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good morning good morning good morning happy happy Monday everybody it's the beginning of the week let's have a positive week get through it pat yourself on the back you got through this rainy rainy weekend and it seems like the rain it stopped for a little bit but I think it's supposed to go into tomorrow which is what I was reading something about flash floods tomorrow maybe again but this has been some crazy weather uh what do you guys think about this all I've wanted to do is sleep but unfortunately I haven't really had a chance to do that but if you have shut up to you for getting your rest on through this rainy weather because that's exactly the best time to do it um also I want to give a shout out to everybody who showed up yesterday for the Roanoke Fashion Week casting call we had a model casting call yesterday at sweet Union Baptist Church and we had it from three to five there were six judges there so shout out to all the judges and there were probably about 30 people that audition yesterday so shout out to them for coming out we will have another one June the 30th which is a Sunday as well from 3 to 5 p.m. and it also will be at sweet Union Baptist Church so if you missed it yesterday make sure you come out on Sunday June the 30th shout out to you for you know coming out also I want to give a shout out to all my birthday's happy happy birthday to you if it is your birthday today and also for celebrity birthdays I have Sasha Obama happy birthday to you I have faith Evans happy birthday to you and I have Prince Philip happy birthday to you and again if your birthday is today happy happy birthday to you I will be right back with my special guest so you all want to stay focused for her and seeing just a few stay focused these people might look similar to you some are patients and some are volunteers a lot of people without insurance are unsure where to turn at Bradley free clinic physicians dentists and others volunteer to provide free services to people who need them a healthy community depends on everyone if you don't have insurance we can help because we bring together great health providers and the people who need them Apple Ridge Farm our passion is to reach out to the underserved youth in our communities transforming their lives through educational cultural and outdoor experiences we built self-esteem through academic support and success and with self-esteem comes the belief that our children can reach their dreams at every table our job is to see the amazing seeds into potential in our youth until they can see that in themselves children are our future and effleurage Farm is committed to continue helping kids grow for more information visit Apple reorg today you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you know when I think back on it very seldom do two people connect on the level that we did the energy the magnetism and losing it led to an insatiable lust welcome to the booth [Applause] [Applause] our days with everyone great things so and what your body needs wine thank you guys for rockin out which girl Jason Thomas taste a lot of experience make sure you follow me on instagram and JC live ninety nine and she subscribe to YouTube page [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right and we're back we're back we're back with my special guest today Shona Hardy with pampered perfection Hey it is great getting to talk to you because I do not meet any dog groomers every day and I'm glad that we're having this interview because I want people to know that you're out there right but first I'd say I love those earrings thank you so let's talk about Shona Artie tell us about your journey well my journey started I actually started out in health care okay I went to school and got a degree in radiology mm-hmm and I went on in further debt to MRI mm-hmm and while I was looking for a job well actually was the Atlanta job you know one of the clinics at Valley View and then while I was looking for another job applications everywhere waiting and a friend of mine who lived next door was a manager at Petsmart all right she's like well just come out here why are you waiting just just to have something to do play around and you know work with animal cuz I've always loved animals my dad used to call me Ella Mae Clampett to bring every animal home all the time so I can't I'd be a fun job so I started in the head smart and stayed there okay so I absolutely loved it they took and they sent me to training at grooming Academy and that's about a month you come back home and you learn for two months I've been doing it for almost ten years this year oh wow that is awesome and sometimes let's just admit pets can be easier to deal with right don't whine a little bit you know people bite too so you know this animals are easier that is true so let's talk about your business though now do you just do dogs or do you do cats as well well I do I do have training and doing cats you you need a little more support you know staff help to really be comfortable doing cat so I do cats mm-hmm I'd mostly do dogs so I'm more comfortable with dogs and it makes any sense but I have had my first cat how was that it was great she was a kitten like you know that baby but she was great um if your cat's not scared of dogs