28 thoughts on “ASMR with Friends! (ft. Gibi ASMR, ASMR Darling, Seafoam Kitten & Matty Tingles)

  1. Oh my god, there’s a cricket outside and for a solid ten minutes I thought it was a cricket in the video until I took my headphones off (it’s a very very loud cricket on my friggen window sill)

  2. I heard a noise in this and it inspired a semi-creepy poem. Feel free to read or ignore!! x

    A noise I heard, who could it be?
    Coming towards me
    at 1:33
    in the morning?
    I ready my fingers to turn
    on the flashlight on my phone
    and press my screen pressed flat
    against my pillow as I hear
    my door open, fast
    and with no caution.
    Who is here?
    My breathing stills.
    I turn my flashlight on
    and the face I see
    staring back at me
    is not familiar.
    it is not my aunt
    and is certainly not my cousin.
    I turn off my flashlight, and soon fall asleep.

  3. Your voice is much better softly whispered. First asmrtist to give me actual tingles I used to get with my old child doctor.

  4. It must be so interesting filming asmr by yourself let alone with a bunch of other people in the background

  5. I love how Gibi looks more like a lesbian than Alb lol, she looks awesome here, and I love that she is a street urchin lol

  6. All of these collabs are so great! Loved this. The star trek ramble/page turning was great. Gibi did great with her part and the triggers were nice. Darling's feather visuals and the calimba (?) were relaxing/calming. Seafoam's part got me safe and I loved the triggers. Matty is such a relaxing person, and the classy triggers were nice.

  7. I normally love Gibi but her overall tone when addressing Canada kind of rubbed me the wrong way :/

  8. Time stamps!
    (I’m so happy these are my favorite asmrtists ?)
    00:01 – 4:36 ALB (whispering and page turning)
    4:37 – Gibi (whispering, mic brushing, tapping)
    10:03 – asmr darling (feathers, kalimba)
    14:03 – seafoam kitten (fabric sounds, bag crinkles)
    18:11 – Matty (phone tapping, water sounds)

  9. I really loved the music part of ASMR Darling, I mean all parts where really cool, but that was especially nice

  10. We did it fellas, Banjo and Kazooie are in Smash Ultimate. We can sleep peacefully now.

    Closes eyes
    My brain: yo but what if sans is in smash

    ….dang it

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