hey everyone it's Miranda welcome back to my channel if you're new here hey for the first time why don't you subscribe become the newest member of the slash squad here I review products you won't feel guilty buying a new look so you can actually recreate at home today is yet another installment of testing a hair removal device that's right today I am testing the as-seen-on-tv finishing a touch of flawless brows so after my first two videos that I did with this brand testing out their hair removal tools a few of you had commented asking if I would try the new brow tool I had mentioned in my video where I tested the finishing touch flawless facial hair remover that the head of that device was just a little bit too big to really get underneath the brows to clean it up and in the area around it so when I found out that they had a brow tool I was like yes please we need to try it so the brand is yet again sponsoring it this first impression test a video so thank you finishing touch flawless but I'm gonna be honest because my brows are like my prized possessions so I'm really hoping this works out and we'll find out together so there is the packaging and here you can see it's definitely a lot slimmer and a little bit taller than the other facial hair removal tool just gonna open the box for the first time okay so here is the finishing touch flawless brow tool now that we have it out of the box and it comes with one triple-a battery which is all you need to power it wow this is really cool okay let me show you the tip here it almost looks like a crayon or something we have a very precise tapered tip which i think is gonna make you know getting precise movements really easy and really getting up close to the brow to shape it again we have the 18 karat plated rose gold so it makes it look very luxurious with the cap on it looks like any type of like luxury makeup item it does have a built in light right next to the tip to help you see what you're doing and here is what it sounds like when it is on you can see the tip light up so just like the other finishing touch flawless hair removal tools this is supposed to be gentle on all skin types and hypoallergenic so that makes it great for sensitive skin specifically I actually do have very sensitive skin around my eyes so that is thing that I consider when I do my brows and what tools I use to do them and just like the facial hair removal tool this one is dermatologist approved so that makes me very happy now my brow routine usually does consist of plucking straight brow hairs which isn't very comfortable but I found it to be the most effective to get that clean look but this is supposed to do the job painlessly so I'm very excited to see how that works out so let's stop talking about it let's just try it let's see if it works I've been very happy with my other two finishing touch flawless products so if this one works out then we've hit the trifecta so here is what we're working with I actually haven't really touched up my brows since I did that last brow routine video because I wanted there to be a difference when I used this product I really want to see it so as you can see we've got some straight hairs underneath we've got some strays on top that I'm gonna look to clean up with this product unibrow is looking okay though so so they say you to just hold this like a pencil and see it work like an eraser so let's go who okay so underneath is so smooth and clean it feels like I plucked but it didn't hurt at all I would definitely say just this first use I have better results right now than if I used a razor because I don't see any visible roots to wear hair is used to be but it definitely did not hurt like plucking does I didn't feel any pain whatsoever that is really cool I'm gonna get a little bit more right up here well I'm really happy with that so I'm definitely seeing that it's best to work in the opposite direction of the hair growth and it'll pick up the hair pretty fast that way all right let's do this brow next well that was fast okay the skin just feels so smooth after you use one of these tools that's what like blows me away is that it's not like ripping anything you don't feel any like pain but the after result feels like you just waxed Wow well that was a fast test but yeah it works so I'm gonna do my brows off-camera really quickly and I'll be right back okay I'm back my brows are done they're looking great that was short and sweet this works so I think probably the best part of this is that it was actually able to get even the small stubble that I had around my brows which means that you don't have to like wait for your brows to get unruly to touch them up with this a lot of other brow tools that I've used if they weren't plucking my hair out I was still left with visible roots and that was not the case with this and as someone with dark brow hair that's really important for me for my brows to actually look precise so the finishing touch for this browse is only $19.99 I will leave the link to buy online below I'm really happy with how my brows turned out I did even bring my arch up a little bit higher on both of my brows just to you know really test this out and they look great I mean in my opinion I know that some some of my viewers have differing opinions about my brows but I think they look great and they're just looking clean y'all they're looking clean so yet another finishing touch flawless product that I'm all on board for for me I actually think this is gonna be a lifesaver when I am having sensitive skin around my eyes because it's not all the time but when it happens I feel like I can't clean up my brows properly whether it be with razors or tweezers because it just makes my skin more irritated but with this it's gentle enough where I can at least groom my brows without making things worse so I'm actually really excited to use this as part of my routine when I am experiencing that alright even now is the finishing touch a flawless brows again $19.99 a few of you asked me to try it out and I say it works let me know your thoughts have you tried any of the finishing touch of flawless products that I have tested here on the channel let me know in the comments below if you haven't already it please hit the subscribe button become a member of the slash squad if you've done that high-five hit the icon so you know every time a new video goes live I'll see on my next one bye


  1. Mine has a button, not a switch. And when I press the button the light turns on but the thing itself doesn’t turn on. HELPP?

  2. I'm from the UK receive the product and used it today it does work and it works really well I absolutely love it

  3. Your eyebrows are better naturally , and it's clear to see that this tool doesent work you're just advertising this product beacause you're paid for

  4. On what planet is this a review if it’s sponsored? It’s a commercial. Deceptive this woman has no credibility.

  5. I just used this. It’s garbage. It looks like I used a razor. I have thick eyebrows so…..yeah it’s a NO for me.

  6. Why do women put liner on their brows if they have nice brows already? I just don't understand why women want to look like clowns and drag queens.

  7. Lmfao every time you go over hair in the video it’s still there but every time the video cuts off you come back without the hair saying “wow this works” bs.

  8. The first time I had a bad experience with a dealer I sold the fake product and then I bought the original eBay product from this seller and it was a great experience

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