Atomic Beam SunBlast Review: As Seen on TV Solar Light

this is atomic beam Sun blasts it's the solar-powered super-bright LED light let's check it out in today's review I having a quick overview here this is the solar panel here is a motion sensor and here is the actual light itself on the back you've got high and low settings here's what the double-sided tape goes and you can use these four mounting holes as well what I think is interesting is that if you use a double-sided tape you kind of have to select higher low before you mount it and then really if you change your mind you kind of have to pull it off there and change it and then the tapes gonna be integrated I would have put the switch on the outside somewhere that would make more sense you could just suggest it that who knows that's just me they suggest put it on a south facing wall which any solar light would suggest that because that's where you're gonna get the most sunlight and the best chance of it working so this solar panel is gonna charge an internal battery all day long and then when it gets dark and there's motion the light will turn on the light will stay on for about 30 seconds it does not work during the daytime because that's when it's charging and you don't need a light during the daytime so that in mind let's mount it and see how it works one of the first videos I ever did was ever bright which is an a/c on TV solar powered motion activated light sounds familiar doesn't it it died after about 13 months but I'm gonna put my Sun blasts right next to it for the Sun blast I'm gonna put it on I think I'm gonna put on low tonight and then the next night I'll put it on high that's why I'm not gonna put the double sided tape on I'm gonna use the screws because I want to take it off and switch that over tonight alright this is low so here's how it that looks I'm gonna get up there and switch it over to high and see what the difference is I left this kind of loose so I could switch it over whoa okay so this is high now I see a difference there is a distant lowing high I've seen a CNTV light so it's not much different in low and high there is a difference here now what I want to find out next is what kind of a range we have I've actually seen this turn on when cars drive by but I haven't been able to get to do it myself so I'm just kind of curious why sometimes it seemed like the range is farther out than other times so let's move let's mess without one zooming Copas I over there is my son aka the camera man I'm like 40 feet away I'm gonna walk out I'm gonna see if it turns on oh ha that's me walking on the sidewalk I am here on the sidewalk in front of the house and it easily picked me up I'm gonna go farther out next time and go on the street and see if it does it again you can see how bright that light is I mean it's it's definitely lighten up the area on high it's it's much better than what I mean low was the sufficient but high is actually much more impressive than the ever bright used to be all right I'm walking in the street and I want to see if this picks it up I'm walking there's Brandon the camera man walking didn't pick it up what if I get in my car and drive it that'll pick it up let me try that oh it just it just pick me up it just picked me up when I was running away it picked me up I was running from there to here that's a pretty good range next up I'm gonna try seeing how wide of an angle it is I'm gonna stand right here and I'm gonna move sideways and see what kind of a width the angles that right cameraman there we go 45s about 45-degree angle oh you know it's funny as the ever bright actually still has a tiny bit of juice left in it it just went off just yet but this tally being for someone far brighter than the ever bright was fact I'm gonna stand back here somewhere I have video of me doing that with it ever bright I'm gonna put it over here and compare the two of them how bright they are so we'll have ever bright from 2016 and time beam Sun blasts from 2018 let's see how that looks I really do wanna know if a car will trigger the motion sensor I'm gonna drive past my house a couple times and see if it works I Drive kind of in front of the house oh it just turned on all the way out there it just turned on oh you can see the atomic beam Sun blast a car a car – oh I passed my house and just activate the atomic beam Sun blessed are my final test I might take the atomic beam Sun blast and compare it to its cousin the atomic beam light angel I'm gonna mount it up here I can't leave it there because it wouldn't get any Sun but it's already charged for the day so I'm gonna put up there tonight and see how they compare I'm gonna use the double sided tape and when I'm done with this test when I put it back out front work it actually work all night long all right so here we go okay that's I think that's good again we'll wait for tonight compare the two of these the brightness the range and it'll also be a good test of how well this comes off once you've mounted how sticky that tape really is because I don't want to leave it here it won't charge all day all right my backyard I've got both the atomic light angel atomic angel atomic beam light angel or they call it and the stomach means some blasts mounted right next to each other I'm gonna walk toward them and see which one turns on first why is the other one coming on okay that was kind of a tie now if you want look at the brightness the atomic angel which is battery-operated is clearly brighter than the atomic Sun blessed tell me someone else is a lot brighter than the ever bright but I think between the two the battery-operated atomic Angel is certainly brighter now if you want to access that one batteries are back here so it's easy to change the batteries out on this one it does rotate also but again this isn't one another thing that you mount with the tape and it's hard to move once you've mounted it same with the tape on here which I'm going to take off later the other thing is I you can't leave this here because this is an urn even would never charge all day long let me try that test again okay they're both off but it's kind of walking around over here ah that was the atomic angel came on first now the atomic Sun blasts just came on but you really even couldn't tell because the other ones so much brighter Tomic angel seems like it's a little bit wider field of motion detection than the atomic sun blast which I wasn't impressive last night here we go okay now this time the Tomic beam some blasts came on first okay so it looks like it kind of depends on the actual situation I guess the distance is about the same because they seem like they're coming on like that one came on first this time that one came on in first his previous time so I think the distance is probably going to be about 20 25 feet what I like about the atomic sunglasses it's certainly brighter than some of the other solar-powered lights I've seen and I also like the range of distance of the motion detection what I don't like is that it's not as bright as a battery-operated motion detection light or a wired version and also once you mount it with a sticky tape it's gonna be hard to kind of adjust a high and low setting so I suggest using the screws to mount it as opposed to the tape which they recommend but I don't think the tape is gonna let you move it or adjust the high/low feature overall though I think that for 20 bucks for a solar powered light time-being some less pretty good that's only after a couple hours I think if you let that tape cure for a while it would probably never come off I'm gonna put this back out front where it will remain until it dies and I'll let you know when that happens in the end I think the atomic beams some is better than the ever bright it's brighter and it has a better range of motion detection I think for the price it's pretty good have you used a product like this let me know what you think in the comments below please subscribe for more acid on TV product 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49 thoughts on “Atomic Beam SunBlast Review: As Seen on TV Solar Light

  1. My everbright is working smoothly for 1year and 2 months, survived 4 months rain and now 38℃ climate.

  2. I went to Amazon but what stopped me in my tracks. was all the one-star reviews I saw for this light. It looks like it's a total piece of crap from what they say so I'm going to save my $40 and not get it.

