attempting to give my hairless cat a bath

hi you may be wondering two things one why you just like sewer rat – probably more importantly why are you sitting in the bathtub I can answer those two questions with one statement I'm going to try to give my hairless cat a bath if you guys don't know I have a hairless cat they're called a sphinx that's their brain I love me some exposure gobble yep no he's not sick and Mike lost his hair he just doesn't have hair and I just want to do a quick little like PSA breakfast before I start this video my cat is going to eat this I'm just gonna put that out there but I'm not abusing or torturing or hurting him he's just going to hate it some sphinx-like bath time or tolerate it mine absolutely despises getting a bath but I'm not just doing this for YouTube or for fun sinks actually mean bats like weekly or bi-weekly depending on how quickly the oil mills up on their skin because since I don't have fur they have nothing to absorb the oils that come out of their skin so it just sits there so they need a bath moral of the story is Sphinx cats need baths I'm not torturing or abusing or hurting him he's gonna hate it he's gonna want to try to get out he's gonna cry he's gonna squirm but just before you leave any stupid comment like that just do your research and know that he needs this and before we get into the video my cat's name is Hermes but I actually just call them like herm or Herman shout out to Maya for basically renaming my cat before I go get him I'm in Philips about hear me he already knows oh my god meet Herman he already knows what's happening I'm putting this towel in my lap because he's crazy I have a scar on my wrist you probably didn't see it from the last time I give them baths yeah you can't even see I don't know what to do when you do adjust the camera okay okay oh you know I know water is so scary my dude no no police release Herman I don't know why this scares you so bad his chest gets really nerdy his little man who's oh my god the sales are so sharp oh my god my leg he's like gently stop screaming inside voices inside voices inside voices cat meowing cat yelling ASMR do it the one time I want him to do it he does yell at me yeah so does your cat like baths let me knock he might pee on me alright I didn't think about that one supposed to give to the vent and he was not happy about it he really did not want to go but I wrapped him in a blanket and let him sit on my lap and he got so nervous that he peed on me easier to do near a kitchen what good is it going to do sitting up there who are you oh my god someone please help me no oh he wanted a hug not today if you stay up there you're gonna get cold my cat thinks he's a parrot someone he'll come in do you realize what you're putting me through you're scratching me maybe sit and water with my clothes on it's a very uncomfortable feeling and then having your claws take into my skin in every moment I'm having a lot worse than you are right now and you know what I bathed myself every day you need to get it what once every two weeks and that's just torture stop why you tried this mess with me her if you were cooperating so much faster you know I don't know why he's like this not my chair I mean he looks so bad because he wants to mess it up ouch my leave and revenge I guess I don't know okay let me rinse you and me can be done how about so this is me and my cat I promise he loves me he was literally just napping with me but for some reason he despises bathtime and you guys just witnessed that I feel really bad posting this video because it's probably not gonna be entertaining it oh my god it's mine I'm not gonna be entertaining at all on this probably without actually gonna be really sad to listen to because no one likes to hear um a cat crying but see now he's chilling he's he's fine he just doesn't like water I'm gonna try to wash his ears later I'm gonna let him recuperate a little bit give him a few treats even though he doesn't deserve it because he was horrible you usually reward them with for good behavior and that was how a good behavior but I'm gonna do it anyway as soon as I feel bad I feel guilty guilty for doing something that he needs which is dumb hopefully he appreciates everything I put myself through so he can have healthy skin going for a bit I want you to live a little bit longer am i right hmm but I'm gonna learn cooperate a little bit and then I'll see you guys later bye ee okay so I gave her minh a little bit of time to recuperate and I just woke him up from a nap actually and I feel really bad but now I need to clean his ears and so I have why am i doing that's like I'm a beauty guru like so now I have antiseptic solution for cleansing but I got this from the vet clinic so I'm gonna use this to clean his ears and I have some gauze and I need cotton balls oh so this is my fit right now he's gonna hate me again bro he's like mom can you stop please just let me get a little bit he tolerates this a little bit better than bath time but he's still not huge fan clearly oh also do you like the big scratch on my chest it's a really good look mmm it's actually a tattoo JK do you think people get like scars tattooed on them like to look will be like yeah I got this when I was in a knife fight in prison do you think we won't but not before chew on that for a little bit that house hang goes chew on that like I feel like want to think about something okay so he wanted to leave so I let him out I tried to do his ears the best that I could and I think they turned out fine cuz I don't want to like get all the way in there cuz it's not good for them but you know just like kind of loosening it up a little bit so my cat is clean now that's great he actually looks really pink now that I gave him a bath but yeah this video was really stupid and pointless but I have to do it anyway so I was like okay I'm just gonna film a video because people don't see hairless cats all that often and they don't see them get about so I was like you know what also people a hairless cat getting about you're welcome but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video somewhat probably super boring but whatever like this video if you love hairless cats or if you hate them or if you have no opinion on them just like it otherwise you're a whore human being also comment down below comment down below what kind of pets you have I'm curious I just want to know I love animals so yeah also subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the notification bells you get notifications every single time I upload a new video follow my other social medias links are down below or at the end of the video and I will see those xn bad guys

39 thoughts on “attempting to give my hairless cat a bath

  1. My cat HATES bathes but if you pet her and calm her down she will relax and soak in the tub so try that! ?

  2. “I’m not abusing him or hurting him” (whole time the herm clobbers you with his deathly sharp claws )

  3. He’s or she is so cute and adorable all my friends thing there ugly!! But I’m like no there cute

  4. If your cats hates bath and can make them very stressed. Which isn't good for a cat. Hairless cats do need baths though. But cats with hair should not be given a bath unless absolutely necessary.

  5. 1 just give a hairless cat a washing with non harmful baby cloths 2 just be gentle i get some do it differently but i heatd it's the most easiest way just advise

  6. Tips for the next time you give him a bath so he won’t be as anxious
    1. Play with him for 10 mins before hand
    2. Cut his nails(it’ll save you from any scratches?)
    3. Put a towel at the bottom of the bath(yes under water) instead of you being in there with him. The towel is so he’ll have something to grab on to(to feel secure)
    This is what I do with my baby, and shes done better than with what I used to do(like what you do)
    I hope this helps!❤️

  7. Try holding the skin behind their neck like their mothers would when they’re kittens. I found that all the cats I’ve had seem to relax a little more and hardly ever scratched me. You don’t even need to sit in the water with them.

  8. I have 13 cats. 4 adults and 9 bebes LOVE THEM SO MUCH the are American Short hairs =) but Hermit or Hermin is so cute

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