Artist Makes Paintings With Kisses

my name is Alexis Fraser aka the lipstick Lex and I am a kiss artist I actually started creating our my kiss art back in 2011 and I was challenged by a client to create this larger-than-life portrait of Marilyn Monroe the kicker though was that it had to be created non-traditionally but still the correlate with Marilyn Monroe so after a bit of brainstorming I came up with the concept of well maybe I can try and create her out of lipstick and kiss prints so I tried it and it actually worked and that is where lipstick collects before I start my pieces as sort of a paint-by-numbers if you will so while I sketch out my process I feel you know I have a bubble this area is gonna be light this area is gonna be dark in this area is gonna be you know more of a medium mid-tone and then that way I know just how much to apply so if this certain area is gonna be heavy in shadows then I know that I have to kiss it quite a few times if it's medium not so much and if it's light it's a very light application for the areas that I need to do a lot of details or the areas that need to be really blunt as bold that's when I actually go in and physically draw with the lipstick tube itself and then I'll feather in and manipulate the pigment with paintbrush my lips have built up quite a bit of sand mod if you will but they definitely do get sore when I've been working on a piece for a long period of time do take breaks by painting directly with the lipstick the whole painting isn't just kiss prints so when each piece is completed I seal each one with an epoxy resin and I do this to protect it from smudging and fading and UV damage lipstick Lex is my passion I'm one out of I think a couple people in the entire world that do this so I feel really proud to be doing this type of art and I also feel proud of the fact that my arts mission is really to spread love and happiness and feel good bye you

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  1. New friend : so, how many kisses did you had .
    Girl : I don't remember , 10000.. maybe .
    New friend : ??

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