Aquascaping Nano Fish Tank | Giving My Killifish Aquarium A Makeover

hey y’all welcome back mandy with my
hectic life that’s where we talk about all things pat and pepper elated and
today I am going to give this tank a makeover
especially after I just set up my 20 gallon I am really in the mood for some
aquascaping so I’ve got my coffee here and let’s get to work so I ran out and I
got a few things to help with my tank I got some more root tabs because I did
run out of those and I got some more river rocks and I bought some co2 so we
can really get these tanks jump-started on plant growth some wendel of java fern
I don’t know if I’m saying that right some temple compacta that I think will
add a little bit of color to my tank and some dwarf hare grass that will
eventually give my frog some cover in there so let’s get all these plants and
rocks rinsed off cleaned up and ready to put in the tank okay so first off we’re
rinsing off all of the plants you really want to make sure that you rinse them
off after you pull them out of the package because they usually have that
jelly stuff that is on the roots and you really want to make sure that you remove
that thoroughly so today was my water change day anyway so that makes it a
little bit nice I’m gonna pull out my handy dandy gravel vacuum and I’m gonna
pull out about 50% of the water from the tank but I got the water level down to about
50% I’m gonna go ahead and start adding back in my water wisteria that I took
out cuz I just didn’t really like the way it was placed in there I did set
this up kind of in a hurry because I was just trying to hurry and get my fish
back into an aquarium and out of the bags so I did kind of a rush
minimalist job so now that I’ve got the water with Syria in there I’m gonna
start adding in the dwarf hair grass I want to kind of put it all around the
lava rock and just kind of give the tank a little more personality now I’m gonna
add in some of my river rocks and like I said before I don’t really ever kind of
know exactly what I’m gonna be doing when I start scaping out a tank I have
kind of a general idea but I don’t know 100% where everything is gonna be placed
so now I’m adding in my java fern trying to kind of get that in place you want to
make sure that you’re not covering up the rhizome so I use the river rocks to
kind of weigh it down and prop it up so that it stays in place and doesn’t float
back up to the top so now I’m going ahead and adding in my
temple compacta and I think that’s going to give a little bit of a nice touch of
color to the tank once that starts growing in and so now that I have all my
plants in there I’m gonna go ahead and start adding in more root tabs I did
originally already place a few root taps in there but that is not going to be
nearly enough for all the plants that I have added now into this tank so I’m
just kind of placing them around two inches apart throughout the entire
aquarium so that way the plants will get all the nutrients that they really need and once we get all the root tabs in
place then it’ll be time to fill this aquarium back up to the top with water so now we filled the tank up with water
and I’m really liking how it turned out I think once this starts to fill in it’s
gonna look really really cool so I’m very excited for that I’m also happy to
say that my killifish killer is starting to look better and better every day his
back seems to be starting to straighten out he does seem quite active still so I
think he’s going to be okay so I am loving the way that this tank turned out
I think it’s gonna look amazing once these plants start filling in and
growing and now I feel like my fish have all the cover that they actually need
from the live plants so anyway y’all that’s all I really have for you guys
today as always thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I will see
you in my next video bye

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