Ask a Vet: How to keep your pet safe during fireworks displays

every Saturday on News six we team up with the pet alliance of Greater Orlando to bring you ask a vet your well pet I’m Kirsten O’Conner joined by dr. Don Keenan and we are just days away from the fourth of July which is always a big topic for pet owners it can always be kind of dangerous time actually for our pets so doctor what do you recommend there’s a whole range of things that can really go wrong here what are some of them yeah so the fourth of July usually means fireworks and unfortunately for some pets that can mean a noise phobia where they have a extreme anxiety to the sounds and even the lights of the on fireworks this can lead to injuries there have been cases where pets jump through glass windows or bolt out into traffic trying to get away from the strange noises and this can also lead to an increase in lost pets it’s one of the busiest times of the year for a shelter to take in pets yeah I know we do that story every single year so if you start to hear fireworks in your neighborhood what signs should you be looking for in your pet so your pet would start to exhibit signs of anxiety if they’re gonna have a problem with the fireworks that can be drooling panting pacing vocalizing shaking and even hiding or destructive behaviors and are there any precautions that you recommend yes so I recommend not to leave your pets at home alone during the fireworks if possible bring your outdoor pets inside and if you need to bring your dog out for a potty break during the fireworks I recommend doing it on a leash even if you’re in the backyard that way if something scares the dog you still have control and they’re not going bolt out of your yard when our kitty here has been doing some scratching on our desk here and that’s because he’s excited if you’re interested in maybe some medications are there medications available for the SEPA stress so since we are so close to the holiday if you haven’t planned ahead your options may be limited to help your pets but it’s still worth the conversation with your veterinarian they could prescribe some short-term anxiety medications like xanax to help your pet get through the holiday all right well thank you so much dr. Kenan for all of your advice and joining us and remember if you want to get connected with the Pet Alliance and see all the great animals up for adoption just head to click Orlando comm and click on the lifestyle tab

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