Aruvam Tamil Movie | Catherine Tresa buries dead dog | Siddharth-Catherine Tresa first meeting

‘Few months before’ Aiyo!! It’s stinking to high heaven
What is the point of holding your noses? Why can’t one of you
go in and check? ‘Who’ is the million $ question! Someone go and check
I want to pee badly I feel like giving you an earful Why can’t one of the men go in? You like kindling the fire
at the worst of times! Teacher, shall we both go
hand in hand and see? You are a bigger pain
than this stink! Move aside No one needs to take the trouble The right person has arrived Who? You know ‘Anosmic’ Jothi She doesn’t have
the sense of smell from birth Let her go in and check
We can watch the fun from here Sir, why are you standing here? Nothin- Such a stench from the bathroom No one is willing to check I believe you don’t have the sense of smell We thought you could go in, check
and let us know the problem ‘Bloody she-devil!
You told the whole world, huh?’ ‘You’re dead meat!’ Okay, sir – I’ll go in and check
– Okay ‘The stink is making
my intestines somersault!’ You’re carrying a dead dog
like a new born baby? Isn’t this also a living thing, sir? I’ll call the Corporation department
They will send someone to bury it No need, sir They will trash this dog
with all the other rubbish I’ll do it Do so before the D.O arrives
God bless you, dear See you ‘Only this ‘anosmic’ Jothi
can carry a dead animal’ ‘We can’t even lift a dog
that is alive and kicking!’ If I ever have another birth …I wish to be born only like you Because your sense of smell is acute Only I know the emotional trauma
I go through with this anosmia India’s future is in
the beak of my parrot! Pick a lucky card for Damodaran
who has come in good faith to us ‘My dear Sudhandira Devi’ ‘Don’t hesitate’ ‘Pick one’ ‘You won’t pick
without getting your due!’ Kubera the Lord of wealth
has come to clear your confusion From this second every step you take
will give you the right break! You are used to walking
in the sidewalk now You’ll be soon whizzing past
in a Benz car in style next month Hereafter you- You can go now
Pay me, I say Good morning, madam
Please sit down – How much for parrot astrology?
– Rs 20 How much is the parrot? ‘Whaaat?!’ – This parrot is not for sale
– Then I won’t spare you Born with 6 senses and you’re torturing
a bird that has only 3 senses ‘Lying through your teeth’ ‘Wretched fellow! You feed
one single grain and mint money’ Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Poor thing! Not knowing its future
it got stuck with a brute like you You use it to predict
other people’s future, huh? If you have the guts, why don’t you
go in for ‘tiger astrology’ instead? ‘- Good lord!
– Can you?’ Even if you do, will you
be able to get any sucker? Moron!
Blockhead!! You’ve named her ‘Goddess of Freedom’
and you have her caged like this, idiot! Freedom doesn’t apply only for humans Meant for all living things My dear Sudhandira Devi Why are you spoiling my livelihood? You’re torturing a life
and taking the spoils! Instead of that you can- “In that single sweeping glance of hers” “She uprooted me; for better or worse” Hello…what? Amazing…soooper! Not just you
All your good deeds I know It is atrocious on my part to talk to you
in the middle of the road like this Unfair actually In a nutshell
I’m going overboard But I really like you very much Shall we get married? You aren’t saying a word Did I say something drastically wrong? Of course it is wrong That too asking this of
a mother of 2 kids is a crime! Wait, mummy is coming For housewives like me …dropping and picking our kids
from school is our only freedom And you had the gall to ‘…put a spoke in my wheel!’ Wait…wait ‘Mummy is here
Shall we go home?’ ‘Get up
Let’s go’ – ‘Why so late?’
– 1st listen to me Very interesting scene today I was walking back
after my service as usual One silly idiot was following me Not knowing I turned left
and he was right behind me And then…? Within few minutes into our conversation
he wanted to know if we could get married! I was shell-shocked I almost thought he would take out
our wedding chain from his pocket! Over-enthu idiot! Guess what I did – I’m your blood, right?
– Naturally! ‘Listen, bro, I’m already married
I am the mother of 2 kids’ As soon as I said ‘amma’
you should have seen his face Was it this face? Divya, isn’t this the ‘mummy’
you saw there? – Yes
– Aiyo! I blew it big time, huh? You’ve told all the lies
you could think of I’ve been as truthful as possible I’ve even decided
he’s my son-in-law His name is Jagan If he needs an introduction
he is height of purity! We studied together
in a traditional Hindu school ‘We have no family of our own’ I am there for him
He is there for me If you agree we can add
you and your family What else can one ask for? Pa, how can you decide
as soon as you see- You’ve got it all wrong I liked you
the moment I saw you But without your permission
I can’t dream of you or us, right? That’s why I wanted to
talk to you in person I need to talk to him
in total privacy By all means go ahead Even I spoke to him for an hour
He is very friendly All those prospective grooms
who came to see you You gave them hell on our terrace
That won’t work with him Go, get to know him
Go up, my dear boy I am not interested
in getting married Why? As far as my dad is concerned
my wedding is his lifetime dream But I feel it is an event
that should never happen in my life Your father told us about your plight But I don’t think it is such an issue
to refuse marriage altogether You won’t understand my problem You need a lot of tolerance
to take me as your wife You may put up with me
in the beginning But doubtful if it will
last a whole lifetime A wife should be
a long term life partner Not a lifelong burden Besides all this I don’t want to be
the reason for losing another dear one ‘Maaa…?’ Her slippers are missing As usual gone to
the market today also, huh? ‘Thank God! I can watch TV
without you cribbing about it’ “College books for certain
heavy as a mountain” “Sex bomb is she
Lift her and see” “Ladies hostel’s statue pretty” “Wax doll in a lovely nighty” [song from ‘Chocolate’] ‘Rock on!’ “Wax doll dashing
Glam doll ravishing” Aiyo! Gone? I can’t be happy
even for a short while As if I don’t have an option! Jothi? ‘Are you back from school?’ Wretched female! I’m the girl who killed her mother
without even knowing! I can’t protect
whoever is with me Also my ambition is to
serve people in need Whether I live like Mother Teresa or not
I must at least follow her footsteps In order to be of use to some people I don’t like asking permission By ‘permission’ I meant
leading my life on my husband’s terms 1 second The reason you don’t want
to get married Your lack of sense of smell
or the need to serve the needy Let me tell you once more I like you very much But you’re in a very confused
stage in your life It’s okay, one day
your confusion will lead to clarity I’ll feature in your dream
that night, hmm? If you dream about me
let me know through your dad See you Miss Jothi I feel destiny will unite us for sure We’ll see What did your teacher say? I’ve read angels are fools I saw that in person I’ll turn her around! Yes Byeeee!

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