive mobile messaging also you can a shop bells for over a hundred thousand different products okay you heard it there go to bells and I have to say I noticed there’s lots of Levi’s and I know that you are you’re all about the brands a lot of the teenagers really care about these brands so Tommy are you the one stop shop for Levi’s and tell me about that yes leap bells is the Levi’s headquarters right now when you purchase a pair of Levi’s are gonna get an $8 instant rebate $8 instant rebate I’m telling you I can’t stop with all these deals so again go to bells and text text bells to the number three eight two two eight all right so go ahead and get shopping I’m gonna keep shopping back to you Mike why doesn’t that surprise means you’re gonna keep shopping out there Jen yeah it looks like you found some really great deals as well and isn’t it nice when you know it’s a little bit off and then they have another sale on top of all that too she was out there looking for all the great bar you just go shop Jen that’s fine I’ll tell you what for more information on that make sure you go to bells for all those great deals out there hope you buys me something okay coming up has your dog or cat been acting little stressed out lately we’ve got just the thing you need we’re talking the benefits of pet massages that’s coming up next and the pets aren’t the only ones who need help relaxing wind down with a nice bourbon cocktail never seen before it’s being introduced right here just in time for national Bourbon month coming up next month we’re gonna share some recipes a little bit later on [Music] nature connects art with Lego bricks coming this fall to the San Antonio Botanical Garden you know when you’re at Ross shopping for backpacks and mom also gets it back to school back that’s yes Phyllis Ross has the brand’s you want for back-to-school and it feels even better when you find them for less at Ross yes for Less the law offices of Fidel Rodriguez jr. have earned a winning reputation on behalf of our clients we have done that by being prepared and fighting in the courtroom for more than 30 years if you or your 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actually relieve somebody you’re liking this one aren’t you I think you’re my best friend on your new best friends oh lifestyle expert Sarah Carter is here and talking about pet massages yes so this is a great collection from the brand Pat well they recently launched them this year and they were collaborated with a veterinarian our dogs though relieve that stress not I mean they sleep they eat from anything from like 4th of July fireworks to you you know riding along in the long time in the car so there is that stress component ok and then they also can provide stress sorry muscle and tension relief from a long drive in the car or anytime they’ve done a like a long workout like a run or anything like if you take them for it’s also good bonding because dogs do like that that human contact my husband and I keep these on our couch next to our couch so if we ever sit down and watch some TV they’ll get a nice massage while we’re while we’re watching TV seriously yeah she’s spoiled Wow you got them wrapped around your finger and these are not just something that somebody dreamed of it’s actually worked with a veterinarian to design a collection that was specifically targeted to meet the needs of your four-legged friend okay we’ll start off with this one which is fairly massager and groomer so any if you have a cat or if you have a long-haired dog like this disaster right here it’s great to get their their Mane in check and and massage and brush them at the same time how’s this feel I love it okay you know she’s leaning up against me right now and they’re all designed for different say pressure points or this one is the neck and back reliever so you can see Stella’s already ready to get this going on her back so you can go all the way down the midline of the animal and if you have a larger dog they love this on the sides as well you see long strokes are short whichever you prefer and then now this one’s basically designed for larger dogs there’s a good sign so what like the neck and then also the back it’s two points at the same time that’s their dual point massager okay how’s that one feel that one pretty good yeah pretty good okay just you know give me a oh sit down is that a good sign here and then just the massage and great for circulation it helps improve their circulation as you rub it around their body so that’s great if they have muscle tension going on if they have any kind of injury it’ll help relieve some of that swelling and stress yeah where can folks finding so they are available online at love Pat welcome there on Amazon and they’re launching in Petsmart stores nationwide in September oh so it’ll be super easy to find approximately how much they’re all under $15 so super affordable great gift for your pet that is a good at you I okay this one is literally pressing up against me right now yes do you like this okay okay guys for this come on jar jar do I get it do I get a kiss for the massage is that what it is thank you very much good girl okay yes you can work with kids and dogs oh my god okay I’ll just keep this up right here alright under 15 bucks and if you you know great bonding too and even for an elderly person because it’s always good you know having a dog and a little bit of yeah as they age there’s gonna be more aches and pains so massage is a great way to get the blood flowing again help relieve some of joint pain arthritis any of those issues okay somehow fountains both man and beast yes okay well again if you’d like to find out more about these doggy massage yeah okay you gonna go sleep now you want a hot towel wrapped around your head there so if you’d like more information just download the SI live