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there was a little cartoon in the paper not all that long ago and a grandpa was talking to his children and the children was trying to get grandpa to go ahead and make some funeral plans so he said while my first wife was buried on the west coast new wife now was in a central part of the country and so the kid said well you know you could be cremated you could have half your ashes out with your first life and you could have the other half of your ashes with your second grandpa got this smile on his face because he said so for the first time in my life I could be two places at once when I started in this work the cremation rate was one and a half percent those of us that will survive in the future are the ones that had been able to it become adaptive when a family comes to us and says you know we would like to have our horse out in front of your building a live horse because our daughter son was a horseback rider we'd like to have the harley-davidson brought into the building and we'd like the ashes to be placed inside the saddlebags we don't raise our eyebrows and and look as though this is really unusual we look at how do we make this happen so this what you're seeing is really an evolution well this is our Bradshaw celebration of Life Center this is our new concept or where we see the future or the future funeral service going up until now there has really been only one type of cremation and that's the kind that most people are familiar with which is flame based cremation there was a new type of cremation that has been developed Green cremation basically is a water-based cremation we're the first in Minnesota and the second in the nation to offer it I think for me being the operator of a Crematory it's something that's very personal and living here in a small town we end up knowing a lot of the people who we serve I remember one case especially where it was a father and the his son had died in a car accident and we didn't have the viewing in this room it actually took place on the other side which was never the intention and the father said can I come around and actually help you place my son inside for him it was I was there when my son was born and I'm gonna be there in the very end it's really a big deal to be the last person that's there and performing kind of the final act Oh barium is a place for cremated remains each individual unit is called a niche niche well those are all urns that fit in any of our edges probably going have more in the picture in twenty years ago but figure it out anyway yes this building just under 30 million oh okay how expensive are these I think the board's taking a cut on this I think we would all be surprised to learn just how many people retain the cremated remains at home yeah that's amazing no and he said it's a lot cheaper well yeah but then if nothing gets done with them and that person should pass on then what happened what information does allow is for procrastination yeah I guess you're right that's kind of weird yeah I won't keep any of your ashes because you're helping me that's really something that's amazing okay Joyce's and I'm certainly sorry my simple things of course yeah when are you gonna put my wish ashes now maybe you know that already they do you've got mom's cookie jar you know her antique Chinese Potter I mean people get very creative one of our female directors on staff here was actually it was at Disneyland and was on the Space Mountain isn't that Disneyland Space Mountain right and somebody was ahead of them on the roller-coaster scattering their loved one off the roller coaster and he's not kidding so yeah I mean everything is fair game at that point that taste alert new company turns dead people into ammo one pound of grandpa's remains is enough for a case 250 rounds of 12-gauge shotgun shells there you go $1,250 Holy Smoke LLC will take care of it for you Earthrise service base flight with returned to earth starting at 995 launched to lunar orbit or the surface of the Moon 1250 and then the ultimate Voyager service launched into deep space the Celeste's earth rise memorial service launches a symbolic portion of cremated remains to outer space onboard a powerful rocket and gently returns the precious cargo to earth creating a memorial keepsake some families will create a shrine some people I've known where they've taken the loved one and put them in the car put a seatbelt on and take them for a ride or another person might put them the ashes in bed with them and say goodnight honey in other words they create a false reality you know even though somebody might rationalize this it's still not rash in the sense that you know they're not here this is just ashes this is not them does the urn look okay and everything okay good I like that one and we're just getting the coffee going right now on everything 65 yeah that's a pretty good run yeah all right they say your guests are starting to arrive so I'm gonna go ahead and put on the video now that's okay there is kind of the spiritual sense in scripture that says ashes to ashes dust to dust we must return there comes a point when we must surrender we must let that person go I had several cases where several women maybe six seven months after their spouse died who had developed cancer and other serious illnesses because they had not let go cremation yes gives people a bit more liberty not to rush yet it is very important that they do something I chose cremation mainly because of the expense of a funeral and our thinking was such a waste people buy these big caskets I put them in the ground and in time they do deteriorate so I figured this would be the only way to go I also am gonna be cremated so we'll be together of course we live our lives not terribly mindful of the fact that we are gonna die it's an easy thing to ignore as far as liking the options burial cremation by fire or cremation with use of water like any of them that's the bottom line I told my wife that if I die and it's possible I want her to bring me home lay me out on the kitchen table she's got to wash me and dress me and I'd like to be buried directly in the ground without a vault like my body to sort of become part of the cycle of life again if I were to die at this point my my preference would I'm still making my own choices and it would probably be between burial or green cremation I suppose right now if I were to die rather suddenly I would be my full body would be buried in the ground and I would not be cremated we're not advocating doing one or the other and there are discussions out there about new traditions and such like this bottom line is is we all have different traditions and we so it isn't like we all have to follow one path in a boring country if we all follow the same path you

