Are Jellyfish the Weirdest Animals In the Ocean?

[MUSIC] Jellyfish might be the weirdest animals in
the ocean. They’re like 95 percent water, which is really more ocean than animal. They’re
pulsating bodies don’t hold a brain, or a heart or any other organ that we’d recognize.
It seems like they don’t even know which way is up half the time. But they drift through
every ocean on Earth and they’ve been doing that more more than 500 million years. So
they must be doing something right. I just don’t know what is. Maybe I should
go find somebody who can help. So Tommy, where are we right now? We are behind the scenes of the jellies exhibit
at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is where we try to grow all the jellies for our exhibits.
So back here we have some animals that are still a little bit young. In a few weeks,
they’ll be big enough to go on exhibit for the public. And what happens to the ones that are on the
exhibit right now? Well sometimes when a jelly gets old they
become really good food items for the egg yolk jellies. Some jellies need to eat other
jellies and the egg yolk jelly is one of them. They really really need gelatinous food in
their diet. That’s really important for their health. My great grandma used to really need a lot
of gelatinous food in her diet too. Yeah. The pulsing of their bell not only helps them
swim around, but it helps swirl food into their tentacles and oral arms. The stinging
cells in the tentacles release a harpoon of venom that stabs their prey and injects venom
which paralyzes them and they can begin to consume that prey. But a lot of jellyfish, especially in the
class cyphazoa, they have roughly oral arms that are a lot like really long lips too that
are really extensions of the mouth and the gut so they can begin the digestive process
on the oral arms. I have to say my life would be so much easier
if I could digest food with my hands and not have to put it in my body. That would be amazing! Delicious! What do you call a group of jellyfish? A smack! This is the top of our sea nettle exhibit.
Several hundred jellies. We’ve got a real nice jelly smack here that we’re looking at. So this is as dense as we would find them
in the wild? Yeah and ya know in the wild they can be even
denser. Sometimes, in Monterey Bay, when the sea nettles bloom, it is like you can walk
across the Bay on them they are so thick. These jellyfish have never experienced the
rush of being on camera. Actually no one has ever filmed jellyfish on a GoPro before. This
has never been done before. That was all false! So you’ve been stung by jellyfish a lot of
times? I’ve been stung by every single thing in here.
Your average nettle sting is fairly painful depending on how much tentacle contact you
get. We do have flower hat jellies, which is a fish eating jelly from Japan. Just a
little bit of tentacle contact on my arm right there where that scar is and it was like getting
stabbed with a little knife. Does peeing on a jellyfish sting really work? Uh…I’ve never tried it. Tommy do you ever…uh…look at these and
just kind of like you know go some place in your mind? Sometimes. Yeah totally. If it seems like I’m having an amazing time
bringing you the wonders of the ocean from Monterey Bay, I am! You should be…jelly! But you can share the fun. Check out the rest
of our videos in our Monterey Bay playlist and stay curious. Tommy thanks for showing me around. I just
have one more question. Uh huh. Where are the peanut butter fish? Peanut butter fish are kept in a different
building. That would be a dangerous explosive combination. Of course. That’s jellyfish basics! You just do not do
that. I should have known. You’re the expert. (singing) I don’t think you’re ready for these

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  1. Does anyone know the name of the jellyfish with the red ring of dots on the thumbnail? The rightmost one? The one at 1:23?

  2. Alright guys, let’s have a little more of the information learning, & a little less of the jokey lolz McFunny guy stuff

  3. I remember visiting the Monte Ray Bay Aquarium a few years ago and my favorite part was the Jellyfish exhibit! XD

  4. I hate These even of they Arent toxic or poison what ever you call it Just thinking about touching These ?

  5. I hate These even of they Arent toxic or poison what ever you call it Just thinking about touching These ?

  6. i came just to look at jelly while im high lol wasn’t expecting that there’s somebody as weird as me while im high high five joe

  7. Thank you for this great informative video

    I have used part of on my channel here:

    I hope you dont mind

  8. Some cubozoans have eyes, with lenses! I forgot the English name of this group but they are cube shaped and have one eye one each of the 4 corners around the tentacles. It's really weird! (So some do have recognisable organs. Tho no one know what the eff they do with it with no brain to analyse the information.)

  9. Who else was a bit slow when peanut butter fish came up? For a few seconds i was thinking oh i have look for them, then got the joke… ?

  10. “What do you think Jellyfish do all day?”
    “Well, didn’t the guy at the aquarium say they have no brains at all? So my guess would be…not a goddamn thing!”
    -Game Grumps

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