As Seen On TV Products: TrueTouch Pet Glove

it's asking on TV week here on cbs2 news and tonight we're putting another product to the test yesterday we had a winner so see what happens today CBS 2's Elsa Ramon is here to show us a pet grooming tool that claims to eliminate the mess of dog and cat fur oh yes if you have pets you know for everywhere right they come to work with you sometimes unintentionally on your clothes this As Seen on TV product is called the true touch five-fingered e shedding glove and we put it to work on some very furry volunteers okay Chad so if you have a cat or dog at home you know how difficult it is to keep the fur under control in the house absolutely on your clothes your furniture your boards well this As Seen on TV product the true touch five-fingered e shedding glove claims to minimize all the fur in the house and keep the house clean and when you're done simply pull the hair off and throw it in the trash ready to try it absolutely let's do it Paul works animal rescue and adoption organization in Thousand Oaks agreed to put the glove to the test today we have Wilma so she's ready to try it your pet will enjoy a relaxing massage while the over 180 soft silicone grooming tips reach deep down to loosen and lift away hair at first Tim and Wilma seem to enjoy the touch of the glove but the glove wasn't catching all of her firm okay so yes I do notice some of the fur flying around a little bit little bit little in your mouth on your mouth the Fivefinger designed contours to reach all the places hair hides like behind their legs under their chest in their tails and around their face without fear I think I have as much hair on my shirt as I do on the glove right so she's not exactly loving the glove let's try another pet who's up next let's do Tiger the cat noticing its pulling the hair out it sure is right away better than on the dog not sure he's exactly liking it though just like Wilma Tiger resisted extra pressure to dig deep into his coat they seem to be fine the softer I am the harder I touch them they can start getting scared and tigers fur went everywhere we got a lot of fur on us now I know how you feel okay so why don't we move Tiger out and should we try a bigger animal with a lot more fur Zeus a very furry husky gets a brush once a day I feel like I need to cut my hand a little bit to like kind of grab it right but as you can see I mean that's definitely pulling out some hair right and in the commercial itch it doesn't show all this fur flying around okay so after trying the glove on all three pets is this something you would buy I don't think I would but you're definitely less definitely good amount of fur all over the glove yes and ourselves a lot of fur here it is although our tester didn't think the glove really kept the fur under control he didn't have for a problem sending kids outside to do the job with a dog because then the fur can go everywhere outside but it did do a good job at shedding some of the hair and pulling it off but I got to tell you the best part about this glove it works great getting the fur off of you off your clothing maybe that's the play maybe but yes so an assistant seem to like it too much Elsa no the harder we pressed on them they didn't really seem to like it but it did get the fur off it just didn't keep it all controlled in one spot on the glove like we saw in the commercial Oh cats are not gonna be cooperative anyway regardless what you do well it depends on what you offer them wasn't that that wasn't it okay Thank You Elsa

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  1. Yes they are great. I brought one for 5.99 at

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