ARDUINO Based Pest Management System

Hi, I am going to explain about IOT BASED INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Smart farming is a concept quickly catching in agricultural business. IOT sensors capable of providing farmers with information about crop yields, rainfall, pest infestation, soil moisture and soil temperature data which can be used to improve farming techniques over time. Agriculture plays vital role in the development of agricultural country. Management of pests is an important task in agriculture. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a way to prevent pest risks for long term using effective methods. It will help not only researchers in agriculture field but also farmers to manage pests and improve yield percentage. Farmer’s primary concern of the field is
pest management. “biotic stressors” decrease agricultural
yields, raise production costs, and limit the storability and marketability of food. They also make farming more risky as a livelihood or a commercial enterprise. As living organisms, biotic stresses exhibit complex behavior. This makes it more difficult to understand where they might be found and what their crop productivity impacts might be. This project conducts spatially-exhibit assessments of the prospective productivity and economic gains from enrich the effects of these biotic stressors on crop production. Our work puts a special emphasis on the constraints confronting the agricultural systems on which the world’s poor depend. This project is designed to achieve pest management system with IOT technology. This project contains various applications which will help in monitoring and controlling different parameters which will help in crop cultivation. Those are: Arduino Microcontroller, Ultrasonic sensor, Temperature sensor and Probe sensor which are used to control the pests by generating high frequency, fire accidents and watering into the field respectively and their after a respective message will updated using IOT This project has got so many advantages, those are Improved crop profitability due to better
pest control measures, Stable, reliable and quality crop yields,
Decreased severity of pest infestations, Reduced potential for problems of pest
resistance Increased consumer confidence in the safety and quality of food and fiber products Hence by implementing this project we can accomplish pest management in irrigation and updating that to IOT. You can buy this project in, for more details see the description below. Please like, comment, share and subscribe. Thank you for watching this video.

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