LT LT yeah where we at right now we're at the gym now what are we gonna do get a shower the first habit for day Oh Dave oh it's so excited oh god I'm excited Yohe peepee hungry hotdogs what bring out dog right there dude wow this hot dog is really fucking good for nothing yeah okay what what what where are you going are you doing but give me a little fucking hot dog give me your hat give me your shirt really keep it sharp just for a hot dog thumbs up he's gonna wrap it give me your glasses all right ready hey yo look a door free hot dog whatever you do try it you always like this what do i do oh okay nope oh god oh oh all right I can't even do a handstand can you go level 4 I could try it oh you got it you gotta have fancy footwork oh I gotta take the camera and let you get in the action oh that's nothing the reason I was on camera because I can't see you did it you can't avoid this this is you all right here we go oh I love you so many people watching oh wait you can do it I can do it with the grandpa short what grandpa short all thanks to him in a million years ever happened hey there you go are you going for it hell yeah doing it fucking I'm having a cigarette do not try that shit I don't want to leave here tonight unless either Elton or our waiter crying it's gonna be one of them and I do not think there's not gonna be it's gonna be I'm not gonna get a pole in your living room the teacher like that Oh God I don't like this place where all my hair can you pick oh well I'm sorry your color and stick – are you jealous of all this luscious hair are you calling him Paul you and I – jealous of all this no I fired mine before quit you should do the same I think this guy one winner I think he's a winner it's this tight eh we running screams bitch okay Ronny Street okay who you gonna tell hmm this is my pet cat whiskers hi that's a wrap on the cat Frank Elton's shirt is look at that on Susie I'm gonna bring it and I can't like it alright no room I can go I'm going the art I'm going to the RV you guys are disgusting Wow ah thanks for watching make sure to LIKE and subscribe Oh look like the tip of a penis

41 thoughts on “ATTACKED BY A DOG?!?

  1. The first things Heath was excited about was a hot dog and a shower

    Not very surprised to hear that heath was excited for food

  2. I rewound the part where Heath tapped the back of his head and talked about the skreets like 3 times lmfao

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