Auburn Coach Wife Kristi Malzahn Agrees with Match & eHarmony: Men are Jerks

an inside look at the life of a person who lives with a high profile offensive coordinator of a Division one school that last year turned down three million dollars to be a head coach for a year and we know that day will come for him but today we're going to talk to one of his major keys to success she says his key to success not really but today it's a privilege dad Christy mouths on with us her passion however is that life is that God has given each other for them to walk alongside of each other in life she left the business world and now his focus on opportunities to serve and make a difference with a life she's done all kinds of there you go thanks my kids are just a challenge a minute and absolutely they're they're great but they're kids and they're out of my house thank you lord I'm enjoying the empty nest thing it's really not that bad so all you people who are thinking it's bad it's not so they come in and I'm like what are you doing here you need to go I pay rent on a house for you over there salvia that's good yeah I love honesty yeah Oh guess was like you know I was laughing telling somebody the other day we've kind of looked at writing a book called you people are freaking nuts life from inside the fishbowl because I still stand in amazement that anybody would dare to want my husband's autograph I mean seriously why but at the same time I'm looking at these kids going I know that they're special but at the same time these are the same children that you're excited to get out of your homes like me because their college and I'm ready to get them out they're just kids and they do stupid immature things and at the same time they have an incredible amount of ability and what our job is what we see it as is that were to take what has been given to them as their foundation some of them come with no foundation and so then we're charged with helping establish a foundation so that they know from this point forward your DNA is all that you have to say that you had no choice over from this point forward everything in your life is a choice your DNA's only thing that God just said that's it no choice guess who's like that's pretty cool we got to go to lose house and dr. Lu you know give us a little side note on the inside guess was way impressed and I kept saying he had to lift something there's something going on with his mouth I can't really understand what he say it s was like shut up but um since then you know I hear him and he it's he can't help it so but i guess was like shut guess is in the office usually by 7 15 in the morning is there this year he's been through a lot later it's probably about one o'clock in the morning and he's rolling in and sleeping and not very soundly and he's back up and this week I think it's probably been even worse no no pressure there don't know why he would do that but um you know a little film with him and you know that was so stupid why'd he do that you know and we he gets no grace there we're all three you've trained as well honey we expect perfection perform so Phoenix Auburn won the national championship game on the last play of the game with the offensive showdown yeah the office of showdown one so 20-point Emily was a family was in the room and what you said to Gus after they won the national championship on a field goal the door 23 points really that's what happened what are you are you serious that was our conversation and he looked at me seriously we just won the national championship yeah but this was supposed to be we're in an Auburn offensive showdown because both these defenses really aren't very good and 22 points what are you kidding field goal really and he tells this story he brought it up I wasn't going to tell everybody that he what he tells it all of his alumni people and thinks it's so funny that I'm psychotic but whatever I told y'all this would be interesting now you know it's true it's all right with Chris guess was like shut up gus was like you just had the hospital fee winner No Deal a bell ma'am Newton and obviously there there are few people that know cam newton like you and Gus Malzahn no cam newton why don't you tell us your thoughts about cam at a table with him the day that he was recruited and truthfully he was recruited for less than two weeks and coach chizik did not want him because he did not have a quarterback and especially on a JUCO quarterback on the plan and he called me crying the week before the first game and was you know whinin I can't make him happy and it just then like man you know I'm like yeah well welcome to my world deal with it yeah I guess was like michael dyer incredibly a lifetime of michael dyer yeah he's pretty good it's pretty good but he's you know I know York thought people I've read that does not boo him cuz he loves the attention i'm on twitter I've read that it's okay he has a little bit of an attitude he carries himself with a little confidence that we have to kick around every now and then but he is a great kid I guess was like and then we have shallow Christians Garrett Harper there tell us about he wet he was a traveling team person I'm not supposed to probably make a big dog fact that we had in the fifties scholarship players on that trip last week but it was a big deal to me that's not normal everybody ladies that don't know you should not have 50s as your number of scholarship players but we traveled with 50 and Garrett Harper as a walk-on showed up and played and he's just Garrett is it solid he's leading in a way that is drawn kids in guess was like we love you but I'm not just saying that blows Mincy marmot you know um he you know we don't have the meltdown because guess won't let the kids go on the best and you want to go shopping with the wives right now but I did anyway at the same pionship game and Judy still reminds guess of that you were so rude to her love that need that support every now and then but you know just women who came alongside to webbing mentor and say sure ma'am don't talk so much you know kind of thing but sure you know the Proverbs word yeah yeah it's good so working on guess was like and it goes to a place of questioning his integrity and his character and his intelligence because a group of 18 to 22 year olds did not perform on the field like they should have and if you've worked with kids if you've worked 18 22 year old individuals most the time they're not the most intelligent people that are out there anyway and it's it's depending on who said what and what girlfriend broke up with who and what kind of emotional state we come into it which I just I do at times look at yes ago we're the nuts because we're we're willing to base our whole entire lives of what they decide to do for the day so you know again guess was like you know I know that y'all hate man but we hate them worse trust me it's bad but people are like dying I mean they're killing trees AR trees they kill them over a game seriously people grow up but we I've got kids who we had our defensive coordinators children on their little league team a dad literally turned the kid around saw this last time was worth and would not shake his hand because he was an Alabama fan and this is the opposing team and I'm like and you're the grownup right again you know it's album and I'd struggle love it but you know guess was like what is your pregame ritual at recruiting recruiting two and a half hours before the game starts I love it all right so guess was like best are you ready best after game celebration spot Toomer's Corner addiction street never went to Dickson Street I've only been to sumers corner about three hours after the game so neither one are in the middle at all what was the University of Auburn's original name do you know it the what the original name my present now yeah I mean it's somebody so you just say you don't know it I don't know it's Alabama polytechnical history had Alabama in their name sweet that's why they changed it I don't blame heart who who will win who will win the game this year of Alabama and LSU personally I think Alabama will because I think they're more well-rounded but let me tell you after watching you know we played Mississippi State and then we watched them play LSU the next week and I called guests and he obviously was not watching the game was working and preparing for Clemson and I said oh I need to find a way out of that game because that's going to be their defense is like mm they're scary but then again it is LSU and every year they should be at the top of the pile according to my husband that's all I have to do is going to walk out in their braids go well it's like uuuu done you know kind of thing so it really should not be that difficult but they do struggle some and I think it might be because somebody's eating some grass or something you got to be a football fan to appreciate that now one final question guess was like guess was like shut up

