Archero Best Pet or Spirit – Which Spirit to Choose

hello everyone and welcome to another I pick my butt video today we're playing more Archer oh we're be going through the pets purse spirits whatever you want to call them but I've been getting a lot of questions asking which are the best ones to use so starting off for Commons you'll see that they're giving 56 damage each and that is the same for the laser bath the Skype mage the elf and the living bomb now if you do get three of these you can fuse them together take the common the Grays will bring it into a grate which is the greens and what you're gonna know us there is a little bit of a glitch here we did start off with 56 and only shows 50 but we did go up about 20 actual points itself for fuse and one of those together let's just do another one here and see what that says but you'll also notice that we can upgrade the level from 20 to 25 so if you have enough spirit Scrolls there we can use them to get a little bit extra than we did before so it said we went up 20 points a damage well it's actually 20 256 from 78 nothing real crucial on it but when we want to take this to the next level and bring these greats which are the green up to rares those are gonna be the blue ones a level 1 rare will actually have a hundred damage points but then we're actually and get another bonus which is gonna be 20% crit extra on it which means when you do land a crit you'll be doing 20% additional damage on top of that crit damage now looking at ethic which is the next level up we do get another buff which is gonna be 10% your own attack extra and you might have noticed that the damage done was 134 for the epic now there is a perfect epic after this what I'm hearing is there is no bonuses that you get you just get additional attack points and then you can increase the level and after perfect epic we have legendary which once again increase in levels more attack damage for a base level so to sum it up which one should we be using the one with the highest rarity but what if you have two that are the same rarity in same level well let's see what we can actually do with these things and what each pet Earth Spirit is all about in action now before we get into that if you haven't already hit that thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you want to see more our trail videos will be bringing you chapter 5 and how to be that all the bosses pretty the first two pets or spirits that we're using here is the elf and the Skype mage which you'll notice about the elf is she's gonna shoot kind of straight shots where the Skype mage does have a piercing ability it seems like they're gonna attack about three times each and then kind of move to another area so if you get the special ability wingman where you're using your spirits or pets to defend yourself keep in mind you're gonna have to move with them after about three shots unless they kill the enemy before that now something I noticed when making this video is remember these greats had 78 attack damage you'll notice when they're hitting these enemies but they're actually only doing 70 so I don't really know what to do with that but you'll notice how fast that elf kind of shoots out those three blue shots there that's gonna be really great for end bosses or even single enemy targets oh this desk guy he's just kind of pumping out to and he's gonna get that Pearson effect on which means we can attack enemies behind that now there is plenty of our power-ups for these pets spirits whatever you want to call them they do have a tech up crit up a tech speed directional aerials the wingman as we mentioned before but the ones I kind of focus on is multi shot if I see it maybe the directional or the wingmen and these are really only in situations where I don't have anything that I can gear up my main guy with the selections but let's show you the last two that we have here the living bomb and the laser bat I'm currently using the Skype mage and the living by myself just because they are the highest levels and highest rarities that I have but here they are right here now what I like about these two pets right here is they both are considered range attackers the laser bag can shoot through walls and do some damage whereas the living bomb cannot shoot through walls but he can lob those things over walls and also hit the enemies and if I did have all my pets at equal levels equal rarities the ones I would probably choose well let me tell you I probably would not use the elf at first I just don't really like her it doesn't really seem that useful but I am a huge fan of the laser bat and I do like the Skype mage a lot too the looting bomb he's really doing me good right now if I had to choose between the two it would be the living bat and the Skype major and I don't know what you guys think down the comments below post there let me know which do you think the best pets are and what you're using currently really though it's based by that rarity having those bonuses and obviously the level two and you just got to kind of feel out the boards and figure do I want to shoot through walls over walls or do I want to get right up on those guys and just start slashing them but before we go I want to show you guys how well this wingman works on that tree boss and chapter 4 I know a lot of people are having issues with him in a hard time but wait to you see this I think the hardest part about this tree boss is the vomiting of these larger orbs not to mention all these little ones but watch how these pets just kind of deflect them all we're not even really getting hit on him because we do have that wingman ability and it really seems to help out yes I do get hit a couple of times here I am a way higher level than I need to be to fight this guy but really just want to show you what this wingman ability can use and once again like subscribe if you found this video helpful and don't forget to check out the completion videos of chapter 1 through 4 chapter 5 is coming we're breaking down all the bosses and the best ways to beat them to get you through the game and actually beat that chapter so check them out right now I'll leave some links in the end screen and the description other than that thanks for watching guys and feel free to check out the next video

10 thoughts on “Archero Best Pet or Spirit – Which Spirit to Choose

  1. Living bomb.. Both.. Knocks back enemies.. those charging bats and dogs.. Can counter them with 2 living bombs

  2. I think the 2 bat combo is amazing!! I have them both on rare and upgraded to the max. I love them because they can shoot through walls.

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