app and we have posted a link at si live and that section there on the app sir thank you very much absolutely thank you did you enjoy to to enjoy that Jimmy Thank You Stella okay we’ll have dog biscuits for you later I think I made a friend Tom at one on sa live more furry friends from the schnauzer rescue of Texas the benefits of introducing this cute and cuddly breed into your family plus it’s a try Tuesday in the beauty department see if I have what it takes to make organic bath and beauty products from scratch all things that you can find in your pantry in the kitchen that’s all tomorrow at 1:00 on si live we’ll see you then we’re putting the spotlight on people who make our schools a positive place to learn and grow its si lies back-to-school special in primetime August 22nd at 7:00 p.m. on case at 12:00 brought to you by sunshine cottage think fast this week carry out a large to topping pizza for just $5.99 only at Pizza Hut when you order online that’s right a large pizza for $5.99 hurry because this deal in Sunday just another reason why no one else pizzas too hot every one minute 59 seconds when you need help done is law fights after 40 years of fighting we know what it takes to win the Gummy’s law firm fights for you call seven three six forty forty finding a new vehicle is fun 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problem areas of the face and quicker as you’re gonna see because what he just did is rub a small amount under both eyes and in two minutes both of them are gonzo and I love that that it only takes a couple of minutes and you can see it I was ready from our counting office and said hey rich do you want to be in our new commercial and he was all excited too we told him what it was for and you can see from the he wasn’t too happy but at the two minute mark he actually smiled and we were cheering because we knew plexidrone was special now we’re gonna check in with Richie in just a couple of minutes but you brought some more before and after photos actual people have used this yes and there it is right there again not just the under eye bags but the forehead lines the crow’s feet the left lines are on your mouth on that loose skin you can get under your neck with the normal signs of aging Fiona or maybe someone that’s lost a lot of weight they feel really great about the weight they lost but then they get loose skin under their neck they’re insecure about their appearance again flex the derma is working on that as well the transformations are remarkable look at how much younger and fresher all these people look it’s an everyday people as you can see are using this product and here’s what they have to say I could have 20 the sleeping people oh he said oh you look tired I’m 58 expect gravity to hit so when I saw Plex the Durham and I saw the advertisement I definitely had reservations when I first came in to use the product and looking in the mirror I could definitely say it’s a winner and I think every woman in America would want to use it whether they were young and I’ve had bags from the time I was 28 years old 58 and weight from 75 to get the whole facelift but maybe with flexing I won’t need it when I first looked in the mirror I thought I was looking an 8 by 10 photograph of myself about 10 years ago and I think if someone is working with the public in sales marketing outside it’s good to have that edge I think likes it Durham and I do see the results why not give it a shot what have you got to lose good point John right not just how quickly it works not just how long it lasts but the fact that it’s just a cream that is huge no painful injection no expensive doctor visits I mean no surgery right I’m gonna bring up a turn people are familiar with called collagen and it’s responsible for us the city in your skin and over time as your collagen degrades I like to say gravity sucks to college and that’s why you get the sags and the wrinkles that’s why people always left some me every time that’s why people go for the painful expensive injections and now they don’t have to because like I said completely topical and as you’re seeing with Richie in the before-and-afters it works in minutes and professionals are backing this as well in because they even a makeup artist that uses it on me who I’ve worked with out in California has used it on her clients as well hi guys my name is sandy Marie Nazy I’m a professional hair and makeup artist and one of the number one question that I always get in my chair is can you make me look younger so we had a few people that we applied it to and some of them at first I was like oh I don’t know if this is gonna work and I was so impressed how fast efficient and how well it really worked now I could really say to people yes I can make you look younger when you have professionals like that using it on people and see right away time actors and actresses people I know in California and I get asked us a lot about makeup so real quick simple process for you on a put plexi dome on a clean dry face wait about 10 minutes then your makeup is normal that’s it like I told you before it’s gonna get you through six to eight hours of your day so a whole workday maybe special event at night so there’s a way for our viewers to take advantage of flexibility up to 50% off with free shipping Fiona all they gotta do is call one 800 695 m comm all right once again and go ahead take that step towards taking years off your appearance just call the number on your screen eight hundred six ninety three ninety two eighty six or head to Plex at armed calm next on sa live wind down with a fistful of bourbon no that’s the name of it we’re gonna share some great recipes in just a few minutes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] for all of your allergy needs visibily allergy and asthma specialist at ke sath coms health and