Are Your Pets Afraid of July 4th?

Hi guys, I’m Dr Laura Kielbasa and this is
Brixx and we’re here today to give you a couple of pointers about how to deal with the upcoming
4th of July and fireworks with your pets. For us, 4th of July’s really fun, the firework
shows are beautiful, but we forget that to dogs and cats, it’s really scary. Pointer number 1: on the day of the 4th, you’re
better off leaving fido and fluffy at home. It’s a lot of fun, to take them to the picnics
and the firework shows, but once the noise begins a lot of pets try to take off, they
chew through their collars or their leashes, and they can panic. Then we end up with lost pets, which is very
sad. If you have indoor/outdoor cats you’re definitely
better off keeping them inside that day. That way they don’t feel like they have to
run and hide and they can sometimes be away for days at a time because it’s so scary for
them. There are some dogs that when they see things
like firecrackers or fireworks, they’ll run right after them and try to bite them. And of course we all know that that can end
up fatal or with major injuries. So, leave your pets at home. Number two: on that day, or leading up to
it, pay close attention to your pet’s behavior. If your dog starts panting a lot, pacing,
acting like they’re anticipating something, hiding, sometimes they’ll chew things up,
that can indicate they’re maybe having a lot of anxiety about sounds. Ways to help to make that a little bit better
for them is giving them a safe place, so picking a room in your house that has some noise cancellation
or as quiet as possible, pulling the blinds down so they don’t see the flashes of light,
putting on some white noise, or some soft music to help block out some of the sounds,
and of course giving them positive reinforcement. Fear from noises is one of the few things
that we don’t encourage the behavior if we do positive reinforcement. So comfort them, you know, talk to them, give
them treats, play their favorite game, that helps them to relieve stress and won’t associate
the loud noises with something scary. Finally, there are some pets that no matter
what you do, they need a little extra help. Sometimes, dogs do need some special pheromones,
so having special collars or pheromone sprays can help them to relax. Sometimes things like a thundershirt or wrapping
them in an ace bandage or a tighter tshirt helps them to relax and feel secure. Finally, some pets just need some medication
to help them relax. If you think your pet is that stressed, please
don’t hesitate to call us. Any of our staff and our doctors are happy
to work with you and your pets to come up with a plan that works best for them. And as always, if you have any questions about
anything that we talked about today, please don’t hesitate to call our clinic, Bloomsburg
Veterinary Hospital. Otherwise, we wish you guys a very happy Fourth
of July and a great Independence Day. Stay Safe.

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