ASPCA Launches National Fleet of Puppy Interrogators

Oh brownie the one and only explaining this Mike their peanut butter dog treats your favorite and why do my favorite dog bones smell like pet store and pet store puppies maybe because I wanted to spend my lunch looking at adorable Chow Chows okay Wow do you know that most pet store puppies come from puppy mills and puppy mills are unsanitary overcrowded and inhuman you mean inhumane hey grammar police please stop spending any more of our money from pet stores that sell puppies okay I pledge I'll never again buy anything from a store that sells puppies thanks pal take the pledge today at know pet store puppies calm can you untie me now pal

27 thoughts on “ASPCA Launches National Fleet of Puppy Interrogators

  1. I know pet stores that sell puppies are not good, but where do I buy my supplied, like food, cages, toys for my dogs? Thanks.

  2. Ok, but what happens to the puppies that don't get sold in the pet store? They get put in the pound and then eventually euthanized? What happens to them?

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  4. Puppy Mills Need to Stop. Why are People so Selfish and Careless? I Mean Seriously? Do you HAVE to do This? Stupid Selfish and Heartless People who Care Only About the Life to Abuse. So Dumb. Don't you Think?

  5. It's one part of the strategy. It's a dual approach. Slam the mills whenever possible AND kill the demand for the mills.

    Kind of like the war on heroin. You sting the drug operation AND at the same time educate people not to buy. Killing the supply without killing the demand is not enough.

  6. But when you buy one of those dogs it might be one of the first time he has been treated with love and respect isn't that a good thing? Maybe setting up stings and finding the puppy mills would be a better way of spending the money Not playing guilt trips on families that just want the cut doggy in the window.

  7. Take a look @ one hell of a yellow labrador retriever named Finnigann.2.5 years old 160lbs and smart as a whip from a puppy mill.

  8. It's just a sad situation overall. You just have to think of the big picture and take comfort in the fact that by not buying from a store you're contributing in a way to help shut these operations down. You can just go to your local high-kill shelter (that sometimes get their animals from the mills) and rescue a puppy from there. We're putting down hundreds of thousands of pet animals in this country each year. Spread the word and don't let your friends buy animals, either. Good luck! 🙂

  9. Someone please reply with your opinion. I'm so torn, I'm all about animal rights, I'm all about adopt don't shop, but I always think, what about the poor puppies that will not be bought. I've heard some very sad things that do happen to them when they are there too long and not bought, I just, I don't want them killed, but I do want to stop puppy mills, it's such a catch.

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