  3. This sucks Only work for two weeks and was a waste of my money Got one more not used for sale ? junk junk junk junk never again ?

  4. I've bought some of the Sunm Blasts and the olight is pretty good. Unfortunately they have a problem. The Li-Ion battery (18600 size) don't have the protection circuit and the battery fails after too short a time.

    I've replaced the battery in two of them (and it's pretty easy) with protected 18600 cells. But, only recently so am reserving judgment of longevity for now but, am hopeful.

  5. I have never owned these lights but every light that I have owned similar to these was destroyed by rain finding its way in. I had a battery-operated light very similar to the atomic angel. The trailer I live in is rented but it has a lot of tree cover and just does not get the ideal amount of sunlight for solar devices.

  6. No need for double stick tap… USE VELCRO … Glue one half of a piece of Velcro to the wall and the other half to the light, now you can remove the light from wall any time using a flat putty knife to pry it off.

  7. The distance, while impressive, is a negative in my eyes. I don't want the thing turning on everytime a car drives by and likely my neighbors don't either. I want it to turn on only when someone is on my property, otherwise I'll ignore it because it'll be coming on constantly. Good review, would like to see a long term!

  8. I amazes me that this product is still on the market. After ordering the two for one offer on T V – One did not work. I returned it and was sent a replacement. This one would not charge the battery. One have it checked, the battery was leaking. I returned it and GUESS What – After placing it in the bright sunlight for a day, again it did not work. On checking – the switch would not switch On or OFF. It seems that you get a replacement of the first one that pick up in the Warehouse.

  9. What if u get a certain distance but have the light off on ur car since u have headlights it could maybe catch the light from the headlights casting a shadow from a distance. And what I'm using even though it's not sensor light it's a solar spot light only have color changing settings or solid color choice and regular lighting which is not bad that it almost looks as if I was using electrical.

  10. We don't care about the range, we care about how long it need to be charged to work through the night, how much sun it needs and how long it will last period

  11. They are really super bright but they have a problem the solar panel let water go thru and ruin the hall light water in never will function again thats the only thing that I found, I'm using them I inside my house so bright I'm not using any more my house lights, economy in my electrical bill, never put it where rain or water can touch them.
    Luis Martinez

  12. Finally got this today. I have it charging on my desk lamp. Haven't tried the light output yet.

    I've seen reviews of this light online where this thing died after a few months. I think you know what I'm gonna do.

  13. I bought 3 at Walgreen's 2 lasted one night and the 3rd lasted 2 night's . I called the 800# and you can't even talk to anyone about the problem . POS .

  14. Well I have owned it for just over 2 months. It WAS great, very bright light, easy to install and not expensive. I am in south Fla. so it gets VERY bright light even in 'winter'. It ran great…for 2 months! Then it just stopped. I have dozens of solar lights in my yard to light up trees and to add decor to my garden. I know how they work. I have ones that are now over 4 years old, still working on the same batteries.
    Others stop working after 6-7 months, just rusted out. But this one is all plastic, it was on a wall, barely got moist let alone wet, (it is the dry season now, so it wasn't rain/rust.) But it just stopped working. And when I removed it from my wall, the paint came with it!! Tried to recharge the battery in my own charger,not a fun thing on a solar light item!
    but it didn't charge. In 2 months it was dead. A VERY CHEAP no name battery.
    I threw out the receipt after the first month was over thinking it would work for years. So i cant return it, can't get a new one, or a refund…so..$20 for 2 months of light?? AND I have to repaint my wall, I used the tape strips…for just this reason, incase it didn't work, I wouldn't have two holes in my wall.
    But now I have 2 stripes of bare cement…have to match the paint at Lowes! Not cheap…unlike this light.


  16. Bought one and it does not work.
    I will be returning for another one soon. If anyone has suggestions for how to fix, I am willing to give it a try.

  17. I actually bought mine to charge in sun but use only in the house during power outages. The fact that it comes on by itself is perfect for the bathroom, cellar stairs ect. No tape/screws and just put in a sunny window to keep it charged up when necessary. Using it indoors…although obviously not their intent is perfect!

  18. You can also mount it using velcro strips so it can be taken on and off whenever. Looks like a really cool light to have. Thanks

  19. Not sure how everyone thinks this unit is supposed to perform, but IMO….it is a light that you put in a spot where at night, when you are walking up….it turns on…..lights up the place till you leave….and then shuts off for the next time….I think it is a pipe dream to think it could be mounted in an area where it could light up a back deck for hours while people party. It has worked perfectly for my application(of which I believe it was intended) .and I will recommend to anyone that needs that function.

  20. I bought three of these lights and I stuck them out above my shed door one at a time and they lasted exactly two days each they won't charge they won't come on nothing. $60.00 I paid at Walgreens for 3 lights. I tried calling the commercial when it came on TV and they will not give you the opportunity to talk to a person all their interested in it is your credit card number and how many do you want to get screwed on.

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