ASMR Peaceful Garden Teatime with You☕ birds singing, flowing water sound

You’re just in time 🙂 Welcome to my garden~ Did you have any trouble getting here? That’s a relief. Won’t you sit down? Today, the weather is warm, and the flowers are in full bloom, so we’ll mainly have a teatime in my garden. How is it, are you pleased with this place? I’m glad you like it ~ Here, I’ve prepared various teas and cookies to enjoy with you. So, let me know if you need anything. And before you arrived, I infused one that I want to taste together. Would you like to try some? Okay. It is- this tea, The name of the drink is blooming tea. It’s terrific, isn’t it? Look, It’s the jasmine and hibiscus. Very colorful and beautiful. Umm.. The teacup is… I think this is nice. Are you satisfied with the cup? Alright. And… have a teaspoon. The tea is still warm owing to warmer. Now, what would you like to add to tea? Sure~ Everything you need is right here. It’s honey, maple syrup, milk, cinnamon, brown sugar and… lemons. Take your pick~ It’s a lovely choice. It smells good. I’m going to put this teacup here. It’s a little bit hot T_T I’ll have to drink it after cooling. Then now, we need cookies with tea. I’ll decorate a caramel apple cookie with an edible flower. Now select flower you like, please. This one? Pink? Okay~ Here you are. It’s sweet and delicious. Oh, Say what? You’re curious about that. Okay, hold on. This is a smudge stick. It purifies the air by burning the end of it slightly. The scent still remains in here
because I burnt it a few minutes ago. Do you want it? That’s okay. I can make one easily. All right. Then… let’s see. First of all… I need cotton yarn, dried roses.. And I need several bundles of lavender. Gather these…. and tie with yarn in this way. It finished! It’s so easy to make, isn’t it? Here you are~ You drank the tea~ Would you like to taste some tea or other tea? You want to taste other tea? I see~ Then…. What tea would be good? That’s it!
Let’s drink a tea-infused by ingredients you like. The ingredients are green tea, hibiscus, lavender, dried rose, and strawberry, and lemon. Take your pick~ You want.. lemon. And? Dried roses, and strawberries, too? Okay. Do you like sweet tea, don’t you 🙂 ? Me, too>-A

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  1. [Time stamps]

    00:00 Intro

    02:39 Greetings

    04:27 Tasting a Blooming tea with cinnamon stick and honey

    12:14 Decorating caramel apple cookie with an edible flower

    14:30 Making smudge stick with rose and lavender
    19:14 Choose herbs you prefer

    23:58 Making your own teabags.

    36:36 Tasting a herb tea with maple syrup.

    40:07 Embroidering

    00:00 미리보기

    02:39 인사

    04:27 시나몬스틱과 꿀을 넣은 블루밍차 맛보기

    12:14 카라멜 애플쿠키에 식용꽃으로 장식하기

    14:30 말린 장미와 라벤더로 스머지스틱 만들기

    19:14 선호하는 허브차 재료 고르기

    23:58 티백 만들기

    36:36 메이플 시럽을 넣은 허브차 맛보기

    40:07 프랑스자수 놓기

    00:00 プレビュー

    02:39 挨拶

    04:27 シナモンスティックとハチミツを入れたブルーミングを味わってみましょう

    12:14 キャラメルアップルクッキーの上に食用花でデコしてみましょう

    14:30 バラとラベンダーでスマージスティック作ってみましょう

    19:14 好きな材料選びましょう。

    23:58 あなただけのティーバックを作ってみましょう

    36:36 メープルシロップを入れたハーブティーを飲んでみましょう

    40:07 刺繍しましょう

  2. this is exactly what i was expected for an asmr video. Thank you so mutch <3 I love your voice, your personnality, the flowers, this cute sing of the bird, and your dress is lovely ( what's the brand of this one please? )

  3. Это очень эстетично. Смотришь и глаза радуются, расстановка предметов, цветовая гамма, музыкальное сопровождение – это все просто идеально. Вам нужно работать декоратором для больших кино.

  4. 部屋全体で黄色で統一されていて綺麗…。お花の紅茶、クッキー、刺繍、金髪の少女……。

  5. Myaling this is beautiful. You should be very proud of everything you create. I have several go-to ASMR channels but yours draws me more than most. Your style is just lovely.

  6. How about a collab with Myaling, Latte, and Ting Ting

    We start with A scalp treatment from Ting Ting,
    then a haircut/style from myaling,
    and finally makeup from latte.

  7. とても雰囲気が可愛くて最高?

  8. 歯が乾くん?舌で舐めるのだけが本当に不快。口元映さないでくれたら最っっっっ高なのに。仕草も音も設定も、、

  9. 【悲報】タイトルが読めない

  10. Nice video, you must be putting lots of effort in it. No doubt it is a high quality work.
    But here are something I think you can do to make your video better:
    1. Lower the background sound(birds singing, flowing water sound), since they are not the main character of your ASMR video, your speaking voice and the tiny sound of the item are.
    2. Use simpler language. As an Asian, I truly understand that you want to present your english perfectly, so I can hear some formal usage of english. But hey, just relax, it's a garden tea time! No need to concern you language too much, just be yourself and feel comfortable. Only when you feel relaxed, can your ASMR relax people.
    Anyway, you deserve more likes and subscribes. Looking forward to see more high quality ASMR videos from you!

  11. I love that tea pot and the little stand for it too with the candle to brew it! Can you please send me one in Canada?

  12. That's such a beautiful shade of blond you have! You could easily cosplay as Alice in Wonderland. And talking about tea is quite ironic. Lol

  13. Best visual content ever, I feel I'm watching a movie with all your videos, I'm in love, just amazing all your videos, so relaxing, so dedicated, so perfect.

  14. What a beautiful video! You put a lot of work in it. I love the atmosphere of the garden you created with the sound and the beautiful imagery. Wonderful!

  15. Honestly, the beginning of this is the ultimate asmr for me — deliberate steps, everything in its place, everything neat and tidy and quiet and precise. It's soooo calming!

  16. Это просто потрясающе!
    Очень жаль что нет русских субтитров, но даже без знания языка мне всё очень понравилось. Очень красивый образ, вы молодец! ✨

  17. 今回も日本語字幕ありがとうございます!

  18. The video makes me feel like it’s spring and sunny and nice! But then I look out my window and see the winter storm…

  19. Ah Welcome to Alice's Tea Party my dear please come and take a seat here I'll serve you with a cup of honey sugar tea(´∀`)♡☕??

  20. I love your video, very soothing and relaxing. I would love to have tea with you anytime. Having such a rough week , this video put me in a far better place in my soul. I thank you for that.

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