Are You Feeding Your Dog Crap?

People are passionate about dog food, and
everybody wants to make sure that they’re feeding what’s best for their
pet. Today, I’ll be talking about the top 5 things
you don’t want to get wrong when feeding your furbaby.>>Meg: And now, the vet who you can never,
EVER feed after midnight,>>Meg: Dr. Andy Roark! What do pet owners forget when feeding their
pets?>>Meg: Wine pairings!>>Stephen: Sending thank you notes. I mean
really, how hard is it? No, and no. But…I will tell you. We know that not all dogs are the same, so
why would we expect one dog food to be the best for all of them? For example,
long haired dogs have a higher essential fatty acid requirement than short haired dogs do. That
means if the long haired dog doesn’t get what he needs, he’s going to end up with
a dumpy coat, living in a van down by the river. If black dogs don’t get what they need, they
will actually lose their blackness. Seriously! There’s an amino acid called phenylalanine,
and it’s used to make the black skin pigment melanin. If they don’t
get enough melanin from their diet, they can’t keep up their black coat. Have
you ever seen those black dogs that turn auburn after a while? They’re not
getting enough phenylalanine from their diet. And energy requirements vary widely between
individuals. You know that skinny dude who eats everything
that he wants and never gains a pound, while you eat salads and the scale still creeps
up? Yeah. That happens in the dog world, too. That’s
why we’ve gotta find food with a calorie content that works for your specific dog. The point is, dog food is NOT one size fits
all. Fiber has lots of digestive benefits, and
many large breed dogs have higher fiber requirements than small breed dogs. If they
don’t get it, the can end up with chronic colitis, and diarrhea that just keeps
coming back. If you have a large breed dog that frequently
gets diarrhea, you got a couple options. Number 1, you could put a shower drain right
in the middle of your house. Or number 2, you could talk to your veterinarian
about transitioning to a higher fiber diet. You can add fiber from
sources like cilium, pumpkin, or oat bran. However, it generally takes a lot of these
supplements to make the difference that a change in dog food could make easily. Some dog foods will tell you that vomiting
or diarrhea while changing over to their dog food is normal. It’s not. If you went a restaurant and they handed you
a vomit bag with the menu when you walked in, do you think you’d keep going back? If you’re seeing either of these signs, either
the dog food isn’t working for your dog, or we’re transitioning too fast. If you plan
to change dog foods, plan to slowly increase the amount of new food while
decreasing the amount of old food over 3-4 days. And in some dogs,
it can even take a week. Just watch, and if your dog is having soft
stools or throws up, let’s slow down the transition and take our time. We just want to get there without getting a sick pooch. Commercial dog food provides nutritionally
balanced diets, IF they are 90% or more of what your dog eats. That means if you feed
half dog food and half table scraps or green beans or anything else,
we may run into nutrient deficiencies. To summarize, if you have something
that’s balanced, and you add something to it miiight not still be balanced. The amount of food your dog food bag says
to feed, is based on recommendations for the “average” dog. However, your dog might
be a couch potato, and need a whole lot less food. Or, he might be a four legged Arnold Schwarzenegger, and need a lot more.>>Stephen: Hasta la vista, puppy! I’ll be bark.>>Stephen: Come with me if you want to lick. To find out how much to feed, weigh your dog
and then feed the recommended amount for 2 weeks using a measuring cup.
After 2 weeks, re-weigh your dog. If your dog is gaining or losing weight, adjust
the amount you feed accordingly and continue to use the measuring cup. Remember,
the guidelines on the bag are just a starting point. And the ending
point is the poop bag. Please tell me you use poop bags. Don’t be THAT guy. Thank you so much for watching our show. Please, help me to help pets by liking the
show and sharing it with your friends. And also, if you would like for me to email
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the description below. Until we meet again, Let’s be the people that our pets deserve. [Music]

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  1. Hi could you talk about, determining whether or not your pet has a weight problem? I am not talking about the obviously obese, I am talking about pets who might be on the edge of being too pudgy.

  2. Four out five is excellent and as a baseball  player a fortune. Number four, you eat kibble the rest of your life and see if your healthy.

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