Asian dad takes care of Dog

I don't even know what you're looking how sticky you pull my house mcdead all right you police I don't care till you know more running running smell smell the money remember the snail oh boy no feet like get your shoe off [Applause] hey you pick up what this is too many dogs in this house already I can't sleep Dalton all right then I'll see you in a few weeks bye thank you I'll miss you boy dad you know what Dad I'll visit you tomorrow how's that sound I was not talking to you but weasel I'll talk to her adopt you you know what hello him he's my god I hate you you tell about her son of bitch I don't want your sponsor Oh

20 thoughts on “Asian dad takes care of Dog

  1. Chonn's dad: I'll miss you ? I'll miss you boy.
    Chonn: Awww dad. You know what? I'll visit you tomorrow.
    Chonn's dad: I was not talking to you. You F*** piece of S***! ?????

  2. You know what would of been funny, if the scene he said go find money and jack comes back with a ? tied on his back full of money ?, ?

  3. The dog is like…………."Am I gonna have to spend the rest of my life with this retard, fuck me…………………

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