you know some of them are some aren't she was not intimidated at all she lives with the dog so it's like perfect okay okay and do you do all dog breeds yes all dog breeds are welcome okay yes i love i love love loves at large breeds so I have a large breed myself he's in Newfoundland mix but you know small dogs big dogs doesn't matter pitbulls a lot of people have issues with that not me I love them I love all the breeze that's awesome and I bet you from from what I've seen that the pit bulls are probably easier to deal with them the shih tzus right they're more friendlier people but you know they're a lot easier to deal with you give me five pit bulls any day over one or two chihuahuas or something like that anymore they're easier to deal with okay cuz I used to have a shih tzu and I know how horrible he was you know he was just horrible and then I have a pug too and to get his nails clipped it's like the worst he's the biggest biggest baby but then I you know I could go into the groomer and I see these other dogs like the bigger dogs and they're just as calm and cool and collective you know but I can't knock those little ones sounds are more spoiled people carry them around they don't have to behave and the bigger dogs are being handled in people discipline they're more that's my theory on it absolutely so you've got all your training at Petsmart yes you've worked at Petsmart for 10 years is that what you said well it was nine years okay okay so when did you say okay I'm gonna do what I'm gonna go out and do it on my own it was last year around March mm-hm I'm just kind of I've been thinking about it for a while anyway all my clientele was like you need to do it all you and I'm like no I'm comfortable no I'm comfortable and then it's just March of 2018 it's just like you just hit me just take a leap of faith and just just do it you know I left the right way so if I needed to come back I could you know so why not do it now when you first left did you stay there part time and keep your business part-time or did you just go full speed ahead and strain into your business well I was there I got smart part time while I was fixing up the building mm-hmm and then once I started taking my first clients I just I left okay we just just jumped out there with two feet because a lot of times I ask people that we're working and then they go into business how they decided you know to really go forth with it because that's hard to do when you're dependent on that income it's hard to just say okay let me just do it you know especially when you're starting out your business that income isn't promised to you and a lot of people you know sometimes they don't understand that because sometimes people think when you first go into business boom you're just gonna make this money but that's just not the case it's not you do need to at least words of the wise just save up a little bit mm-hmm and then try try to do it but it was definitely a leap of faith mm-hmm because we had to go through a lot of zoning issues with the city so wasn't easy by any means it wasn't like oh I'm gonna quit Petsmart and just start my own business and roll with it right that was a decision that was that took a long time so that you know with the city and they worked with me the City Council the mayor it was you know it wasn't an easy process but we made it through it and finally got it done and then once I started the button the ball rolling it just kinda was like a snowball effect it just kept like the clientele just kept coming in I did have a large client base though okay so okay so that helped a lot hmm did a lot of them follow you yeah they do um and I didn't even have to get in touch with all of them it was just you know they would call Petsmart to try to make an appointment I wasn't there they found me okay they were find me on Facebook so that helped a lot that's awesome so yeah so tell us where you're located I am located on 32 27 Melrose Avenue okay which is right across the street from the Fairview Cemetery and Burger King okay so I really love the location it's a central location and it's a busy location no big sign in the yard so I've had several people just stop by and say you know I saw your sign can I make an appointment no and then I'm in the neighborhood too so people can walk there and come down and make an appointment walk their dog so I love it that is awesome all right everybody stay focused we'll be right back what's going on everybody boys I'm Pete and we're here for the take back our yard Cultural Arts Festival and concert series featuring hip hop recording artist trip Azure also of course ma'am coming all the way and doing that thing bringing the soul of music neffeteria hash will be in the building we also got mariachi band tricolor doing that thing and of course none other than from winston-salem the big homie DJ 360 will be bringing the ultimate day party get your tickets right now at Eventbrite check back are y'all coach Ross festival and concert series June 1st July 6 August 3rd beauty parlor welcome to shop top with lawanda wells please to me you these people might look similar to you summer patients and some are volunteers a lot of people without insurance are unsure where to turn at Bradley free clinic physicians dentists and others volunteer to provide free services to