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  1. This is just stupid stop the smoke but waste the water plus to heat the water for 12 hours waste of energy either way..

  2. My first wife buried on the West Coast & second wife buried in the heartland. How about you bury me on the East Coast.

  3. So in short its a business on dead bodies. So sad to see how much money is wasted on it, embalming (horrible disrespect of the dead bodies privacy), pollution, just wash your dead, put clean clothes on them and bury them 6 ft in the ground without a wooden coffin. It fertilises the soil without causing air or land pollution and saves money. Do it the Muslim way

  4. My friend said he wants to be buried face down with butt raised so the whole world can kiss his ass!  He's something else! lol

  5. My Grandad was cremated. See, we have a huge backyard at our house, and he always loved taking walks with his dogs outside. My family decided that after he was cremated, we would let him rest where he truly felt at home. We mixed his ashes with potting soil and grew a tree right next to the place where his dogs were buried. It was what he would have wanted…

  6. I’m a crematory operator and sometimes do work with a local chiropractor who is a fireworks hobbyist. He can take the cremated remains and incorporate them into fireworks.

  7. I have already chosen cremation. I told my husband he could do whatever he wants with my ashes, but just don't flush them!!

  8. When my Grandma passed away she got cremated in Japan. But they cremate a dead person with the coffin and it’s weird cause this video cremated the dead body without a coffin. After my grandma got cremated the ashes and bones will be placed in the box but the family are the ones who’s gonna put the bones in the box using chopsticks I find it really weird cause they have to use the chopsticks.

  9. Cut my head off…cremate my body and mix my ashes into plaster.. mold the plaster into a penis then shove it in my mouth…bury my head

  10. The guy wants you to be on kitchen table washed and burried directly in the ground this guy's definitely been watching my friend Caitlin doughty utube channel ask a mortician..

  11. For the first time in my life I can be in too places at once… Fake story if you where cremated you wouldn't be alive grandpa was wrong

  12. I want to be cremated. My 16 year old daughter wants to use me to plant a tree. That was a new one. I regret burying my brother 13 years ago. I wish I'd been more informed.

  13. Wow, are staff in the USA really not wearing any face filter masks when opening the DUSTED containers after cremation??? It s very damaging to the LUNGS if you inhale the fine bone dust daily….in Germany safety masks for cremation staff are mandatory:

  14. I’m 15 and I’ve already got some AMAZING idea of what I want to be done with me when I die in (hopefully) 70 years from now

  15. What people don't realize is the body is merely a shell. YOU… The person you are, lives on in a completely different dimension. Heaven or hell. Choice is completely yours.

  16. How about choices, we now have different choices for how we are disposed of. Cremation cost is still a money-making business as well, it shouldn’t cost that much. Myself , I chose cremation. I made those arrangements and started making easy to Handel monthly payments and everything is taken care of so no one will have to deal with it when I die. If my daughter wants to have some sort of memorial service that will be her choice. I told her I really didn’t want my passing to be announced in the paper or anything but if she wanted to she could but , I really saw no need.

  17. Gonna be dumped into a volcano when I'm gone and dead.
    After they take whatever organs I have that may be of some use medically or scientifically.
    Simple as that… dunno the legality of it but I hope to have friends that will do such a thing for me by that time.

  18. They laugh over ashes in the garage….but….yeah my great aunt, my mom and a small urn of my aunt (they'd split her to share O.o). Literally no one said what they wanted done, so someday I have to do something….but yeah that whole procrastination thing I guess.

  19. Id like to see a live video on site of the Rocket blasting off and seeing the Urn come off the rocket into space… I just don't want to see it blast off and just wonder…

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