Welcome back guys 😀 Today, Trisha Paytas dropped in to join me on a cheesy adventure! She also recently started an ASMR channel! After the video, go check it out! The link is in the description 🙂 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! The cheese pulls are not strong today 🙁 Good news is that these are delicious pull or no pull! Thanks for watching!!


  1. I think Trisha might be the only person whos love for Mozzarella Corn Dogs matches my own

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  2. it's sad that people blaming him for not helping Stephanie out even though he probably didn't know the situation too well. It's nick fault for making her feel this way, Zach has nothing to do with what was happening.

  3. Hey zach I know you probably didn't want to be in between the drama that happened when collabing with nick and Stephanie but you should've said something just to lighten up the air or divert the conversation that could've changed a lot things that happened I'm not hating it's just I feel like a lot of unnecessary things happened which could be prevented

  4. Have yall noticed that whenever he’s doing a rice cake video, chicken wing video, or corn dog video he invites people so, people don’t start bashing at him about his health. But when he’s doing a video about some Chinese dish, he does it all alone?

  5. Zach instead of saying you didn’t want to be involved you should I stood up for Stephanie while nick was being so horribly rude to her over text. There are certain times you need to speak up for once

  6. I really like Zach cause he gives that real chill guy impression, but i also really love Stephanie and after watching her video i'm disappointed at Zach. (you should support her)
    At least drop Nik, he's a disgusting unbalanced person.

  7. Next time you witness someone getting bullied, do something about it! Your silence speaks of your character. You are just as bad as Nick.

  8. I have to agree with everyone else here,

    You should have said something.

    It was *very* obvious in those group chat messages what was happening and how aggressive Nick was.

    I am not hating, nor am I even angry. I am simply disappointed in the way you handled a friend being bullied, Zach.

  9. Zack, you might want to use YOUR VOICE to speak up now about the drama with Stephanie Soo and Nikocado because I’m pissed! I ♥️ her and I was a fan of Nik

  10. hey zach
    i rly appreciate you but i’m praying that you apologized to stephanie
    i know you don’t talk and stuff like that in front of the camera but if stephanie was literally getting bullied and being very uncomfortable because of nick i think you should’ve tried to do something
    i’m not blaming you bc nick is toxic and i would probably not wanna get involved either but rn i can see why stephanie wouldn’t trust you for a while
    thanks for not bullying her tho

  11. I know you might not want to speak up about this, but why didn’t you do anything? You saw the text messages step sent to both you and nick. You could’ve said something. Maybe just drop Hyunee and nick. And just leave it as that.

  12. You're in a tough spot but I hope you learn from this. Stand up for the people who are cornered and too scared and frozen due to personal issues to speak up. The only way I will forgive you supporting NA is if you support NA to go to therapy to get his life together and understand his wrongdoings

  13. Zach I’m lowkey disappointed right now. You was in GC w Stephanie and zach and didn’t even tell him to chill out on Stephanie.

  14. I feel so disappointed you could of said something but you chanted along with the rest of them not just that but you were also a bystander.

  15. Zach why didn't you say anything? You seem like a good person who would stand up for a lady, or was the video being made more important than her feelings. You just all about that $$$ or??

  16. I like the idea of those cheese dog thingies in theory but I feel like I would pull them off the stick almost immediately. Eating off a stick stresses me out.

  17. I'm just going to say this… At some point Zach, you need to flip that mute button off and speak up. You may as well be just as bad as the bully if you're witnessing it and not saying anything.

  18. Please do not make any more videos with Nik. He is extremely disgusting and manipulative and I don’t want to see you associated with that.

  19. Zach, you may not be understanding of what’s happening with Nick and Stephanie but she was seriously hurt. I hope you were not a bystander in this issue and stop hanging out with him. You should know better and stand up for someone who’s getting bullied.

  20. Zach didn’t do anything wrong why are y’all on his channel. Stephanie literally didn’t say anything bad about Zach. She is still friends with him calm down

  21. Zach you can't just ignore the fact that Stephanie is feeling so bad and hurt. You at least have to be there for your friend. Please do not support a manipulative and agressive person that is after hurting people and getting what he wants out of them for his own benefit. Be a great friend and show your support in one way or another.

  22. I really hope you drop Nick. He is a fake and disgusting bully. I also really hope you’re there for Stephanie as a real friend after finding out what’s really been going on

  23. OCD be like – 0:14 ?
    jk im jus kidding ?
    love this muckbang with Trish ?, and the iconic cheese corn dogs her fav, they look so yummy ?

  24. I know maybe your very good friends with nik but you have to stay away he is manipulative and I don’t want him to stress and hurt you Zach you have to see Stephanie Soo Video and don’t talk to nik. It’s okay to say no ❤️

  25. Why y’all keep bring up the conversation he prolly did say something after all of it. she prolly didn’t show the whole convo either

  26. I see people being disappointed in Zach but he really didn’t do anything wrong he was just quiet I know he should’ve did something but maybe he doesn’t wanna go through that too I mean did you see what steph was going through? At least he didn’t partake in the bullying part tho

  27. Why are people mad at/disappointed in Zach? We don't actually know what he did in the situation and we don't really know what he really could have done. . I'm not sure what Zach did was right or wrong because I have no idea what exactly he even did. Did he really stay silent or did he check on Stephanie? We don't know. So why are we so quick to judge? Plus, Stephanie has no problem with him (or least that's what i perceive from he video)

  28. I don't understand what you guys wanted Zach to do in the situation with Nick and Stephanie you guys seen how manipulative he was and how he words things in a way where he makes others in the wrong. In their videos you can't tell that Stephanie was trying to act a certain way so he probably had no idea what was really going on

  29. ?????????????????????????????‍❤️‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍??‍?‍??‍?‍?‍???

  30. If u were a bystander and watched stephanie be uncomfortable and watched nick manipulate her in the gc and irl the whole time, then i'm so disappointed in you. If u see sth wrong and say nothing about it, then ur just as in the wrong as nick. You "not wanting anything to do with it" probably did u more bad than good. I really hope there were things behind the scenes that we don't know of you supporting stephanie just SOMEHOW. Otherwise, again, i'm very very disappointed in you. And plz, don't ever collab with nick again cuz i can assure u, u'll lose a LOT of us in return

  31. Why are you not supporting Stephanie Soo right now. Are you really siding with Nick? Say something or should everyone unsubscribe. Don't let us down….

  32. I'm not throwing hate, but you definitely should have stood up for Stephanie if you knew that she felt uncomfortable in anyway. I'm not implying that you knew, but the fact that she was texting in the group chat and Nick was acting so manipulative towards Stephanie, you definitely could have said something and stood up for her. I love your videos, but I'm just a little disappointed in you. Please do not agree or Stan with Nick because what he did was genuinely so wrong and toxic.

  33. you are an absolute gaessekki, shipsekki sekki for sitting there while the green turd that is nick went to town on Stephanie, trying to break her just for views in nuclear noodle mukbang.

    you are utterly classless and devoid of humanity

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