people who need them a healthy community depends on everyone if you don't have insurance we can help because we bring together great health providers and the people who need them I know firsthand the effects of sickle-cell anemia I didn't start knowing about sickle cell anemia so I started growing up and had friends that had it this disease that affects over a hundred thousand people in America alone my brother passed away from me my oldest brother at the age of 16 years old you you don't really it's you don't really know when it's going to hit because it's not just for me it's for everybody with sickle cell your loved ones my loved ones people we don't even know they have this up from this disease man and we can we can do something save their life okay can make it better you all right we're back we're back we're back more with sides right step aside sorry Shona I'm so used to saying this other song but Shona why is it that you think some people just really don't want to deal with pets well I know several people that don't like animals okay some of it is a from childhood and I know some of it's allergies some of it is allergies are some of itself they've been started from challenging and maybe they were attacked at a young age or spooked or something my dog or the neighborhood dog was just the junkyard dog and scared him to death I don't know but if they have a real phobia right of animals or some just don't like them no I don't need them I don't need them cuz you and I were just talking to when we were talking about how it's easier to deal with pets than people once you get to know them it's just you know easier it it it is to me it's so much easier right no they just you know they they just want to be loved a lot of them and just love on them in and they just easy to deal with you don't have to convince them all a lot to do anything more you give them a bad let them don't like bass and that's fine too but you know after the bath you like cuddling with the towel and they're calm down and they're like your friend for life exactly exactly so besides grooming what other services do you provide I do provide in-home dog sitting okay snow that's I've been doing that for a while anyway okay open the business also offering in-home dog sitting new people that need to go out of town and just want to leave the dog in the comfort of their own home mm-hmm of course it's a trust issue between me and the client absolutely key and everything here shortly I am gonna be offering boarding oh wow that's big boarding you know they're like a pet hotel kind of there mm-hmm you can just drop your dog off you gone for the weekend with no worries and you know in the future I do want to offer like a grooming Academy each others how them how to carefully care for their pets mm-hmm and even learn to groom mm-hmm so I would love to open up a grooming Academy oh I love that yeah I'd probably be one of your first we talked about that would be one of your first ones like sign me up please because you're right it's just you know to me it's it's just easier to deal with it's very therapy it is you know I find like when everybody drops off the animal and they leave and it's just me and the dogs it's just it's just wonderful like it's just era punic to to be there and I'm listening to music I put music on form – hmm and I'll sing to them sometimes very love it they cut it's like calming for them yes definitely therapeutic for me to sit there brush humming calm I'm gonna get my hair cut and then the finished product is it's also wonderful so oh that is awesome thank you for coming by and talking to me about your story thank you for having me I love it I you know and give them your phone number and Facebook page and all that stuff let them know where they can reach it pampered perfection perfection is pu r r fe c tion okay looking for us phone numbers five four zero four nine two three five four or five and you can call you can also leave us a message on the facebook page and i will answer right away within an hour usually I mean just call and you can leave a message and I'll get right back with you and one thing Shauna will do is if you want to take your hurt your pet to her she also lets you stay with your pet she gives you that option if you want to stay with your pet so that's good because I've been to groomers and they're like please just go already but she'll allow you to stay so you can actually see what's going on and get the feeling get to know her facility so definitely check her out any last shoutout soon again um I just want to shout out to the people that's been helping me along the way because it's not been a long journey my mom helps me out my dad is my fix-it man I have my two cousins on the weekend and helps team desire and and Mikayla thank you so much and just people just been in general my arts come bring me lunch you know that helps oh it's been a family effort so it's been been great my church family it's been a huge help so that's awesome now you're open Tuesday through Saturday corrected through Saturday okay all right well thank you again for being on thank you so much any time thank you all for watching today definitely if you have a pet check Shauna out all right until tomorrow everybody god bless stay focused you

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