32 thoughts on “Auburn Coach Wife Kristi Malzahn Agrees with Match & eHarmony: Men are Jerks

  1. Imagine that, a woman hates men….
    …and they bitch about "misogyny" and want women to "support each other" when they can't even stand each other

  2. Honesty: It's in our DNA because females select jerks to mate with. Trying to overcome it makes one finish last. Be a jerk.
    More honesty: This is her brain on toxoplasma gondii

  3. Listen ladies. We men are dogs. Even the most so called faithful Christian man is still a sinner and stumbles… almost every day. So keep that in mind and you will not be disappointed. And the guy that disagree with this… then I say, "get behind me Satan, before I beat the shit out you."

  4. If you search "ferocious disappointment and bannana flavored dildo in your mothers religion"………..Seriously, no joke………..Search it, and you will come up with exactly one result.
    This crop of crap offering (from some moron) will be the very top result…….As well as the singular and only result.
    All the proof you should need to finally understand that…….You are a (hopelessly lost forever moron), if you search for advice, and then trust the ass holes that promise you salvation.
    You are being used; Burn these fuckers to the ground if they continue to be so cynical.

  5. By the comments on this video this woman is absolutely right. And the worry is too many women think along. They're just happy with the jerks and put up with it like a duty.

  6. This woman was given the life most women dream of, and to say I am so glad my kids are gone, she should experience one fact, some kids never come back. a cop bangs on your door, are you going to bask in the fact you will never see them again?…to you Lady, you are selfish and I do not like you. As far as your husband goes, he is the success, you shame to say are just his wife, nobody wants your autograph, and quit acting like you are all that when you have done nothing but marry a successful man. Hey welcome to my world you BITCH!

  7. There are like 500 women to each man, because some women decide to let their boys be gay, trans sexual, or bi sexual tragedies. So either women become patient or raise their boys to be men! But men are the jerks, please don't add controversy to natural cognition.

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