Archeage online sandbox mmo capture world bosses and queen bees! Battle pets

hey what's up everyone welcome back I want to talk about a really cool feature of our cage and that is the capturing monster feature so we have a queen bee over here which is one of the monsters that you can capture so you do have to weaken it down and you have to get these these taming nets these taming nets this is specifically for our queen bee can be crafted under the leather work in the leather goods section so you can see there is a mystic taming net and this is for all world bosses so this is darter The Watcher they tell you where it is tarean the grim hard the gatekeeper flame Lord again there's another world boss taming net so when Lord far King the Wonder and forest so the this only captures two different types of monsters and then the mythic one can capture four different types of monsters so there's a total of seven different types of monsters because you can also capture the queen bee and you have to create these nets and then you have to actually go down and weaken the monster down to about 10% HP so you see we have a queen bee right here we're going to go ahead and try and capture it so we don't want to kill it run a week in it now you click on your nets and you see the net is starting to try and capture it and you can succeed or you can fail in this so the monster is successfully captured he's going down smaller into our net they capture animation and we've got this nice queen bee item right here so the queen bee when you capture it is actually used for the acorn beehives the world bosses when you actually capture them they become battle pets so you can actually summon them out just like a mount and use them to fight they have battle skills so those guys are extremely cool but the world boss monsters are you know epic level 30 monsters and they're extremely hard to hard to capture because they do a lot of damage but that is the basics of capturing monsters so you can definitely go capture 6 special ultra-rare battle pets that are world bosses out in the world and they're really really cool to see a game play anyway thanks for watching and hopefully that helps out some people learn how to capture some monsters

4 thoughts on “Archeage online sandbox mmo capture world bosses and queen bees! Battle pets

  1. guys i m searching for a mmo with pet system like rappelz where u capture them i mean tame them and fight by your side l.Lw them up evolving them and putting gear on them.But the only game thats talked about pets is rappelz as i know.

    I used to play rappelz a lot but over the years it turned out pay to win game so most of the players stopped.

    If you guys suggest game like these i d apriciate.But pets are not just for showimg off i mean there must be times that they will be powerful than the players.

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