wellness page sometimes bad things can happen and justice can be hard to find but not when you call the virial and vegan Texas law guns if you’ve been hurt in a car crash pick up the phone now and call 844 law guns you’re witnessing something very special a medley of exhilaration joy and satisfaction experienced only at the Honda summer spectacular event getting a deal on the Honda CRV with a standard rear-view camera is as delightful as it looks but don’t just witness these my friends 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anybody right we hope so yeah we’ve scoured the whole of the wonderful bourbon industry and picked up that bourbon can be sweet it can be floral spicy peppery and we’ve kind of taken all of those elements chosen the five best straight whiskies and then blended them together for what we hope is a fistful of bourbon that represents the whole category plus the pedigree behind us with some of the folks that put it together knows way back yes so fistful was created by our master blenders from Scotland you see I work for a Scottish distiller and it’s a family business who’ve been making single malt scotch whiskey for over a hundred years so they know what they’re doing when it comes to blending whiskey they know they do it okay we’re gonna start off kind of a just simple refreshing drink and then work our way down so what are we making over here this is a highball so perfect for a hot Texan summer we’re gonna measure out two parts of Fistful of bourbon and then really quite simply this is an easy one to make at home just top that up with your favorite mineral water or sparkling water so long tall the beauty here is that you really taste the Bourbon know one thing interesting too is you have a nice little grapefruit slice in there and that’s what you’ve been using all along and that kind of enhances that flavor of that bourbon yeah exactly since we’re launching Fistful of bourbon here in Texas I figured grapefruit and Texas have a little affinity so we’ll tailor it to the Texan market why not and that was not a any sort of a sweet mixture that you it was just plain old sparkling water exact thing so you don’t hide the taste in the bourbon okay so we’re starting off in this one is a this is gonna be an old-fashioned so if you would mind pouring a half ounce of this straight into there and this is a grapefruit oleo saccharum yep that’s perfect which is essentially a simple syrup made with the peels of grapefruit because the peels hide all of the essential oils so that’s where all the grape flavor is so much like a martini or Manhattan the old-fashioned is a stirred cocktail so I know if you want to do the og the old-school okay and then we can just strain that over the nice large ice cube we have in the glass set and the reason for the large ice cube is it takes longer to melt and so therefore it doesn’t dilute the Bourbon quite exactly and it maintains the integrity of the flavor of the cocktail which is fine throughout the drink there and I will just finish that one off too with it a little grapefruit and the next one of course you’ve heard about the mint julep before but this is your nice little twist on that yes I will start off by just putting some mint leaves into the shaker here and then if you’d like to go ahead and squeeze some lemon so fresh ingredients are always best especially when it comes to citrus and then I’m gonna go ahead and add another half ounce of our little great for it’s simple and then pour the good stuff in put the good stuff in here we’ll just go this one okay so proximately teapots yeah and then this gets shaken together did you like to shake or shall I sure and now you can find this not in stores yeah no sir Philip urban watches in Texas on September 1st and will be pouring all over Texas by then also you’ll find it anywhere and more information on the brand on some cocktail recipes Fistful of bourbon calm or at Fistful of bourbon or download our app on the iPhone Android Google Play and click on the as seen on si live charlie thank you very much thanks for having me it is wonderful thank you we’ll be back before you close on a car deal this weekend wait for Sunday for the best deals at Northstar Dodge Chrysler Fiat Jeep Ram an outdoor festival for all ages benefiting nonprofits ages style enjoy artisans food games and food trucks on September 29th at the sunken garden theater chef’s accessible official try centennial event tickets available at Good Vibrations Music Fest calm and HEV with University Health 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commissioned service techs call nine to eight cool today well this was pretty much the big back-to-school day I know few kids something back until next Monday but nothing majority the area is back in school so he’s a reading writing arithmetic in high school DNR says it was home economics those the skills you can use throughout life Dell says my favorites are geography history and theatre arts nice combination English literature loved to read to this day but reading Shakespeare is always kind of tough to the rhymed couplets and Rachel says reading I like losing myself in this story especially if the author author was descriptive enough that you could see the scene and even place yourself in an amen to that it is obviously just an art speaking of back to school we have our back-to-school special coming up this Wednesday evening live right here in Market Square 8 is at 7 o’clock and we’re gonna be highlighting some of those really really special folks that make school extra special for all the people that come in contact with them come down here to Market Square or you can watch it live at home that is 7 o’clock on Wednesday thank you so much for joining us Fiona’s gonna be back tomorrow we will see it 1 o’clock

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